Rich kefir smoothie

Rich kefir smoothie combines the benefits of a probiotic with greens, and makes it super tasty.

There is a general resistance from the public to the taste of kefir; it is quite sour. There are two solutions; immediately it curdles after a few hours put it into the fridge, and secondly use raw milk.

Or just make a smoothie; the banana and honey smother the sourness.

  • Half a cup of kefir
  • 1 TBSP of coconut cream
  • 1 cup of mixed green leafy vegetables, washed and deveined
  • 1 tsp natural honey
  • 1 tsp freshly ground sesame seeds
  • 1/4 banana

Use a stick blender to make it smooth and creamy.

Rich kefir smoothie


There is a massive amount of research coming out on the importance of what is known as the microbiome; those profoundly healthy bacteria, viruses and protozoans that live in the intestine. In fact the colon is being called the second brain but they produce a wide array of neurotransmitters for both the body and the brain; for example, more than half of the dopamine that is so important to keep us from getting Parkinson's disease.

This community of friendly bugs is seriously affected by our modern foods and antibiotics so it behooves us to regularly take a natural probiotic that you can make very simply in your own kitchen. It is quite sour so we make it a little more friendly in this rich kefir smoothie.

If you still find it too sour, replace half the kefir with oats or almond milk, for example. Never be locked into a recipe; be creative and make it your own.

Read more about the profound kefir benefits that are enjoyed by those who will twice a week make five minutes to improve the well-being of their intestines; on a personal note it cured in one week fifteen years of severe stomach pain from a heliobacter infection that would not respond to antibiotics.

Kefir can be made without milk if you have an aversion to dairy.

Kefir incidentally is one of the richest sources of calcium for stronger bones. Never take the mineral in tablet form by the way unless you are very active; it just ends up in the inner lining of your arteries, raising blood pressure and the prevalence of heart disease and dementia[1].

Coconut cream

Coconut cream is a slightly controversial food; it is high in cholesterol, but from a vegetable source. As long as you are having a well rounded diet with plenty of coloured foods you need have no fear of it. Have you blood tested if you are unsure.

I have some virtually every day, mostly in our butternut soup or one of these rich kefir smoothies, and my cholesterol is actually on the low side; but that is only an anecdote and of no scientific value.

Dark green leafy vegetables

The mixed greens in our rich kefir smoothie.

Just google the power of dark green leafy vegetables and you will realise why they are so important; but really they are rather tasteless and here we dicky them up in this rich kefir smoothie. In this photo you can see spinach, kale, beet tops and the herb bloody sorrel. There are many to choose from obviously.

I devein them but really there is no need to do that if you can use the extra fibre for you know what.

I have been fascinated by Blue Zone people who regularly live to vibrant old age, so I strongly advocate growing your own veggies. These were picked half an hour ago; the difference is amazing but you will not know that until you test out your own green thumb.

Seeds or nuts

We will often add different nuts or seeds, freshly ground, to our smoothies. Sometimes I might even add a little tahini, made from sesame; too much and you will overpower the other more subtle flavours. They are on most nutritionists' top functional food lists

Natural honey

I am passionate on the subject of how the food industry ruins good nutrition and flavour and it is just as apparent in our natural honey as compared with that bought from the supermarket; it is a heat-labile product that is ruined by warming and filtration, or being irradiated.

As you open a bottle of natural honey to add to your rich kefir smoothie you will be stunned by the fragrance of literally millions of flowers that greets you. To get it you will either have to start beekeeping, my best hobby, or find a small guy or gal in your neighbourhood who does not ruin it.

A bee carrying natural honey on her way back to the hive from poppy flower.

Rich kefir smoothie

Rich kefir smoothie makes for a happy tum by helping to maintain the myriads of swarming bugs in the intestine, and giving them plenty of fibre to feed on. Here we enjoy it for breakfast with eggs Hilton.

Rich kefir smoothie and eggs Hilton breakfast.

Long Covid

The definition of "long covid" remains contradictory large perhaps because current tests are so unreliable with many false negatives. It would seem that after three weeks only roughly one third of the infected have returned to their previous level of health; and after three months 10% of people are still suffering from prolonged illness characterised by fatigue and breathlessness[2].

A smaller group have 'thromboembolic complications'; a clot forming, often in the lungs, causing more severe breathlessness.

Breathlessness is a common symptom of those infected with C-19, especially in those with raised blood glucose; the obese and diabetics. Fat cells release a highly inflammatory chemical called a cytokine that effects the blood vessels of the lungs especially, but all tissues in the body which is why they suffer from so much more pain in their muscles and joints than those whose weight is within normal limits.

This cytokine storm is what causes the thromboembolic complications so frequently experienced by the obese, killing many of them.

The good news is that those with a normal microbiome are far less likely to suffer from Long Covid[3]. Enjoy a rich kefir smoothie regularly.

Autoimmune diseases

Researchers from the much trusted National Institutes have found that levels of a pernicious type of antibody in the blood called an ANA that attacks the body's normal cells has nearly tripled in the last 24 years in teenagers in particular[1].

Normal antibodies are proteins that the body makes to defend itself against invading viruses and bacteria; ANAs attack your own body instead of protecting it causing what is known as an autoimmune disease like lupus or multiple sclerosis.

It is well known that improperly digested proteins that have not been properly broken up into individual amino acids that enter the blood stream are one of the causes of these very serious diseases. Probiotics like this rich kefir smoothie greatly enhance the well-being of the gut, improving digestion, and reducing inflammatory bowel disease.

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