Radish Nutrition

Radish nutrition is for these delicious peppery veggies to really liven up a salad.

By Bernard Preston

Oddly I add radish nutrition to our salads not because of the nutritional value of radishes but because their peppery flavour really spices up any veggies. They belong to the mustard family.

Personally I don't call a leaf of lettuce and 3 slithers of tomato a salad. It gets to be dull and a bit insipid, but toss in half a dozen radish health slices and now you have the start of a fine meal.

I plant a row every two weeks. Since I have started adding a couple radishes, it's demanded by the family that I make my authentic hummus recipe at least twice a week. Even visitors who would normally turn up their noses at our vegan tendencies tuck in.

Not that we are vegetarians. We just like to eat a lot of fruit and veg with our fish and chicken, and occasional red meat.

Radishes are 95% water, like most fruit and veg. 1/3 of what's left is fibre; every bit helps our constipated society. For constipation, read headache, bowel cancer, haemorrhoids, polyps, diverticulitis... rather the benefits of eating radishes. And their piquant flavour is simply divine.

Nutritional value of radishes

This table of the nutritional value of radishes might simply matters.

Vit C 15 89 9
Vit B6 0,071 0,175 0,09
Vitamin K 1,3 101 126
Folate 25 63 38
Zinc 0,28 0,41 0,18
Magnesium 10 21 13
Copper 0,05 0,05 0,03
Calcium 25 47 36
Potassium 233 316 194
Selenium 0,6 2,5 0,6

Radishing good health

You wouldn't choose radishes if you were looking for protein, or essential fatty acids. And as you can see nothing compares with Queen Broccoli; she sits on the throne of good nutrition; but radishing good health comes with adding a multitude of colours to your meals; each, like radish nutrition, has its own unique benefits. 

Frankly, we can get so fanatical about broccoli for this, and carrots for that, and radishes for their potassium; just eat from as many different sources as you can. Each of these plants have their particular virtue, and most of the phytochemicals in our foods are quite untested and many are unknown.

Just eat more radish health, carrots and apples; and avoid the processed foods.

The food industry is dedicated to give you a tenth of the incipient nutritional value at ten times the price; and far too much salt tossed in for our good. Rather invest your capital in shares in these companies, and spend your money at the fresh food market.

I just love the benefits of eating radishes and carrots; better still learn how to grow radishes; it's dead easy.

Magnesium Heart

There is strong evidence proving that food high in magnesium is associated with fifty percent less heart disease. Not as high as broccoli perhaps but radish nutrition is still one of the foods that contain a lot of the antioxidising minerals. Especially because eaten raw there is no loss in the cooking water.

It's just one of the many benefits of eating radishes.

Here's a little aside on the subject of constipation; last night I watched a medical program which included a young woman with a severely gummed up colon since the birth of her last child some two months previously. She had a bowel movement every two weeks or so, with considerable pain and bleeding.

Numerous unpleasant and invasive tests followed, fortunately finding no serious bowel disease. But what interested me was that, neither in the initial history, nor in the recommended treatment that followed the report of findings, was there any mention of diet, or fibre.

Here's a simple regimen that will deal with the most stubborn constipation.

  1. Soak five prunes in boiling water; research proves it is more effective than the most commonly prescribed medication.
  2. Much an apple a day, with the peel. Wash it first.
  3. Enjoy a large green salad with olive oil and lemon juice, and a scoop of hummus.
  4. Have a beetroot at least once a day.
  5. Partake of no refined white flour products.

And of course a large part of radish health is the mix of soluble and insoluble fibre that the large intestine demands; heed it's call, or suffer. 

Benefits of eating radishes

In short, the benefits of eating radishes are sublime. Plant a row every month. High folate levels is part of the deal.

Can you see the radishes skulking amongst the peppadews?

Healthy choice foods

Healthy choice foods give us a real chance of reaching old age without the medical disasters the befall so many. Radish nutrition is just part of the coloured food revolution.

Enjoy 7-8 coloured foods each day and you've a 35% lower all cause of death. That's massive.

How could you possibly do that? It's so easy.

Eggs Florentine and some fruit for breakfast, and you are half way there; good health comes in the first instance from using our imagination when it comes to food. I wouldn't feed cornflakes to my dog, let alone my children. Not even the chickens will eat them; they will peck and scratch out your radish nutrition from the garden though; pesky little devils, despite the gorgeous free range eggs.

Creating a divine green salad for lunch with your own homemade pesto will turn any dull lettuce and tomato dish into exquisite cuisine.

Use the Search function in the navigation bar to find all these delicious foods; this sourdough bread recipe, for example, takes me only five minutes every evening; the lactobacillus will take care of any gluten intolerance, by the way. 

A lemon or lime tree in the garden is mandatory incidentally unless you live in the snowy north.

Mutton stew with plenty of hidden vegetables for supper, with a salad on the side.

What is mutton may be for you, if you're puzzled!

Add in two to three fruits in between and you've far exceeded your required ten coloured foods; don't get hung up on quantities. 

I promise you, the taste of all three meals is to die for.

Radish nutrition

Radish nutrition for the antioxidants like vitamins B6 and C, and folic acid.

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Bernard Preston

Bernard Preston is a self confessed health nut; radish nutrition is just one tiny part of the deal. Semi retired chiropractor, author of six published books, solar guru and lover of life he is the webmaster of this site, and Chiropractic Help.

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