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First and foremost, this is about Bernard Preston's six books; three of them are true stories from the chiropractic coalface, and others form a trilogy of a rather lurid tale, but addressing a very important issue facing society today. More about A Family Affair later.

Then secondly, there's a large section on how chiropractic might manage conditions from lower back and leg pain to migraines coming from the jaw joint.

Thirdly, healthy slow food, made fast, is a large focus at this site. Why you should grow spinach if you want to avoid arthritis and green beans to reduce your dependence on animal protein, and so on.

Bernard Preston is passionate about going green, so there's a large section on building your own solar generator; reducing your carbon footprint, and ensuring a future for your great grandchildren really is possible.

And lastly there's a section on beekeeping; honey is a very labile product and getting quality, healthy nectar from the flower is something only the small apiarist can do; are you destined to be one of them? It's been the fascination of a lifetime.

I'll admit it candidly; this is a very large and diffuse site. Google likes them to be about bees, or chiropractic, or solar but not all these topics; it's up to you to decide what you make of it. Either you're interested in what I write, or you hit the back button.

I make no apologies for a beautiful life, with many fascinations that you'll find at this site. I suppose in part, I'm saying, turn that TV off and start enjoying your brief stay on planet Earth.

Oh, I nearly forgot, there's a lot about sailplanes in my books; soaring up to the clouds is probably one of the most exciting things you could ever do. In Bats in my Belfry you get read about how I enjoyed a cross country flight of over one hundred miles in a very old plywood glider, built in 1952, and reaching an altitude of 14,000 feet; awesome.

I say enjoyed; it scared the hell out of me. You too could do it, but it's not for sissies.

Would you like to write a book? A lot of planning, persistence and hard work lies ahead. Perhaps you'll find meaning in Every Writers Six Ds.

Writing the first draft is great fun, and very fulfilling; the editing and marketing of your book is plain drudgery. Perhaps you'll oblige me by buying A Family Affair!

Read my latest trilogy? Only 99c each. Hold onto your hat...


Site Map

Bernie's books

A Frog in my Throat - the rookie chiropractor.

Bats in my Belfry - the stressed, busy chiropractor.

Stones in my Clog - seven glorious chiropractic years in Holland; with not a few hiccups.

A Family Affair - a lurid tale after a bizarre dream.

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What's this site about?

Bernard Preston books

A family affair by Bernard Preston

Consulting a chiropractor

Femoral nerve AP Xray

Bernie's healthy choice foods

Cooking green beans Bernard Preston passion

Bernie's bread

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Bernie's garden

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