Best chicken-bone broth recipe

Best chicken-bone broth recipe means saving up and freezing all the leftovers after enjoying the whole bird and not tossing the carcass initially to the dogs.

Our well-being comes first; they have to be satisfied with the crumbs that fall from the table. Of course, I'm only kidding; our dogs are much loved pets.

Chicken bones bouillon.

This page was last update on 6th December, 2020.

Take a moment next time you are tempted to buy chicken-cubes and read the contents; you will be shocked. Keeping them from going rotten means a heap of chemicals that you can do without.

And in any case this best chicken-bone broth recipe is so simple.

  • Save your chicken-bones after the meal, freezing them.
  • When you have a pile, simply drop them into any large pot and cover with boiling water.
  • Use a potato masher to get them well under the surface of the liquid.
  • Add a few bay leaves, half an onion and a teaspoon of peppercorns.
  • Cover and cook for an hour or so.
  • Strain off the bouillon and toss the chicken-bones to the dogs.
  • Freeze in cup-size containers.
  1. First choice for me, believing in slow food, made fast, is to use a pressure-cooker; then it is only twenty minutes.
  2. A slow-cooker is fine, but it takes so long, and uses a lot of electricity; the greenie in me says no.
  3. Just a pot on the stove is fine.


Mindfulness is everything, whether using a sharp kitchen knife, a dangerous carpentry tool and even a pressure-cooker. Many folk are quite anxious about the latter, having once had or heard of a mishap with a purple stain on the ceiling to remind one.

Having said that, today's pressure-cookers are very reliable appliances, with safety valves that are relatively foolproof. But I do know of one person who failed to set the catch, tried to open the device and came close to injuring herself. Mindfulness is everything, even in the kitchen.

Pressure cooker with beets.

A pressure-cooker will do the job in a third of the time, with commensurate less electricity, and probably extract the nutrients from your chicken bones more efficiently.

They are environmentally-friendly appliances that in some small way reduce greenhouse gases and, just as important, make your life easier.

Chicken and celery soup

Celery and chicken soup.

This chicken and celery soup enjoyed by the celebrated conductor Toscanini before every concert actually has no meat in it, but only our best broth recipe. You could add a little of the breast should you desire. It makes a wonderful dish; he maintained it calmed his nerves.

Find Toscanini celery soup at this search engine.

Best chicken-bone broth recipe

Best chicken-bone broth recipe is easily made with the aid of pressure.

  1. Chicken cordon bleu


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