1 gallon wheat beer recipe

1 gallon wheat beer recipe is perfect for those looking for a beverage low in alcohol and easy to prepare inexpensively at home.

All the ingredients are readily available. All thanks to the ole timer who taught me how to make wheat beer; he's been doing it for decades.

1 gallon wheat beer.

That incidentally is all-hive mead in the adjacent bottle; stunningly good but you do have to wait several months before you can enjoy it. It's much stronger than the wheat beer.


  1. Wheat berries
  2. Raisins
  3. 2 knobs of ginger
  4. Natural honey[1]
  5. Wine yeast (optional)

5 litres

  • 2 cups
  • Large handful
  • 2 knobs
  • 200 g
  • 1/2 tsp

3 litres

  • 1.2 cups
  • Handful
  • 1.2 knobs
  • 120 g (5 TBSP)
  • 1/4 tsp

I find the 3 litre measures rather better.

Go for it

  • Sift the wheat to get out any dust from the field.
  • Place in a 5 litre demijohn.
  • Add the honey, raisins and ginger.
  • Fill half way with unchlorinated water, and then shake vigorously for a minute or two.
  • Add 1/2 tsp of wine or bread yeast; hydrate them first in warm water for 20 mins.
  • Shake vigorously again, and fill, leaving a 50mm gap.
  • Fit the bubbler and place in a warm place to ferment, ideally close to 28*C.
  • It will probably take about 5 to 7 days to ferment to completion; less if you add yeast.
  • Pour off and strain the liquid into a second demijohn; allow to settle for a few days and then bottle. An automatic syphen is a useful but not essential tool.
  • Add more honey, raisins and ginger to the first demijohn, again fill with unchlorinated water and repeat the process.
  • The second and even a third ferment is likely to take a shorter time. Then you have to start again.

It is very important not to bottle too soon; before fermentation has ceased. Test each day that serious pressure is not building up. Use less honey if you want a weaker beer.

There is some merit in using 2-litre coke bottles instead, though I try to avoid plastic; it may spoil the taste of your beer recipe.

If you have the patience it is worth waiting a couple weeks, even though you have used a 1 gallon wheat beer recipe. Given time the taste will improve.

You can make your wheat beer recipe stronger, or less so, by using more honey. For us this is a light drink that even children could have a small glass. 

You could use sugar, but we have made the decision to cut out as much as possible; we just get sick.

Absolutely do not use powdered ginger; it's awful.

Using wine or baker's yeast is optional. However, not using an additive attracts the risk of vinegar forming from an infection by Acetobacter; it may be good on your salad but not as a tipple before dinner.

The bran of wheat has naturally-occurring yeast; that is the principle that sourdough bread works on.

The cost of this 1 gallon wheat recipe is determined by the price of your honey. Work on about R40 per brew or a measly seven rand per litre.

Becoming resilient in this changing world is part of our philosophy. During lock-down no alcohol whatsoever was on sale for several months. Brewing companies literally poured their beer down the gutters.

Since we are also bakers using only 100% flour, having wheat berries on hand is not a problem and, direct from the farmer, they are very cheap. From the store you will obviously pay more.

For very little extra trouble you now have wheat beer to go with the best bread in the world, all at a very low price. Actually the real saving by preparing your own food and drink from scratch is far fewer consultations with the doctor and visits to the pharmacy; a lot less pain and misery too.


The yeast begins as an aerobic fermentation, hence shaking the bottle vigorously.

Then when the oxygen has been used up it turns to anaerobic.

50kg bags of wheat.

Wheat in this quantity is only for those who love their bread and beer and are determined to make their own; just R6 per loaf with 100% flour.

Bread machine loaf.

1 gallon wheat beer recipe

1 gallon wheat beer recipe is easy to fix in your own kitchen. Quite soon we'll be lifting our turmeric, ginger's first cousin. It is more cold-resistant and easier to grow.

Homebrews such as your 1 gallon wheat beer recipe that have not been pasteurised also provide many beneficial bugs to the microbiome[2].

The microbiome

Approximately 1014 bacteria and archaea of more than 1,000 species exist in the healthy human gastrointestinal tract; together, these are known as the gut microbiota[3]. Interesting research shows that drinking 1 can of beer per day increases the number of 20 different beneficial bugs without gain of weight[4].

This is partly due to polyphenols that you would find in your 1 gallon wheat beer recipe, improving the environment in the alimentary canal for bacteria and yeasts to flourish. Unpasteurised home-brews would contribute further to both the diversity and number of the normal flora.


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