Easy zucchini bread recipe

This easy zucchini bread recipe lowers the glycemic-index of the usual loaf; courgettes are rich in fibre.

These summer courgettes can proliferate so fast that within weeks you have an enormous abundance of them. Their mild flavour lends them to all sorts of culinary treats. They can be thinly-sliced in a salad, lightly sauteed in butter for a stir fry or baked into a lovely loaf.

Zucchini bread recipe.

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Commercial bread has a relatively high glycemic index; one way to lower it in your own loaf is to add extra fibre and there's nothing easier than to mix in a cup of grated-courgette.

Because they are mostly water, you need to reduce the liquid by about a third. Otherwise it will sink in the centre; as the one in the photo has done.

One other small factor is not to add the courgette initially; allow the dough to stir thoroughly first and then tip in your grated-squash. Otherwise I find the flour doesn't mix properly.

They are particularly rich in many different carotenoids; the antioxidants that mop up free radicals in the body. In short, they are a strong contender in the tumour-prevention stakes.

There's not much information about a lignan called DHCA in the squash itself, but researchers have found that it binds to estrogen receptors, competing with circulating hormones in the body, thus reducing the risk of breast-tumours.

Simultaneously it promotes osteoblasts that promote bone-growth and inhibits the clasts that break down the matrix. You could pay a lot of money for the new drug, or just eat more zucchini. 100% wholewheat flour is also a rich source of lignans. 

For the organic-gardener there's absolutely no necessity to consider spraying them; the odd one may be stung and be partly, or wholly inedible.

If you're buying them off the shelf, make sure you wash each one thoroughly because you are going to eat them skins and all. Just slice off the two-ends.

When the words easy and bread come into the same recipe then a machine is a must; there's nothing quick about kneading dough, allowing it to rise, and then baking it. It is demanding in time and electrical-energy.

The bread-machine is the green way of baking the perfect loaf. And it gives you control over the salt, and all the chemicals that are added to the commercial offering. We particularly love this easy sourdough recipe.

That all began when I was introduced to the what the Brits call Sourdough September; now we make it every month of the year.

Easy Zucchini Bread Recipe

Easy zucchini bread recipe takes less than ten minutes to prepare.

A basket of zucchini summer squash.
  • One and a half teaspoons of instant-yeast
  • 600 ml wholemeal flour
  • Two-teaspoons of honey 
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • 350 ml water - 1/3 = 230 ml.
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 cup grated-zucchini
  • Optional: freshly-ground flax, sunflower and poppy seeds.
Grated zucchini for your bread.
  1. Dissolve the salt in the water.
  2. Place the honey, butter and zucchini in the bottom of the baking-pan.
  3. Add the flour.
  4. Add the salt and water solution.
  5. If making sourdough, add a scoop of the starter.
  6. Twiddle the bar beneath the baking-pan to vaguely mix the ingredients.
  7. Sprinkle the yeast on the dough and place in the bread-oven.

Sometimes I add the grated courgette only when the machine starts to knead the dough. Four-hours later you'll have the perfect easy zucchini bread recipe loaf.

Less than ten-minutes work plus a five hour wait; that's slow food, made fast in my book.


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Zucchinis incidentally contain a large amount of pectin; that's the soluble fibre that the colon just loves and, because it controls carbohydrate absorption, prevents surges in insulin, the hormone that stores blood-sugar as fat.

Zucchini health benefits abound, whether in a salad or in our bread loaf.

Many easy zucchini bread recipes want to turn it into a pudding, and add lots of sugar; we all break down now and then, and that's okay if you are not to find yourself suffering from health hut neurosis, but it is no longer a health food; for high and holy days only.

Adding sugar makes it fattening and glycemic; and definitely no longer an easy diabetic zucchini-bread recipe.

Honest injun

Is there any difference between our easy zucchini bread recipe and the basic Panera bread menu recipe slice, smothered in butter and lightly sauteed zucchini and onion like I have for breakfast most mornings in the summer? Frankly there is probably not.

It's just a nice little variation; perhaps add extra honey, and a dollop of ice cream and turning it into a pudding is not such a bad idea after all; then you want to remember the pecan-nuts. Learn the knack and crack them yourself if you want them not to taste rancid.

This low GI bread recipe is my basic, summer and winter. Just five minutes to put together, including grinding nutritious flour, rich in those lignans we've been talking about.  

The perfect bread machine loaf.

Learning to distinguish between a real and fake loaf is so important; this easy zucchini bread recipe is the genuine article, especially if made with 100 percent real flour.

Electric flour mill

The Hawo wheat grinder is used every day of the year for one hundred percent bread flour.

Your own wheat grinder is worth a consideration, but they don't come cheap. This is our 20 year old Hawo which today costs $650. If you bake a loaf like this easy zucchini bread recipe most days you will pay your electric flour mill off in about three or four years; the numbers may be different in your country. 

I grind around 4kg of wheat per week for our various different bread recipes. In South African terms that means a $3 saving x 52 weeks = roughly one hundred and fifty dollars per year.

In other words it would, on the face of it, take about 3-4 years to pay it off; add to that price of vitamins, minerals and smart bran that you should be taking if you are using semi-refined flour, and you're looking at a couple years. 

However given the controversy, by which millers can call their products "whole wheat" provided they haven't removed more than 40% of the grain,  the best part of course, it makes a whole different equation.

Once you add $13 dollars per month alone for the vitamin E removed, never mind all the other vitamins and fatty acids, you realise this is a whole different ballgame.

If you are serious baker, then I unreservedly recommend your own wheat-grinder.

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Your easy zucchini bread recipe is particularly rich in carotenes, and especially those that give protection against macular degeneration; lutein and zeaxanthin. Much is found in the skin, so preferably grow your own or choose young organic fruit that doesn't need to be peeled.

They are also particularly rich in pectin the soluble fibre that helps soften the stool and keep us regular. It also slows the absorption of simple sugars from the small intestine, meaning we don't get an insulin rush. Furthermore, studies on mice found that zucchini squash gives protection against diabetes.

These phytochemicals are the vital component giving us protection against disease; promoting health and preventing disease.

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Really, growing zucchini is very, very simple. Plant three seeds in a mound, water occasionally if it's dry, weed and six weeks later you can enjoy very nutritious summer courgettes in abundance. We give half a dozen to our chiropractic patients every day in the summer.

Zucchini plants bear for months.

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