Laughs Kerryman letter

Laughs Kerryman letter is such fun. Now we know why Murphy is the butt of so many jokes. Are the Irish really this crazy? Of course not, they just know how to laugh at themselves. Is it time to take yourself less seriously?

Dear Son,

This page was last updated on 31st December, 2018.

By Bernard Preston

Laughs Kerryman letter

Laughter is the best medicine, and while this isn't good South African humour, I wonder if the Irish don't do it even better with letters like this.


Here's a thought; how about trying to write your own humour? We'd love to have a few bits and pieces, like these from the Lakes' district.

A vicious German Shepherd, a flock of geese... or a beef bull? Actually, the Jersey bull is the one to watch; he's the meanest crittur of the them all. I had a good friend once who was killed by his own Jersey bull. They're more dangerous than any dog, and with the intelligence of a buffalo; ask any hunter, they are the most fickle of in the deep African bush.

Best medicine ...

Another giggle...

Just how seriously can you take this guy? I suggest you avoid him like the plague! Or, you could maybe buy one of his crazy books.


    Slaters Bridge

    Better on the bridge than in the water!

    Bus stop - only in England!


  • Baptiso to immerse ... Such fun!

  • Boys will be boys ... Only for those who like to laugh. Except it's not funny!

  • Toscanini Celery Soup ... Lekker! Gezond. Delic.
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