Recipe for sesame chicken

Recipe for sesame chicken is delicious with all the tahini benefits.

Two and half hours, from start to finish, that's what it takes. In the oven, about half that time, but on the BBQ you do have to lay eggs for a while, to ensure you don't end up with a towering inferno.

Tender and moist, delicious smokey sesame chicken flavour.

Steps one and two are easy. Get the BBQ started. I like to do it with logs from the garden, and it takes nearly an hour before the hot coals are ready. You may prefer charcoal brickettes. 

Meantime, open the chickens from the wrapping. Remove the giblets, if any, and pop half a lemon and half an onion into each chicken.

It takes exactly the same length of time to prepare this recipe for sesame chicken as for two chickens.

Recipe for sesame chicken

Recipe for sesame chicken is so easy on the barbecue.

Step Three

Nuke them for about fifteen minutes. Eight minutes for one chicken, depending on the weight, and how fussy you are about a little pink meat near the bone. She who must be obeyed is fussy so they get a little extra!

Step Four

Collect your favourite herbs and prepare a marinade that you will use to baste the chickens on the BBQ. I've used:

  • olive oil (1/3 cup)
  • honey (1TBSP)
  • mint
  • coriander
  • garlic
  • a few mulberries that are in season, optional.
  • Salt and black pepper.
  • Half a lemon, pulp and all.

Step Five

Grind the sesame seeds. At least a tablespoon, more if you want a strong sesame flavour.

Add the ground sesame seeds to the marinade. Mix. Sesame oil benefits ... a lot more than a delic flavour.

Sesame seeds are rich in a lot of healthy goodies. The oil in the seeds is very high in oleic acid, the same fatty acid that makes olive oil so good. That's the stuff that coats your nerves. No fatty myelin sheath, no conduction, tingling in arms and hands ...


They are also full of lignans ... plant material that is strongly anti inflammatory; perfect to go on your recipe for sesame chicken.

Add the ground sesame seeds to your marinade and mix thoroughly. The thicker then better.

Aside: Don't use whole sesame seeds; they go straight through you, bringing no nutritional benefit, and may get stuck in any diverticuli.

Step Six

Remove the chickens from the microwave and check on the BBQ. About ready? Take chickens and marinade out to the fire.

Give a thought. Anything else to go on the grill? I'm doing a Lebanese eggplant dish today, so a raw whole aubergine.

You may want to lay them on aluminium foil. A hard choice: aluminium is suspected of being one of the causative factors in Alzheimer's disease. However, it's not impossible that the aluminium is laid down after inflammation and plaque has already done its damage.

Rather like suspicion is pointing less and less towards cholesterol being the real villain of the peace. Generations back they lived on red meat and didn't drop dead like flies like we are on the today's Western diet.

Current thinking is that it's inflammation caused by homocysteine and a diet high in omega-6 polyunsaturated oils like sunflower and corn and soyabean oil, that is causing the inflammation, and cholesterol is laid down afterwards. Foods to reduce inflammation ... unthinkable, a cardiac surgeon recommending we get back to butter?

But then charred meat is a cancer causer. Hobson's choice.

I like to push the coals across to the far side of the grill, and place the chickens away from the coals but near the heat, so if there's a flare it won't turn into an inferno.

Step seven

After about thirty minutes, once the chicken are browned all over, then start basting this recipe for sesame chicken with your marinade. Cut a few small slits down the thighs to hasten the cooking deep in the chicken, pouring in ample quantities of your sesame - olive - lemon - herb mixture.

Keep turning the chickens, moving them closer to the heat as the coals start to die.

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Mm, the eggplant looks ready, let me poke it. Good, soft right through; now for some delic anti-cholesterol Baba Ghanoush to go with our Recipe for sesame chicken and a healthy green salad, full of phytosterols and the folate and minerals needed to break down that toxic homocysteine.

Right, it's time to cut deep into the flesh of your chicken to make sure that it's cooked right through. Keep basting your recipe for sesame chicken too if it looks like it might be drying out.

How to make tahini

How to make tahini is to my mind only worth considering if you are unable to purchase the Greek or Turkish original for your recipe for sesame chicken; I've tried and reluctantly agreed they know something, learned over thousands of years, that is not easily acquired.

Tahini is the basis of much Mediterranean cooking. It's a sesame seed paste that's so easy to make in your own kitchen. How to make tahini ...

Chicken not quite done? Then turn it into a spatch-cock for the last five minutes.

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