Healthy Breakfast Menu

Healthy breakfast menu is a long page. If you don't have at least fifteen minutes to browse then rather come back to it later.

For me it just isn't negotiable, but it doesn't have to be a large meal. Boring perhaps, but I have so many patients in their eighties, with all their marbles intact and having a ball that I too want to reach a happy and healthy eighty plus vintage. Don't you? Yes, the best laid plans of mice and men do go awry, but a good start to the day swings the percentages in your favour.

But does it also have to be boring? Absolutely not. Every breakfast for me is a feast of delicious flavours and tempting tidbits.

For starters your needs on a working day, for most of us, during the week, are quite different to a sedentary weekend. Plus, others may disagree, I think there needs to be a meal now and then when we let our hair down, and indulge ourselves just a little.

Do it every day, and you'll turn into a belly up beached whale. Sunday is probably when you might take a break from your healthy breakfast recipes. Have an egg or two perhaps, a mushroom, and even a waffle, but with healthy flour and raw honey, not syrup.

What's the first thing you do in the morning? Hopefully not light a cigarette, but almost certainly a sweet pee. That fluid needs to be replaced so that your tissues remain well hydrated.

Do you know what silver tea is? I learned about it from my grandmother, and she certainly lived to a very happy and healthy eighty; a cup of warm water, perhaps with a slither of lemon to start the day. Whatever, it needs to be long and wet. For me it's two very large mugs of very weak black tea with a slice of any preferably tart fruit that we have in the house; lemon, plum, granadilla but any of your favourites will do.

Now, what about the fruit in your muesli?

There's so much research now confirming that raw foods are full of compounds called phytosterols; they are antioxidants.  They really are anti cancer foods, and it's a non negotiable. Plus it fits beautifully in with working person's need for quick breakfast ideas. What can be more delicious and quick than half a dozen bright red strawberries, a quarter of cantaloupe, a bunch of grapes, or whatever's in season. An absolute must, and the brighter the colours the better the research seems to be confirming.

These Quaker oats recipes are a great option too.

Remembering that our goal is for at least eight coloured foods every day, because that reduces the death rate from all causes by a massive 33%, there needs to be some fruit in the healthy breakfast menu.

Subsequent meal effect

Fascinating research shows that inclusion of whole grains and legumes at breakfast, not only lowers your blood glucose after that meal, but for the whole day; it's known as the 'subsequent meal effect', if you want to research it.  This means that if you cheat and have a sugar laden cola, or bar of chocolate later, it will have a lessened deleterious effect on your metabolism. 

Thus any healthy breakfast menu should include a whole grain porridge, or 100% wholewheat toast, and could easily include a few fava beans, or chickpeas tossed in with your eggs Florentine. Provided you don't go overboard it will mean you have your cake, and eat it.

Week days

Berries are rich in phenols which are very powerful antioxidants; and interesting research shows that those who ate them regularly had less of a weight problem. "Changes in Intake of Fruits and Vegetables and Weight Change in United States Men and Women Followed for Up to 24 Years."

Along with some whole freshly cracked nuts and a whole grain like rolled oats and you have the perfect breakfast.

Orange juice facts

Bought OJ in a carton is definitely not on the healthy breakfast menu; if you're unconvinced then just read these ORANGE JUICE FACTS.

If you have the time and energy to squeeze your own, that's great. What's the difference you are probably thinking?

You'll love the mandarin orange tree.

It takes less than three minutes to squeeze two oranges using any orange juice press including washing out the press; actually I rarely use the strainer; most of the goodies are in the pulp.


You get enough carbohydrate really in your fruit, but I think 3-4 spoons of an oats based muesli is a good option. Oats is one of the super foods rated most highly for lowering cholesterol. Add a handful of raisins to sweeten it, your omega 3 from two or three walnuts and some  freshly crushed linseed, also known as flaxseeds, and perhaps some pumpkin seeds; they are good for the prostate gland.

Ground sunflower seeds are great too in any healthy breakfast menu.

I buy a cheap zero sugar muesli, and every weekend spend ten minutes making up a large container with various healthy tasty goodies. Then it's quick and ready for Monday morning. Soak with boiling water, and leave to stand. Perhaps nuke it for one minute. Then it's much more digestible.

Most likely you are looking for low carb breakfast recipes and a muesli is quick and easy and fits perfectly into our healthy breakfast menu. Absolutely avoid the high sugar all brans, cocoa pops, corn flakes and the like. They instantly put pounds on all the wrong places. And don't get your kids started on them either. The soluble fibre in our apple diet is far more effective against constipation than bran. Plus bran adsorbes calcium, not good for a woman's bones.

A is for horses, bran too. If you don't know the cockney alphabet, google it; it's great fun.


Understand the meaning of starch and you'll permanently be able to put behind you the fear and fake information out there about carbs; they aren't all equal, and there are ways of preparing them so they don't give a blood sugar surge. Find out about terms like retrogradation and resistant starch. Nothing whatsoever wrong with apples, grapes, oats and, if you can find it, 100% wholemeal bread. French fries alas are for high and holy days only; they have a very high glycemic index, akin to sugar.

An aside
I wonder how long it's going to be before the first American sues his parents for having allowed him to become an obese nine year old? The sooner a test case comes before the courts the better, as far as I'm concerned. By a very young age the size of your fat cells has been determined.

Allow your child to become fat by the age of 9 and you have condemned him or her to a life long struggle with their weight.

It's pure negligence on the part of parents, with a not dissimilar effect on your child's longevity as to encourage or allow him to become a smoker at the age of nine.

What about the protein?

Another non negotiable is a little protein. Meat is a definitely not on the healthy breakfast menu; only once a day unless you want to be in the high cancer risk group, but there are many good options.

Protein is what stops you from being starving at 11 o'clock, and starting to snack; that's a quick route to the extra pounds that none of us need especially if you earn enough to own a computer and internet connectivity.

I'll admit to being odd. My first choice is a chickpea dish, homemade, but without the garlic. It's really delicious, and you can in only four minutes, literally, make a batch of this authentic hummus recipe that will last half a week in the fridge, and keep you going for a whole morning. It does for me, and I can promise you that at the chiropractic coalface one needs it.

Other good protein options for your healthy breakfast menu are yogurt, but stick with the zero sugar; dairy is high in the cholesterol that clogs your arteries; a piece of fish left over from last night, and eggs Florentine several times a week, or a cheese sandwich, made from 100 percent wholemeal flour.

PS. I've been up for nearly three hours now, finished my two large mugs of tea and have just ground the beans for the first indulgence of this bright sunny summer morning. A cup of coffee, ah! Incidentally, when you find half the scientists are saying that a particular food or beverage, like coffee for example, is good, and the other half are calling it bad, it means they just don't know. So, enjoy your coffee, within reason. I'd don't like the instant or decaff varieties because of the processing, and they don't taste half as good anyway.


While I'm totally committed to the healthy breakfast menu, I'm not suggesting the steppes of Siberia; Sunday is the day to indulge in something different. Food is part of the fun of life,

and a little indulgence is in order and the gentle family breakfast, with the TV turned off, is one good way to do it.

How much indulgence? Well, if your Body Mass Index is over 30 then you've already grossly over indulged, and it's strictly Siberia for you until you get it under thirty! Calculate your BMI if you dare. Over 35 and there's a massive stroke on the way.

Two thirds of the Western world is either overweight or obese; no wonder there is so much pain, disability and early demise.

If you too don't like pain, take the BMI test; knowing where you stand is the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Use a full stop, not a comma in your height and weight.

Supplied by BMI Calculator South Africa


Do you have a stick blender in your kitchen? Then you can make a smoothie; careful of the bought ones; many are very high in calories. In any case you want it fresh.

After the coffee grinder, it's the most used electric kitchen utensil. Easy to use, quick to wash, and cheap. Don't buy one with less than 200W. I particular like them because the drain on our Solar Powered Generator is low. Aside: any idea how satisfying it is to live by the power of the sun? Right now I'm typing by solar energy stored in our batteries.

Sorry, that was a distraction from the order of the day! Come back to it when you've some spare time. It's not a decision to take lightly.


Cynical early Dutch thinking was that strawberries are simply expensive coloured water; the facts prove exactly the opposite. Whilst there is often merit in old wives' tales, it's not always so. Berries in general provide a very important part of the healthy breakfast menu.

If only for the benefit of certain phenols that prevent macular degeneration we should be eating strawberries regularly when they are in season; prevention is better than a cure, right?

Read more about it at strawberries nutrition facts.

If you can't get walnuts, the best nut for omega-3, then try shelling pecan nuts. I can do three in less than a minute... if you have a cardiovascular condition like high blood pressure, then add a tablespoon of freshly ground flaxseeds too. So easy with your stick blender.

Start with a breakfast smoothie and then let your hair down a bit, but do consider our SAUTEED MUSHROOM RECIPE ...

Incredible anti-cancer food that should have a permanent place on your low carb breakfast recipes. Done in butter of course, not margarine or corn oil, provided your total cholesterol is below 200 (5.1). Otherwise it's

SCRAMBLED EGGS and Parsley benefits

Together with ONE scrambled egg, liberally sprinkled with parsley benefits or coriander, on ONE slice of wholewheat toast with a scrape of butter, and perhaps a tomato and onion mix, and you have the perfect Sunday healthy breakfast menu; especially if you can find a source of true free range cage free eggs.

Add a little salt without guilt. New research proves that both too little, and too much salt is detrimental. So you can and should enjoy a little salt with your food. Salt high blood pressure ...?

Proper free range eggs are vastly better in both taste and nutrient value, but they are difficult to locate; many farmers cheat. The alternative, the one we have chosen, is to build a chicken tractor designs and keep your own hens. They have added immeasurably to our organic garden, providing high nitrogen manure, keeping the bugs under control and to our surprise providing an early warning siren that the vervet monkeys are in town.

Toss in a few leaves of finely chopped nutrition of arugula, also known as rocket.

"I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t at least kind of tired."

Time for a decent breakfast? Or, when did you last take at least a straight two week holiday where you slept in only one bed? Of course, most Americans work far too hard. Three weeks plus is the standard vacation in the rest of the world. All work and no play makes Jane a very tired girl and Tom a dull boy.

Atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries

Toxic chemicals in the blood stream cause inflammation of the inner lining, the intima, of the blood vessels. Top of the list of course is the substances in cigarette smoke, but not far below that is a surprising ratio of otherwise healthy fats in the diet. Too much omega 6 and too little omeag 3, a high ratio, is one of the prime causes of inflammation in the blood vessels, and atherosclerosis.

All meals, including breakfast, we should be looking at ways to make sure the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis isn't working against us. A bright red, inflamed intima means high blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Two simple principles: make sure your cereals aren't soaked in seed oils which are high in omega 6, and what I do is to add a tablespoon of freshly ground flaxseed to my cereal. It's the richest vegetable source of omega 3, cheap and virtually tasteless, but it is rapidly oxidised so grind enough for three days perhaps, and keep in the fridge. Grinding flax seeds is for everyone. It's immediately obvious that the ground flaxseed vs oil debate is futile; chalk and cheese.

Healthy Breakfast Menu

As I've got older I have started finding that an oats muesli gives me indigestion and an acid stomach; so we have moved away from that to a cooked healthy breakfast menu; eggs Florentine is so digestible and tasty if you dicky it up with garlic, jalapenos and varied dark green leafy vegetables.

The spinach is the richest vegetable source of iron; a deficiency in 30% of the Western population is fingered as the main cause of TATT syndome; tired all the time.

The health benefits of spinach are sublime; good enough for Popeye, and good enough for me. What's potting in the Spring garden is a fun time for all. 

Eggs Hilton is the latest fashion; it has many merits not least of which you won't be famished at 11 o'clock.

Eggs Florentine

A new favourite is eggs florentine; high in folate and vitamin B12 this makes the perfect addition to the healthy breakfast menu; fix your constipation too; spinach is the most rewarding crop in the summer vegetable garden.

Two million Americans are needlessly blind from macular degeneration, and many more are only partially sighted. Spinach is rich in lutein, one of three phytochemicals vitally involved in a healthy retina and lens; the other two are zeaxanthin and oleocanthal.

Read more about zeaxanthin macular degeneration.

Notice there is no margarine on our table; in any case, butter is back.

In order to make sure you have chilli available year round for your eggs Florentine, it's worth considering how to preserve jalapeno peppers; it's dead simple; the capsaicin health benefits are simply vast. 

Something sweet?

Ending a meal with something sweet is not a problem; already the gut is full of fibre, protein and fat, so the GI of the whole meal will be low, even if you finish with a sourdough bread recipe and gooseberry jam recipe.

Better still on your healthy breakfast menu would be toast and lime marmalade of course.

Use only home bake bread flour if you delight in the proper loaf; the supermarket stuff is so tasteless.

If you feel you are going to seed perhaps it's time to start collecting your own and growing your own veggies and fruit; like those gooseberries, except that they are one of the invasive alien species, or even green beans seed.

Absolutely amazing is how taking a short ten minute walk after a starchy meal stops my blood glucose soaring into orbit; I'm prediabetic. I'm cutting back on the carbs in all my meals.

» Healthy breakfast menu

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