Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys finds three policemen going out for few drinks and finding themselves discussing their favourite topic; the enigma that is Santie Veenstra. Who is going to pop her sex cork?

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The cover of A Family Affair.

A family affair

A family affair is a light hearted trilogy, but putting some trends under the spotlight; one is rape.

The three young men were enjoying a few too many and the bar was emptying fast. The patrons knew what these young policemen could get up to when they got drunk. Young, fit, strong and mean, they were dangerous. The boys laughed.

‘Chicken shit. None of them will even look me in the eye,’ said Etienne. He is dark-skinned, tall and very thin. He has a fetish for dressing in black with white shoes, polished to a fine gloss during the long hours when they confined to the college grounds with nothing to do.

Half nigger, Tom wanted to call out. Only once did someone at the college ask if there was a touch of the tar brush in Et’s family history, so Tom grinned impishly and said: ‘Don’t blame them, Et. I don’t like looking you in the eye when you’ve had more than five beers!’ He laughed nervously. All the student constables are afraid of Et.

‘Ja, but I’m the smartest of you,’ chirped in a drunken Gerhard. Even after too many beers, Gerhard has a certain prepossessing look about him, despite the regulation short back and sides. His striped shirt is neatly ironed and the gold cuff-links look out of place in the cheap bar. The only other patron left in the bar glanced at him casually out of the corner of his eye. ‘Smart enough not to look you in the eye either, Et. You are the meanest of us!’ Gerhard chortled.

‘What do ya mean?’ Etienne’s hackles were beginning to rise. He’d been known to tackle his two best friends like a mean pitbull. They both laughed at him, and the jibes came thick and fast as they danced around the table just out of reach.

Etienne grabbed a beer bottle off the table and smashed off the end against the wall. ‘Which of you is coming first?’ he asked, with an ugly grin. ‘Or are you going to take me on together?’

Tom and Gerhard backed off. ‘Hey, come on Et, we were just having some fun. You’ve had us in trouble often enough. Now it’s our turn.’

‘Well, what are you waiting for?’

‘Back off, Et. Listen, I’ve got a better idea. There’s one person in our class who has got the better of all three of us, and we’ve only got two weeks to do something about it,’ said Gerhard.

‘Santie, of course. Well, what of her?’ asked Etienne, putting his bottle down, and perking up at his friend’s remark. ‘Barman, another round of black labels. One for that gent too.’ He gestured to the only other patron left. ‘He's the only guy with some guts.’

The other gent thanked them and lit a cigarette, adding to the frowzy smell of stale beer.

Tom, too, looked interested, and the three young policemen sat down and started off on their favourite female topic. ‘Look, no one is going to pop Santie’s sex cork, but how about a little gamble? We each put one thousand rand in a kitty; winner takes all. Just a kiss, that’s all you need to win the pool.’

‘But Gerhard, who is going first? He has an unfair advantage.'

'Or is it a disadvantage? He might get his face reshaped.’ They look at each other grinning, intrigued in their inebriated state by the possibilities.

‘I’d rather kiss a spitting cobra,’ said Tom, gazing moodily into his beer.

‘We could play darts for the honour of getting spat at first,’ said Etienne. He was the pub champion.

The other two shook their heads: ‘No way, Jose. It’s got to be a game of chance.’

‘Matches then,’ said Etienne. He reckons he has the edge on his friends.

‘Matches. Got a box, barman?’

‘Nope, sorry guys. Is a lighter any good?’

‘Here, I’ve got a box,’ said the solitary other patron.

‘Thanks,’ said Tom, going over to fetch them. ‘Another drink for this gentleman, barman, and three more Carlings for us.’ His voice is blurred, and he realizes he needs the toilet first.

‘Wait for me, guys. I gotta pee a couple litres of used beer.’

Normally, at the urinal, Tom reflects on the pure joy of a sweet pee, almost a good as sex he often says, but a putrid stench permeates the latrine, and he must hold his nose. Someone has vomited on the floor and in the wash hand basin.

The three young men each take three matches in their left hands. Out of sight under the table, they select one or more in the other hand, grinning at each other at the prospect of kissing the class virgin. Gerhard knows that Tom always goes for three or none.

He guesses on none. Etienne is the wild card.

Gerhard is the first to put his closed right hand on the table. Soon the others have theirs up too, trying to guess how many matches in their combined right hands.

Tom calls first: ‘None,’ he says.

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys; who is going to pop Santie's sex cork?

Gerhard now knows that Tom has none in his hand, and he also has none. ‘Three,’ he calls, guessing that Et has a full house. Etienne looks at them both: ‘Wily bastards,’ he says. ‘I bet you’ve both got none. Two,’ he calls.

Gerhard and Tom open their empty hands and Etienne holds back, keeping his hand closed and the other two in suspense. He grins at them, a leer spreading across his dark face, as he opens in his hand. Et has two matches in his hand. ‘I go first, no need for you two to play out for second place. I’ll get the kiss and the money!’

‘No cheating now,’ says Tom. ‘It’s got to be a proper kiss on the lips.’ He turns to the stranger, and introduces them all. ‘Will you be the match referee, if we each give you a thousand Rand tomorrow?

‘Absolutely,’ he says. ‘I’m intrigued by this little game. Who’s the lady?’

‘Class virgin,’ says Tom. ‘Tough cookie. You don’t mess with her. We’ll probably all get a klap!’

Tom and Et do both get a klap. Hungry for the prize, they try to force the issue when Santie turned them down flat.

‘Santie, will you have dinner with me?’ asked Gerhard.

‘No, I won’t. I know all about your little game. Go to hell!’

Gerhard stood up, towering over her, and thinking, There’s got to be another way to get around this broad. He looked about as though to check that no one was looking and then leaned over and whispered conspiratorially in her ear: ‘I can’t afford to lose my thousand Rand. I don’t know why we made the stupid bet so I have a proposal. I’ll split the three-thousand rand with you. Just one kiss, and you’ve got your fifteen-hundred. That’s all, no strings attached, just one kiss and you’ve got the money.’

‘You’re bull shitting me, and in any case what makes you think I would trust you?’ Santie knew she was playing with fire, but she owed her friend Nicole money. One kiss?

Gerhard grinned imperceptibly; he was off the bottom rung. Ruefully he acknowledged that he was eons away from a kiss, but at least he’d aroused Santie’s interest.

Glancing around the canteen, he noticed her friend watching them out of the corner of her eye, pretending to study the menu. ‘I’ll give Nicole the fifteen hundred and, as soon as I get my kiss, the money’s yours,’ he hissed. ‘But can I trust you?’

Santie stared at him scornfully, jumping abruptly up from the table. ‘Tell me when Nicole’s got the money.’ She stalked off without giving him so much as another glance.


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It was three days before Nicole came to Santie, frowning, ‘Gerhard’s given me an envelope with fifteen hundred rand in it. What is all this about?’

‘Those three twits have put in a thousand rand each into a pool. The first one to get a kiss from me gets the lot,’ she said with a laugh. ‘I gave Tom and Etienne a good slap, but you know,’ she leant over and whispered in Nicole’s ear, ‘I’m quite tempted to sell my soul for fifteen hundred. Then I could repay you.’

‘Don’t do it,’ Nicole hissed. ‘I’ll wait for my money. You know Gerhard’s a bastard.’

‘True, but one kiss for fifteen hundred rand!’

‘Well, it’s up to you, but I think you’ll be sorry,’ Nicole opened her mouth slightly, showing Santie the tip of her tongue, moving it slowly side to side, and glanced very quickly down at Santie’s lap.

Santie caught her gaze. Startled by the gesture she started blushing. ‘No way.’

‘Yes way. Don’t trust him with one inch. You know what Robyn told us.’ She cocked her head questioningly.

Later that day, during pistol training, Gerhard sidled up to her. ‘Well, do we have a deal?’

Santie wouldn’t look at him. Turmoil had her gut in its grip and a few beads of sweat popped out of her forehead. ‘I’ll think about it.’ She walked away, returning her handgun to the trainer without giving Gerhard another look. She likes the feel of the little Walthau PPK, but Gerhard uses a big 9mm Parabellum.

Next day, in class, a card lay on her desk.


At least give me my money’s worth. I’ll pick you up at eight for dinner on Friday night.


She glanced over at where Gerhard sat, and gave him a curt nod.

‘So you’re going to do it!’ Nicole said with a laugh. ‘Well, at least I’ll get my money, but please be careful, Santie. You know what a brute he is. A damned good-looking brute, but still a brute.’

Only 99c buys you the complete book of women and intimacy:

Backcover Book I: The Bostonians.

A Family Affair is the heart-warming trilogy about family with a difference. It has two Moms, but no Dad.

Janet has a happy childhood; it is at her Diocesan School for Girls where she first tastes the forbidden fruit. But Santie’s mother dies and the child is sexually abused by her father. Whilst at the Police College a gate slams shut, wiping all memory of her abused childhood from her mind, but leaving her very conflicted.

After studying law, their friendship blossoms whilst doing their articles but Janet is raped by their boss at a beach party. Deciding to keep the child, Klein-Jan becomes the honey in the sandwich that sweetens and cements their relationship; until the toddler is kidnapped by his father.

Darkness ensues and Janet becomes very depressed. Eventually, in desperation their gynaecologist suggests that they have another child. But how do two women conceive a baby?

Book II: Peter’s Children

Enter Peter Thomas; is it possible for a man to be hoodwinked into siring four children and be none the wiser?

Book III: The Return

Concealed in Holland from Interpol by his father, Klein-Jan now aged twenty undertakes a journey to discover his roots.

Set in South Africa, A Family Affair is both a lighthearted and easy read, but also takes an inside look at serious issues; women in love, rape and abortion. AIDS and the profound love of a grandmother also come into the equation; it was from her home that KJ was kidnapped.

It is rather more than a Mills and Boon, I think you will find. Sample a few free chapters of Bernard Preston at the A Family Affair home page from the navigation bar above.

The next free unedited chapter... Ch 13.

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