Mexican avocado soup

Mexican avocado soup is the perfect meal for those who are banting.

As you know this is the site for the busy person; nutritious slow food, made fast, is our motto. Once you have got the ingredients together, it takes no more than fifteen minutes to rustle it up.

Make it hotter, or not at all, by adding more or less chili; fresh, if you have it in the garden, is always better. Just one jalapeno plant will give you an abundance of capaicin, the active anti-inflammatory ingredient. Make sure you use the placenta; the white part where the good stuff is.

Mexican avocado soup.


  1. 1 roughly chopped onion.
  2. 1 or more cloves of garlic.
  3. 4 cups of diluted chicken stock.
  4. 2 ripe avocados, mashed.
  5. 1 quarter lemon, pulp and all. Get the pips out.
  6. 2 cups of cream.
  7. Quarter teaspoon ground cumin.
  8. Salt and pepper.
  9. Handful of chopped coriander and a stick of lemongrass.
  10. Garnish of red pepper.

Fresh coriander is my favourite herb; but you could just as easily use parsley, for example. I hate being tied down by any recipe; use this one just to get you going and then add your own specialty.

This is a great recipe if you are banting, by the way; it is high in fat and, provided your carbohydrate is low, then you will lose weight. So, no delicious white rolls on the side; you might cheat a little with just a slice of our low GI bread. That is not fattening because it is baked using 100 percent wholemeal flour.

Set your stopwatch; this shouldn't take more than fifteen-minutes.

  • Gently fry the onion in butter for a few minutes in a large pot. Add the garlic and continue for another thirty-seconds.
  • Add your chicken bouillon, the mashed avocados and the lemon-pulp. Simmer gently for five minutes.
  • Use a stick-blender to get it smooth.
  • Add the cream, salt and pepper to taste, and then the cumin. 
  • Simmer for another five-minutes.

Hass and Fuerte are my favourites, but just use whatever's in season. This is only for those lucky enough to have a tree in the garden.

Fuerte avocados in a basket.

You'll also need some cumin for this Mexican avocado soup recipe; use the powdered in the first instance, but if you're also into making hummus, your own seeds will be much nicer at a tenth of the price of the spice company.

  • What is cumin?

Mexican avocado soup

Copy and paste "what is cumin" into Site Sell in the main menu for more information.

Chicken bones bouillon

Making your own chicken-bones broth is a part of the deal, unless you are a vegetarian; then a celery and carrot stock would be great.

Save up your chicken-bones, freeze them and then, when you have a pile, boil them up for an hour; better still, twenty-minutes with the pressure cooker.

Incidentally Harvard medical school is having great results with treating stubborn forms of inflammatory arthritis with a chicken-bones extract. It is rich in the basic amino acids needed for regrowing damaged cartilage.

Holy Guacamole

"It turns out that avocados, the main ingredient in guacamole, are worth exclaiming about. One-third of a medium-size avocado delivers 10% of the recommended daily values of folate, vitamin K, and copper; 15% of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and a good dose of vitamins C, E and niacin; and riboflavin. Not to mention the minerals zinc, magnesium, and manganese."

- Drs Oz and Roizen, MDs

So that is all you need; oh, you may want to garnish your Mexican avocado soup with a few thinly sliced wedges of sweet or spicy peppers; do your own thing. A cup of seafood like Alaskan snow crab legs or Dutch-mussels would be delicious.

It would take a bit longer then, of course, but now it is not an hors d'oeuvre but a full meal. Actually, once you have washed and checked mussels or scallops it only takes five-minutes to steam them.

If you find avocado a little bland, then an extra squeeze of lemon juice makes it just a little tart; not too much. A pinch of curry-powder makes for a little variety.

Here are a few general thoughts for your perusal. Never fry using margarine or polyunsaturated oils. Butter is back, and should never have been sent to Coventry; coconut fat is great too.

Every garden in a mild climate should have a lemon tree. The golden fruit is very pretty, the flowers divinely scented, and almost every salad dish will be served with its juice; limes are great too.

I never use lemon juice; but I cook with the whole pulp every day. Research shows that is where more than half of the goodies are.

How to use lemongrass in your cooking may be one of the questions your are thinking about. It's not rocket-science. In mild climates it's very easy to grow in your own garden.

Mexican avocado soup.

Think about buying a packet of dirt-cheap cumin seeds, gently roasting them, inhale deeply the wonderful aroma, and grinding them yourself; I store it under olive oil. It take less than five minutes from beginning to end. Then I keep it in the refrigerator to reduce any oxidation that may occur.

Coriander grows like a weed either from seed or young plants; it's called dhania in Indian cooking and cilantro in Mexico.

We enjoy it raw in our salads, rather like you would add parsley, but it's equally good cooked. Add a handful to your Mexican avocado soup.

Mexican avocado soup masher in a pot.
Mexican avocado soup with a stick blender.
  • Add your freshly-chopped coriander.
  • Bring gently back to the boil for one-minute.
Mexican avocado soup sprinkled with a little green coriander.
  • Sprinkle with a garnish of paprika or, better still, finely chopped fresh chili or peppadew.
  • Another option is peppadew flakes, dried and ground.
  • Enjoy hot or cold with low GI bread.
  1. Critical reviews of avocado


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Soups go so well a loaf which can be abked so easily in the bread machine.

Growing coriander

Having a herb garden may seem like a lot of work to you, but coriander is really a weed. Just throw a few seeds in the ground and water them if the weather turns hot and dry; within a month of growing coriander you'll be having fresh cilantro, as the Spanish call it, in your salads and soups. It's an essential ingredient in your Mexican avocado soup.

Growing cilantro will turn any soup into a winner.

Lutein and zeaxanthin

Half an avocado contains about 5% of two very important carotenoids called lutein and zeaxanthin that are selectively taken up by the macula in the eye; that's the part where fine discrimination and colour are detected.

These two phytochemicals absorbe the damaging high-frequency light entering the eye; they also protect the lens against cataracts and glaucoma.

A deficiency causes premature aging and blindness affecting about 5 million unnecessarily. Read more about preventing age-related lutein macular degeneration.

A few useful links

Low GI bread is so easy to bake in your own kitchen. It takes me only five minutes to mix the ingredients; enjoy it fresh without all the garbage to bread these days.

You'll get some ideas from our what is cumin page; how to roast and grind in your own kitchen. It's dead easy.

Chicken bones bouillon is something you should be treating your aging joints to every week.

Banting diet

The ketogenic diets remains controversial for various reasons, but it is an effective way of losing weight.

Better is this Banting diet modified, and our Mexican avocado soup fits in perfectly if you are looking to lose a lot of pounds; only, for you, no more than half a slice of our low GI bread.

Copy and paste "modified Banting diet" into Site search engine in the Main menu bar for more information.

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