Acne body wash

Acne body wash is for the mid-back problem area. Cleanliness is next to godliness; and it applies to that region between the shoulder-blades too. It's a spot difficult to reach.

Yup, this is "she who must be obeyed" with a back-brush that belonged to her mother. It's got one big advantage; the bristles are just the right texture.

We have another but half of the bristles are much too hard and not close enough together; it is actually painful to use. Before purchasing make sure you test it on your skin. Actually I have just sorted it out using a pair of side cutters; snipping off some of the stiff ones has made all the difference. Fix things if you can.


Back-brush for preventing acne.

This page was last updated by Dr Bernard Preston on 11 October, 2023.

The boss' back-brush has one disadvantage; the handle is marginally short. Choose yours carefully for your acne body wash before you buy it.

Here's a tip; get one anyway. Not only those with acne need a back-brush. It would make a good Christmas present to the family.

Try and brush from both the top, reaching downwards from above with firstly your right arm, and then repeat from below.

Finally making it into a shoulder exercise, use the other arm too.

Finding small activities that we can do at home is a lot safer than going to the gym for exercise; always use the stairs rather than the elevator where possible, a skipping rope and take a short walk every lunchtime, in the sun with a hat. We need the vitamin D but not the melanoma.

In praise of the back-brush

I could write a sonnet in praise of the back-brush. Ask any DC and they will tell you that there's one area of the body where most of us cannot reach to wash properly; of course, it is located between the shoulder blades.

Whether it's because of a frozen shoulder that has permanently left you with reduced internal rotation or simply hereditary short ligaments, the area between your scapulae does not get the attention it should. The result is ugly pimples and sometimes a large infected hair-follicle.

Of pimples and back-brushes.

There are two possible solutions. A weekly vigorous scrub by your spouse in the bath with a facecloth or a daily scour using your back-brush in the shower. Either will suffice; better still, both. A loofa, incidentally is a wonderful, natural abrasive skin cleaner but do make sure it gets dry after each and every use; otherwise it becomes mouldy.

I put both my facecloth and the loofer in the sun after use.

Are you in search of something? Just type "frozen shoulder" for example into Site Search.

Acne body wash

True acne vulgaris also requires a proper scrub but really it's far more of a systemic-problem. Here are a few thoughts.

Get some sunshine onto the affected areas if possible on a daily basis. The ultraviolet rays are a very good disinfectant and you've probably noticed that your acne is much worse in the winter months.

Not too much sunshine, remember; rather acne than a melanoma. Just three good burns in the sun in your whole life and you are likely to get a neoplasm of the skin. But small amounts are excellent and provide you with very important vitamin D too.

Have yourself tested for insulin resistance; frequently raised blood glucose is the underlying cause of acne. It will mean avoiding refined carbohydrates, which is a good thing to do anyway. They make us obese, diabetic and raise the spectre of cardiovascular disease.

Try dropping all dairy products for a couple months. It's hard but it does cure some people.

And finally the nature of your skin reflects the wellness of your colon. Making and taking a probiotic like kefir has strong research confirming the affect on your skin. But those bacteria in the intestine absolutely must have sufficient fibre; otherwise all is in vain and you'll never have a happy tum.

And in general but this applies to everyone; get on to eating nutritious choice foods and abhor the junk. That's most likely the reason you are scanning the web looking for a solution for an acne body wash.

How to make kefirKefir is the easiest probiotic to make at home

Bicarb as a deodorant

After your body wash each day try something different; use bicarb as a deodorant. Whilst your armpit is still damp, dab your finger into a little of the powder and smear it about.

It is very effective in preventing body odour but you will still perspire which actually is good.


Melanoma is rated as one of the top vile tumours. Because of its ability to metastasize via the blood and the lymphatics, that little black mole on your ankle can erupt in your brain. And neither will a back-brush nor acne body wash sort out your problem.


Any new mole should be viewed as suspect; particularly if it has a dark colour and a meandering border.

It is always a good idea to photograph any suspect skin lesion, with a tape next to it and store it on your computer; repeat every six months. Because one of the characteristics of melanomas is that they grow, or "evolve" in medical language. Benign moles remain much the same for years.

Notice too that many of these have a variegated colour and an irregular border. Don't mess with melanoma, as washing a mole vigorously if anything will aggravate it; it needs to be examined by a specialist who has the right tools and views them every day.

There is a real trade-off that needs to be weighed when looking for food rich in vitamin D. Sunshine provides far more but there are worries and ironically around noon there is less danger of a melanoma. I recommend a short walk at lunchtime with the shirt off and a hat on.


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If you have a serious skin problem then start by browsing our nutritious choice foods. I may be wrong but I reckon that simply adding a leafy-green salad with homemade hummus to your lunch every day would probably cure you. This fried bulgur wheat with turmeric is an option if you want a low GI carb with your meal. You have to work hard to find whole grains.

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