Quick succotash recipe

Quick succotash recipe helps you enjoy corn and beans in a jiffy. Provided they are fresh from the garden, neither are likely to give you a glycemic-reaction of concern; meaning raise your blood glucose.

This recipe has zero refined-starches and the net carbs[5] are low after deducting the fibrous portion.

On average Westerners eat about 12g of fibre per day; the recommended amount is more than double that. Your quick succotash recipe is packed with the good stuff.

Quick succotash recipe

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  • One ear of corn.
  • A dozen pods of lima-beans.
  • Optional is a clove of garlic and perhaps a jalapeno.
  1. Drop the lima beans into a little hot-water and bring back to the boil for ten minutes; with the lid on.
  2. Plop the ear of corn into the pot, on top of the beans, and bring back to the boil for another five-minutes.
  3. Rescue the cob, allow it to cool and, using a sharp-knife, slice off the pips.
  4. Meantime add a large dollop of butter into another small-pot, heat and drop in the garlic and jalapeno.
  5. As soon as it's sizzling, scoop in the beans and corn-pips, add a teaspoon of water and heat it through.
  6. Add salt and pepper and grub's up.

But if you are diabetic, the onus is on you to test your blood glucose 30, 60 and 120 minutes after starting the feast. Does it go above 9 and has it returned to normal within two-hours?

A glucometer is an inexpensive item; every person who is obese or suspects they may be prediabetic should have one, and regularly test what they are eating. It's the difference between a long, satisfying life and an early stroke or heart-attack.

Fresh young mealies, white rather than sweet corn, as we call them in South Africa, and lima beans combine the very best of a medium GI starch and a vegetable-protein dinner.

One ear of corn and about a dozen-pods of limas is all you need for a delicious meal for two.

Both corn and lima beans have a relatively long growing-season, so considerable patience is needed. What affirms me, is the need to increase the vegetable protein in our diet; the World Health Organisation warns about the dangers of processed-meat and and too much dairy.

With one in eight women getting a breast malignancy, it's inappropriate to think you have only to make some cosmetic changes to your lifestyle; it does not only happen to other people.

In addition, the lignans in corn are strongly associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and breast-metastases.

If you keep chickens they will simply adore any excess, or deformed corn and beans; and respond with delicious eggs, high in omega-3 fatty acids. That means less work for doctors of every ilk, surgeons and rheumatologists. Do your level best to keep us out of business.

quick succotash recipe ingredients

Quick succotash recipe

Corn and beans in a pot

This quick succotash recipe really is only for those who are determined to get back to the food that our grandmothers once served, and have an aversion to the rubbish dished up today in so many homes; no wonder we are so ill, have so much pain and are so obese. If you don't care about these values, or are unwilling to make the time, then this site is not for you.

Do you have a real desire to take virtually no medication, and consult your doctor less than once a year? Then it is time to start growing your own veggies; start with pole-beans, rather than limas, and ordinary spinach, or Swiss chard. They are the easiest, and require very little care; so says Bernard Preston.

This quick succotash recipe is very simple if you grow your own limas; or you can cheat and use canned butter-beans, but check first how much salt, sugar and preservatives they are loaded with.

This is not ketogenic food, but it is interesting that I've been enjoying fresh corn from the garden all summer long, and we have legumes daily from our patch, and not put on one pound.

It is all about the balance of the meal, and when those starches were reaped; eat plenty of salads, veggies and fruit and you won't have a problem with your weight.

It was interesting chatting recently to a diabetic patient who informs me that new-potatoes have no effect on his blood sugar, but those dug weeks ago and have come from cold storage he has to avoid. Freshly harvested they have far more resistant starch.

Get your starches as soon as possible after being reaped to the pot.

It's the refined starches that are the problem in the main.

Having picked and shucked the ear of corn, and podded the lima beans, it takes about twenty-minutes from start to finish to complete this quick succotash recipe.

Lima beans and corn sizzling in butter


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How to grow corn is not a lesson that any country bumpkin will need, but perhaps you're an urban dweller like me with a large vegetable garden. 

Not many foods beat a fresh ear of corn straight from the garden, either in terms of taste or satiety. Three days old from the green grocer and you have something very dull.

Growing limas may be more mysterious, but in fact it's no more difficult that pole beans; they just have a long growing season, and you have to be patient.

I prefer the pole beans as they are more prolific, easier on the back to pick and the hens won't get to the pods before you do. Plant them along a fence or on a wigwam of canes.

Our quick succotash recipe is traditional American fare; it's definitely allowed on our modified Banting diet; I have not put on an ounce whilst enjoying it through this summer, but then I know all about exercise and cholesterol and the virtue of the eight coloured foods every day.

That means plenty of salads and fruit, and veggies that include the magic of beets and butternut. If you're still on the black and white diet, it is time to step up to colour.

In South Africa I've never seen them in the greengrocer. You have to grow them yourself.

Lima bean pods

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Growing lima beans

Vegetable garden trellis

Growing lima beans requires a hot summer, plenty of water and a large garden; and a good deal of patience. They require a long season to mature. But if you want to make your own quick succotash recipe, like grandma did, then you'll make the time, right?

I used to grow them on regular vegetable garden fence, but it doesn't allow easily for crop rotation.

We now get far less disease and better yields by using a vegetable garden trellis, easily made from bamboo poles.

Lima bean plants

How to grow corn

How to grow corn is just as easy as growing lima beans, but the season is slightly shorter; repeated plantings are necessary in spring and early summer to make sure they ripen at the same time as your limas; that's if you want to make this quick succotash recipe.

If not growing corn for your quick succotash recipe then just enjoy them every day for lunch; it's interesting that you'll have less desire for bread then; they provide plenty of the complex starches we need.

And if you keep hens, then they'll just love your quick succotash recipe left overs; they need plenty of vegetable protein to produce the golden yolked eggs we love.

Permaculture is the study of how to work with nature rather than against it; organic gardening is just one feature of it. It encapsulates the philosophy that we have the responsibility to leave a habitable planet to our grandchildren, rather than the silent spring that's looking all the more likely.

It starts with small things like planting a seed; eventually the subject may grab you, as it has us, and you'll build a solar generator on your roof and start collecting rainwater.

One step at a time; start with a few spinach plants, and pole beans. Meantime read about the wonderful phytonutrients lutein and zeaxanthin in fresh sweet corn.

If you are insulin-resistant or frankly diabetic then grasping the meaning of simple vs complex carbohydrate is vital.

Bernard Preston

Bernard Preston is a self-confessed nut. Determined as far as possible to avoid the side effects of drugs, through exercise and proper nutrition, such as growing lima beans and fresh corn, and spinal adjustments for ailing joints, he aims for a life without medication[1]; this quick succotash recipe is just one of many from his slow food, made fast menus.

It is of course for some a pipe dream, but a lifetime commitment to better health and exercise means that neither he nor Helen take any medication, no mean feat in their eighth decade.

This quick succotash recipe, rich in vegetable protein and healthy corn is typical of the food they enjoy in late summer.

Whilst most folk sensitive to bread can eat the corn in this quick succotash recipe, all of us should really have some familiarity with the meaning of gluten, especially if your daily loaf gives you a bellyache or diarrhoea.

  1. Life without medication. Web: https://tinyurl.com/3ntuxw44

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