Homemade mayonnaise

Homemade mayonnaise is delicious and healthy; no flavour enhancers so it won't keep; finish it within a few days.

Let's accept it; some sort of salad dressing is a must. So, if you don't make it at home yourself, the family will demand you buy it. The problem is that the what you buy in the supermarket is so full of garbage but fortunately, this homemade mayonnaise recipe is a breeze to make.

Just don't make too much, and then you don't need to worry about stabilizers, preservatives, and all the crap; sorry to be vulgar, but Bernard Preston's opinion is that most salad dressings are inflammatory, laden with sugar and chemicals. Instead, make your own.

The beauty of your own brand is that you don't need to use the chemically extracted oils. Traces of the solvents remain in the oil, causing havoc with your family's immune system.

Also, mayo from the store is a hydrogenated food. What's that? Instead, if you make your own, you can use cold pressed oils.

Why all this on a chiropractic website? Because nerves are coated with fat. The brain is largely made up of fat. So healthy fats in your diet if you want to have nerves that conduct in a healthy fashion. No fat - no conduction of impulses - no healthy muscular contraction, no brain. You can't live without fat, but do eat the good fats.


One of the problems with homemade mayonnaise is that the water and oil based ingredients tend to separate. The solution is lecithin and the best source is egg yolk. It binds fats and water together. It's good stuff by the way; you needn't be anxious about it.

One of the reasons I'm a mayo fan is that it gets us back to eating salads. Let's face it, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and peppers can be a little dry and dull. But there's so much strong research now that we should be eating at least five coloured foods per day, preferably ten.

Researchers followed a very large group of people for twenty years; those that ate eight to ten coloured fruits and veg per day had a 35 percent lower all cause of death; that's massive.

More, I can assure you that there was a lot less misery from breast and prostate cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. It's all in the coloured phytosterols that you simply cannot get from a black and white diet. That should have gone out with television, but hasn't. Are you a meat and potatoes man? There's trouble coming, long before its time.

Lecithin's chemical name is phosphatidylcholine; quite a mouthful. It's a vital part of every cell membrane in your body. It has the interesting property of attracting both water and fats like lemon juice and olive oil; an emulsifier.

And choline is found in large amounts in eggs yolks, but also in all your greens, chicken and red meat. Despite all of this, research shows that we only get about half the amount of this important vitamin that our bodies need for many important processes.

Your homemade mayonnaise will increase the amount of choline, and hence lecithin in your diet; it's good stuff.

Even the American Heart Association is recommending eggs again because of all the choline; one yolk contains about a quarter of your daily requirement.

For the chiropractor, the particular importance of choline is it's involvement in a process called methylation in the body; it's complex but it is a vital part of the anti inflammatory process in the cell; read, less angry muscles and joints.

Read more about choline food sources.


  1. 2 Egg Yolks (separate and use the whites to make a Lemon meringue pie, perhaps, or just add it to your homemade icecream)
  2. 3 Teaspoons of freshly squeezed Lemon Juice. Pretty please don't use the pre squeezed and preserved stuff. Just read the label and you'll know why it tastes so awful.
  3. One and a half cups of extra virgin Olive Oil (or other cold pressed oils)
  4. Optional: A couple teaspoons of very finely chopped onion and half a clove of raw garlic (or three cloves of 1 minute par boiled garlic) lightly fried. One teaspoon of raw honey.
  5. Half teaspoon of Salt + freshly ground black pepper.

What could be easier?

Homemade mayonnaise preparation

Using a hand-held blender, blend the lemon juice and the egg yolks.

  • SLOWLY dribble in the olive oil, blending on high speed, then adding the salt and optional onion.
  • Pour your mix into a bottle, and refrigerate. Don't keep it for ever! It has no preservatives, rather enjoy, and make some more next weekend. Teach your kids to make it. They'll love the result, and this is the coalface where they learn about SLOW FOOD. Healthy food.

  • Greek salad

    Until your American or English tongue becomes acclimatised to the subtleties of our Olive Garden salad recipe you may want to add a little Homemade Mayonaise dressing. That's not a problem, because this dressing is entirely healthy - provided you don't have raised cholesterol. But our Olive Garden salad recipe is perfectly fine just with our very special Olive Garden Salad Dressing ... Not everything needs to be smothered in homemade mayonnaise!

    But, if you must smother it, at least do it with a dressing that contains healthy ingredients!

    High carb and low fat diet

    Few things are more dangerous than a diet that is very high in bread, potato, pasta, rice ... and very low in fat. That is now thought to be the recipe of one of the nastiest diseases known to mankind. Lou Gehrig's disease, or motor neuron disease. Read more about tingling in arms and hands, and legs and feet.

    Helen's 15 euro salad

    Helen first cured me of you-know-what, way back in the last millennium, with her $5 salad. It's now been upgraded to a C21 European equivalent. It'll cure you too of constipation, and it's delic with her homemade Mayo. Just olive oil and egg yolk, and lemon juice. Zero junk. And the cholesterol is counteracted by all the fibre in her delic salad that will keep your colon happy. HELENS 15 EURO SALAD ...

    Banting diet

    Then, at the other end of the spectrum is the low carb and high fat diet, known as the Paleo or Banting diet.

    It does have its merits, but because it bans the healthy carbs like legumes, butternut and apples, I have serious doubts about it. In any case, research shows that 95% of dieters, covering all diets, are no lighter after twelve months. Rather our more principled, long term loss using our free weight loss programs is much more effective and safer. What's more, our homemade mayonnaise on salads is perfectly acceptable.


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