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Lettuce wraps recipes

Lettuce wraps recipes suggest no salad is complete without some greens.

No salad is complete without some lettuce. If you look carefully in the photo below you can count five different lettuces that we are growing in our garden this summer. Growing lettuce is so rewarding. You just pick a few leaves and it goes on producing for months. Rich in soluble fibre, the stuff that keeps you regular, and particularly in folate, that most vital B vitamin. High Folate levels ...

Add to the lettuce your favourites; today I'm enjoying apple, avocado for healthy fat, hummus for a great vegetable protein source, radishes for a bit of extra bite and of course a few olives and you have the perfect lunch. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice, dribble olive oil... and voila, you've had your five obligatory colours for the day. That's if you want to avoid cancer...

Basic lettuce salad recipe

Notice the balance of this basic lettuce salad recipe. You could have cheese, or slices of chicken or ham for protein, but remembering that one shouldn't have red meat more than once a day, and that's probably too much, our hummus recipe will enhance the flavour of your lunch and provide the amino acids we need.

How many calories are there in lettuce? Virtually zero, so you can add it to other starches to keep the glycemic index down. Here we have carbohydrate in our apple, radishes, olives and avocado.

They are all low glycemic stuff so you can certainly enjoy a slice or two of bread. Bread has a high GI, particularly the white loaf which you should only eat on high and holy days. Treat yourself at Thanksgiving and your birthday.

That's unless you are obese and seriously trying to get those pounds off, in which case seriously limiting carbs like bread is important too. 

Fat is vital in your lettuce wraps recipes. Healthy oils, and there's nothing better than that in the avocado and olive.

Lettuce wraps recipes

Lettuce wraps recipes finds it's a good way to lower the glycemic index of, say, any sandwich.

1. Peanut butter and lettuce

Probably my single best wrap is a bit odd. Lettuce on a peanut butter sandwich. I love peanut butter but it does two things to me. Indigestion heartburn and it sticks to the roof of my mouth, which irritates the heck out of me. But peanut butter and lettuce is a winner.

So simple solution: Add a leaf of lettuce. It helps sort both problems. More important perhaps is that bread has a high glycemic index, but by adding protein, fat and the soluble fibre in lettuce it brings that GI of bread back to normal.

Also, adding that extra fibre reduces the weight gain associated with a NO-NO if you have a weight problem. It's a very high calorie food, but in the overall context of a S&S - Salad and Sandwich lunch - it's fine.

Doesn't look that exciting, but surround it with the salad at the top and it makes a fine lunch.

2. Lettuce and hummus

Remember, the big sentiment of this site is not pretty meals, but good food made fast; and then eaten slowly, savouring each mouthful. Lettuce and hummus make a wonderful combination, but now add not just tomato, but radishes, spring onions, avocado and a heap of coloured salads.

Remember those enjoying eight coloured foods most days have a 35% lower all cause of death; that's massive.

Seriously, most of us just don't have the time, so it's either fast food or some junk thrown together. Putting five leaves of lettuce on a plate and adding a dab of this and that takes no time at all.

We have homemade hummus virtually every single day, so it's no sweat hauling it out of the fridge. I've just strained the chickpeas after pressure cooking for today's hummus. Thereafter, I have it down to a fine art; only four minutes to make our authentic hummus recipe.


Wonderful, wonderful tahini is a basic to the healthy Mediterranean diet. Made from sesame seeds in a jiffy it's both nutritious and very healthy. High in the essential amino acid methionine and the essential fatty acids... with lettuce wraps recipes it's a winner.

You can make tahini with either raw or lightly toasted sesame seeds. This is the raw one, next time I think I'll use the toasted. Both have their merits. But actually it's one of those condiments that is probably worth purchasing from your local Lebanese store.

More lettuce wraps recipes. I have dozens more, just visit us again in week or so. Good food, made fast.

Growing lettuce

Wanna make top notch lettuce wraps recipes? Consider growing lettuce yourself. Nothing could be easier.

The most difficult decision is which type to choose. I like this butterhead lettuce; you can pick leaves every day and it just keeps on growing and growing and growing.

At least once a month, plant a few lettuce seeds, or a punnet of vigorous young seedlings; don't pull the whole plant when your reap it, just a few leaves every day.

 The key is to drop some lettuce seeds every month or so into the ground; it's as easy as that. Keep them moist and perhaps if you're totally a greenie and feed them worm wee, then you'll be plucking fresh leaves for your lunch food every day.

Is it really that onerous to draw a line in the earth, drop 20 seeds, cover them and water your prospective lunch food?

Lunch food

Lettuce is lunch food and so is bread too, of course. Did you know that it takes only six minutes to bake a loaf of bread with the aid of an inexpensive breadmaker? Well, a few minutes + five hours!

Delicious homemade Panera bread menu recipes ...

Nothing beats a slice of fresh homemade bread, lightly buttered, a few slithers of cheddar and smeared with your own pesto. It's a meal in itself; add a leaf of lettuce too, if you like.

These lettuce wraps recipes go perfectly into any easy lunch recipes box.

Add your favourite seeds, like poppy, sunflower, pumpkin... and I always add a tablespoon of freshly ground flax seed for omega-3. No preservatives, no chemicals, no heartburn indigestion. Just plain healthy fresh bread every day.


There are three reasons why I used to find a lettuce salad very dull; the first is that it was never enjoyed with any condiments. Now we flavour it every day with our homemade recipe basil pesto, authentic hummus recipe, or just olive oil and lemon juice; it takes only five minutes to throw together a delicious healthy fresh sauce to invigorate your lettuce wraps recipes. 

Sweet basil is my all time favourite herb, and it's so easy to grow. Seriously, it takes only five minutes to toast a tablespoon of pinenuts and whizz them up with sweet basil, olive oil and a chunk of feta or Parmesan cheese.

The second reason why I found a lettuce salad boring, was it usually consisted of only Iceberg and tomato; I mean, what could possibly be more dull? Of course, we never ate it.

And thirdly, boring wilted lettuce, often days old, is most unappetising. Growing lettuce and a heap of other salads and herbs is the solution. Otherwise it's a serious deficiency of many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, and that means pain and umpteen visits to the doctor and chiropractor. 

Just read about the details at lettuce nutritional value. The improvement in your children's school performance alone makes the green journey worthwhile; dinkum!

Bernard Preston

Bernard Preston is a food lover but, as a semi-retired chiropractor, he's always looking for ways to keep the waistline in trim without sacrificing great taste; lettuce wraps recipes is just one of his many little tips. Picking just two leaves every day from say half a dozen plants in the garden means you'll have a ready source of folate to enable your kids in class every day. They will go for at least 6-8 weeks. Plant half a dozen seeds every month.

Lettuce needs to be recaptured from those who denigrate it in the media, ignoramuses who have no idea how easy it is to grow, and how important in the health of each of us.

The green journey has been one of the highlights of Preston's retirement, and in fact, looking back, his whole life.

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