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Bernard Preston signing one of his books.

Of course, when writing on controversial subjects, not everyone is going to agree with authors who dare to leave their safe harbours, opting rather for the treacherous currents and stormy seas; but then protected waters are not what ships were built for.

I would rather the unknown with all its disappointments and surprises than a life full of regrets of things not said and done.

So too, rather a book that challenges thought and action, than something meek, mild and conventional.

Three subjects that have crawled right up Christian's noses have interested me. Darwin and his theories of natural selection and evolution is the first. He was himself a very definitely a devout Anglican, and son of a clergyman; nevertheless he has deeply stressed many believers.

Are we really the ostriches, with our heads firmly in the ground as the media suggest? Is it really true, as has been reported, that fully a half of Americans believe the world was created, in conformity with a literal acceptance of the Bible, less than ten-thousand years ago?

Are the dinosaurs just a monstrous figment of Darwin's imagination?

So too, human sexuality. Is it positively evil, or something God-given and to be revered, honoured and treasured?

And what of celibacy? Something to be chosen by the few, for sure, but to be foisted on the whole priesthood since Pope Hildebrand? Is it the underlying cause of serious, wide-spread paedophilia by the clergy?

The subject of Bernard Preston's next book, The Man who would be Pope. It is in my head, now to get it onto paper; I am two-thirds of the way.

And thirdly, homosexuality; that has certainly got up our Christian noses. Is there such a thing as a faithful gay person? Or is a partner of the same sex by definition seriously promiscuous?

And in any case, with even Christian heterosexual relationships in such disarray, do believers have the right to pronounce on the subject?

Or, is this simply Christian hypocrisy?

Bernard Preston loves to write on these titillating subjects. I'm expecting a few outraged contacts.


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The cover of A Family Affair.
The rod of Asclepius.

Fortunately, it's in the fairly dim past, but I remember early in my practice, some thirty years ago, being vigorously attacked; DCs pertained to the anti-Christ. And everything of medicine came straight from the bosom of Almighty God.

Even the stick of Aesclepius! And perhaps the 200,000 deaths every year in the USA from the side-effects of prescription drugs.

You can read that perplexing short story in my first book of anecdotes from the coalface.

Cover of Frog in my Throat.

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