Eggs Parkinson's disease

Eggs Parkinson's disease is for those looking for an alternative treatment for this incurable neurodegenerative condition. Levodopa, the precursor of the missing neurotransmitter, is found in large amounts in broad beans. 

Broad beans are also known as favas; they are one of the very few sources of adequate amounts of the amino acid to provide the body with the raw material to manufacture its own dopamine.

The pods of fresh young broad beans contain even more of the L-dopa that is able to cross the barrier between the blood and the brain, where specific neurons are able to convert it for storage and use in the body.

Broad beans for Parkinson's disease.

By Bernard Preston

Under normal circumstances, dopamine is synthesised in a nucleus in the brain known as the substantia nigra. However, it may be destroyed by unknown toxins.

A deficiency of the neurotransmitter dopamine causes the tremors of Parkinson's disease.

Research shows that more than half of the sufferers of this incurable condition can be better treated with two tablespoons of broad beans enjoyed every day than by taking medication1.

Broad beans are horrid when old and starchy. They are a legume and fresh young fruit is difficult to obtain in many countries; you may have to grow your own.

Ensuring that we remain in fine fettle is about making time for ourselves; raising the bar means a commitment to not only more exercise but more nutritious, unrefined food. Cooking broad beans and eggs to prevent Parkinson's disease is just one example.


  • Two tablespoons of young broad beans and their pods.
  • Quarter of an onion.
  • Handful of deveined spinach.
  • Optional spices such as chilies and garlic.
  • A fresh egg.
  • Salt and black pepper.

Go for it

  1. Fry the chopped onion in a little butter or olive oil.
  2. Pod the older favas but retain the whole bean of any that are young. Toss them in with the onions.
  3. Add the chopped chili and garlic, if desired.
  4. Wash and devein the spinach, chop and add to the mixture. 
  5. Add half a cup of water. Place a lid on the pan. Bring to the boil.
  6. After two or three minutes crack an egg and poach it on the greens.

Enjoy on a slice of 100% wholemeal sourdough bread, toasted if desired, and smeared with a little butter. Use all the liquid.

This of course is just a crib on the great eggs Florentine recipe.

Eggs Parkinson's disease

Eggs poached on a bed of spinach for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

Eggs Parkinson's disease is based on strong science that fava beans can provide sufficient L-dopa for the body in most of those suffering from the condition.

The eggs and spinach are simply another way to enjoy your beans; they in themselves are very nourishing foods, particularly if you can find free range eggs.

Cooperation of your doctor

Getting L-dopa from your food means you will have to reduce your Parkinson's medication or you will have a deterioration of your motor performance. It is thus recommend you get the cooperation of your doctor, and allow him to advise and direct you; he may be skeptical.

We would recommend beginning with only one tablespoon of young beans and their pods, and gradually increasing the amount as you reduce your medication.

Researchers comment that they noted a marked improvement in the motor performance of those enjoying young fava beans as compared to those on medication, without any of the side effects of the drug.

Dopamine produced in the gut

Researchers writing in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism2 found that almost a half of the dopamine produced in the body is actually synthesised in the gastrointestinal organs.

It has various functions, synthesising secretions, modulating sodium absorption and giving protection against gastroduodenal ulcers.

It is highly likely that eggs Parkinson's disease influences the synthesis of dopamine in the just as much as in the brain. It makes little difference; the neurotransmitter produced at either site has a profoundly important affect on regulating movement of the body.

The authors go as far as to suggest that the brain may be a less important source of dopamine.

A happy gut

Broad bean pods also known as favas.

The happy gut contains an astonishing 2kg of friendly bacteria, viruses and yeasts. What is yet to be established is the role they display in the production of dopamine and the management of Parkinson's disease.

Certainly it would seem logical that regularly enjoying the benefits of a probiotic such as kefir may also have a role to play in the treatment and even perhaps prevention of Parkinson's disease.

How to plant broad beans

The biggest hiccough in making eggs Parkinson's disease is of course getting a regular supply; you will probably have to learn how to plant broad beans. It is not difficult but they do need to be staked firmly.

They will grow year round in a mild climate, but best is to start them in late summer and spring, depending on the climate. Plant half a dozen beans once a month at least if you want a regular supply.

I expect they could be frozen; we will experiment.

Broad beans supported.
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“The civilized man has a moral obligation to be skeptical, to demand the credentials of all statements that claim to be facts.” 

Bergan Evans

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