Treatment for bedsores at home

Treatment for bedsores at home is better with raw honey and turmeric; even more effective than patented medicaments.

They are a nasty complication in the main of being bedridden. We turn instinctively at night for a very good reason. Prolonged pressure on a patch of skin cuts off its blood supply. Loss of oxygen means the beginning of cell death; add to that a decrease in nutrients and a build up of the toxic waste-products of metabolism.

A good blood supply to an organ is inexorably tied up with how we manage the glucose in our plasma; when chronically raised, highly inflammatory compounds called AGEs are formed.

RBCs aggregate reducing the flow properties in the arteries and veins; couple that with other complications like prolonged pressure on a patch of skin and you get a bedsore. Once established they become extremely difficult to treat.

There are two very simple yet profound ways that we can manage our blood glucose. Those who are bedridden are denied one of them; regular exercise improves the flow properties of oxygen-carrying RBCs greatly reducing the likelihood of these nasty pressure sores.

Bedsore on the heel


Those with a neuropathy are also particularly vulnerable; they simply cannot feel the pain associated with the inflammation and death of cells in the skin. Normally it would be excruciating; so they are unable to inform their carers that all is not well in the state of Denmark. By the time the bedsore is discovered it is often quite advanced.

Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition is another major factor in the development of these pressure sores; and often also the reason the patient is bedridden in the first place. Strong research for example reveals that early frailty syndrome is caused by a deficiency of one of four vitamins.

In other research it has been shown that a deficiency of beta-cryptoxanthin, found in citrus causes early dementia; it's a very important carotenoid.

Poor nutrition, primarily a lack of fibre is the cause of dysbiosis, an upset of the friendly bacteria, viruses and yeast cells in the gut; with serious consequences for all aspects of our health.

Inevitably for some, their families will be looking for treatment for bedsores at home.

Good nutrition

And conversely if poor nutrition is the cause of many people becoming disabled long before their time, then a turn to good food is certainly one way to prevent disability and bedsores.

For example scientists have shown conclusively that most type-2 diabetics can put their disease entirely into remission without the need for drugs; simply by a change of lifestyle. By using food as medicine and short walks after starchy meals they can bring their blood glucose to heel.

"Let thy food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

Hippocrates (460 - 370 BC)

The raised blood glucose of diabetes is the major cause of a neuropathy-inducing numbness in the feet; when bedridden for a period for whatever reason, pressure sores are likely to develop very quickly.

Treatment for bedsores at home

Mr X is a 75-year old man who is quite disabled with numbness in both legs. Ten months ago he was hospitalised for two weeks with bronchitis. Through poor nursing when he returned home his wife found to her horror that he had a very large pressure sore on his heel. It had not been detected in the ward.

There was a large open wound with a deep, infected crater; his whole lower leg was swollen and red. Despite six months of intensive treatment by his doctors there was no improvement. Then the specialist surgeon told his wife to throw away all the ointments they had been using and instead make a poultice of raw honey and freshly-grated turmeric.

Turmeric and raw honey treatment for bedsores

Raw honey

Raw honey has long been used for the treatment of severe burns. It contains an enzyme that releases hydrogen-peroxide, a potent antiseptic. In addition, being a supersaturated solution it acts as a powerful drawing agent, the poultice sucking moisture out of the wound.

Fresh turmeric

Taken internally turmeric delays the onset of diabetes, helps in blood sugar management and increases the cells' sensitivity to insulin[1].

In addition turmeric has been shown to be as powerful as Diclofenac as an anti-inflammatory agent with none of the side effects common to NSAIDs.

As a topical ointment, a randomised investigation showed that by five weeks there was significant reduction in the size of diabetic ulcers of patients treated with turmeric compared to placebo controls[2].

The wounds were irrigated with normal saline twice daily and then dressed with a topical turmeric ointment.

Turmeric and raw honey

Dr M advised Mrs X to start treating her husband's bedsore at home with a paste of freshly-grated turmeric and raw honey. The results were within weeks encouraging as the wound first dried out, formed a crust and then completely healed over; in less than three months.

Nearly healed bedsore using turmeric and raw honey

Treatment for bedsores at home has been made simpler and far more effective since this advice given by a South African medical surgeon; use freshly-grated turmeric and raw honey.

Almond oil

A group of scientists conducting a blinded clinical trial found that topically applied almond oil was far more effective in preventing bed sores than the control standard of care group; 5.6 vs 25.1%[4].


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