Life with God

I am sure it can be said that those who take their Christian faith seriously, read their Bibles regularly; but how should you go about studying a book of this nature? It's not quite the same as preparing for an exam on a set work, for example, or acquiring knowledge from a science text.

Life with God by Richard Foster

Life with God is a new book by Richard Foster.

REVIEW by Mike Smallbones

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Those who follow Richard Foster’s books, know that he is a quiet kind of writer. His teaching is gentle and sincere without any attempt to impress or entertain. At the same time, however, his musings are enormously powerful and challenging.

Life With God

This book is no exception. It is subtitled "A life transforming new approach to Bible reading." It certainly challenges the conventional approaches to the daily meditation of the Scriptures that most of us have grown up with.

Having been brought up in a fairly legalistic evangelical environment which emphasised the importance of doctrine or, what you know, I have for most of my life read the Bible with that purpose; to acquire knowledge of the truth to enable me to understand my faith and thereby becoming a stronger Christian.

I was, however, not really satisfied that I had become the stronger Christian I desired to be. Foster, for me at least, has opened a new way, where the emphasis is on feeding my spirit in a developing relationship with God, rather than simply feeding my mind with knowledge of him and how he works.

Spiritual transformation is what is needed, and this comes through a relationship with God rather than just knowledge. We read therefore with understanding certainly, but also with the heart.

We are told how to do this in such a way that one is motivated to get going immediately. Foster makes the Spiritual Disciplines accessible to ordinary people. He guides us to a life with the Lord which I certainly desire, but seldom feel that I have.

Caring for the temple of the Holy Spirit

Do you too not find it odd how we Christians are insistent about good food for the spirit, but are quite happy to feed the temple of the Holy Spirit a diet that is simply awful. Is life with God only for the spirit, or does it impact on our minds and bodies too?

If we do not look after the body, just where is the Holy Spirit going to live? This not a new topic; treating Brother Ass kindly was hugely problematic for St Francis of Assisi too. He described himself as a hugely stubborn but lovable beast.

These young broccoli plants will soon start producing first the head, and then the tiny florets that are even more rich in the cancer prevention stakes. Do not chop the plant as soon as you have reaped the head. The florets make a delicious soup.

In fact the beautiful yellow flowers give any salad a piquant flavour; and provide forage for bees that instinctively no about the special properties of this great food.


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How to grow broccoli, small plants.

Vegetables and fruit rich in colour have the highest levels of anti-cancer substances like Glucoraphanin. Just add these three of my favourites to your diet on a weekly basis, and you've increased the likelihood of reaching a healthy, happy, useful eighty very significantly.

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  2. GROWING BUTTERNUT SQUASH, and a delic butternut soup recipe...
Butternut flowers with a honeybee

Bees are vital for the pollination of strawberries, butternut and broccoli; and we still believe it all came about as a random, chance event?

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