Apple Salad Recipe

Apple salad recipe is a delicious way to increase the fibre for your colon.

Apple salad recipe

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By Bernard Preston

  1. 2 coarsely chopped apples, one red, one yellow. That'll give your salad a beautiful patchwork of harlequin colours. Wash them thoroughly to remove the chemical sprays.
  2. 1 stalk of chopped celery.
  3. Half a cup of tiny broccoli florets.
  4. One avocado cubed.
  5. A good few springs of parsley benefits. Actually I always chop them, then they get eaten. Most folk think it's chief benefit is as a garnish.

Go wild when making your salads. Give vent to your creative imagination because the nutrition facts of apples are vast and proven.

Work on half an apple per person, so this recipe should easily feed four of your best friends.

Never feel inhibited by a recipe. So you love mint. Chop in a few of the fresh tips. No mint in your garden? It's so easy to grow. Find a fellow gardener and do some swapping of herbs.

You really dislike parsley? Well, just leave it out.

  • 1 cup per person chicken squares. Aside: The best part of chicken from a Chiropractic standpoint is not the flesh but the chicken bones Why?
  • One half cup coarsely chopped walnuts. We prefer walnuts. Why?
  • 1 TBSP olive oil or homemade mayonnaise. Why is olive oil the only oil to use for salads?
  • Raisins, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and a handful of bean sprouts will enrich any salad.
  • A dash allspice makes for something slightly different. Experiment with it; two identical salads apple salad recipe dish, one with allspic and one without.
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice mixed with a couple teaspoons of drinking water. I like my salads damp.

Apple Salad Recipe

Parsley benefits for the world's most popular but rarely eaten garnish.

The Renoir apple girl would approve of this salad.

"They tell you that a (apple) tree is only a combination of chemical elements. I prefer to believe that God created it, and that it is inhabited by a nymph."

Pierre Auguste Renoir


A bit of interesting trivia...

In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage. Catching the apple meant she accepted.

I like that!


We feel quite strongly that you should avoid supermarket mayonnaises. Mostly they are made with solvent-extracted hydrogenated oils (read the labels, looking for trans fats), known to be associated with vestibular brain disease and vertigo, and generally are filled with a host of stabilisers, flavourants and colouring.

Rather, make your own, or it'll spoil all the nutrition facts of apples that are so special. It is dead easy.

For more about the dangers of hydrogenated foods and margarine use the site search function in the navigation bar on your left.

Make a bed of salad greens, place the chopped apple, celery and broccoli florets; interesting new research about broccoli shows that the young florets that form after the main head has been reaped, and even the broccoli flowers which incidentally are delicious are richest in the anti cancer stakes, parsley and walnuts in a bowl. Combine your olive oil, allspice and lemon juice and water.

Toss the mixture with the apple mixture. Add your cubed chicken squares. Tofu makes a lovely, healthy protein alternative to chicken, meat or cheese on a salad. If you find Tofu too bland, soak them first in brandy. That'll loosen your guests' tongues at your luncheon.

Know the difference between guests tongues, guest's tongues and guests' tongues?

In chiropractic we think that, over and above a healthy diet and all the nutrition facts apples, that plenty of exercise is a non-negotiable. And the easiest and best way to start are these walking benefits.

Do you know what a Swedish stroll is? They take a little walk after meals, dinner particularly, to help with the digestion; less grumbles in the middle of the night. It also means the starch is turned into glycogen instead of glucose which would have been stored as fat.

Allergies are a huge problem for some folk.

They are triggered by an allergen, which is usually a protein that our bodies won't tolerate. Gluten, in wheat, is a big one; milk, nuts and shell fish are other common ones; there are many.

Scientists at the nestle research centre have discovered that mice allergic to milk protein experienced a much reduced allergic response if they first fed them an apple extract. Giving the juice later had little beneficial effect.

Of course they will soon be marketing the extract. How about enjoying an apple a day before your glass of milk, peanuts and bread?

Toss a mixture of chopped tomato, paprika, sweet peppers, red and yellow, shallots and radishes. Sprinkle a table spoon of chopped young sweet basil leaves over the salad, or rustle up some homemade Pesto, easy, and add a handful of olives and perhaps some chopped Feta cheese squares.

Dribble with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and a few drops of water if you like it moist. I do. Yum.

"I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger."

A side dish of bright salads

To really finish off your lunch, mop up the juice with some bread (and a little butter if your cholesterol is okay), and perhaps spread with Tahini, my favourite on bread.

Searching for something specific? Say, "

  • How to make tahini at home in two minutes.
  • Sesame tahinini
  • What are phytosterols?
  • Olive pate
  • Pickling olives
  • Pesto - Make it at home. Janet and Santie will show you how...
  • Tofu nutrition

Yes, you'll notice a passion for Mediterranean food at Bernard - it not only tastes terrific, easy to prepare, but also proven beyond all doubt to be heart and nerve friendly. Don't ring in the changes overnight, just pick up a packet of olives, as if they have any tahini, or sesame seeds. And of course olive oil should be the queen of your table.

What are phytosterols?

What are phytosterols is an important question if you, like me, want to have your butter and eat it; they are compounds that a structure very simular to cholesterol, and compete at absorption sites.

This tomato salad would enhance your apple recipe.

Enjoy enough of lunches like that above, and apple salad recipe, and you need have no remorse about reverting to butter on your bread; I expect your like me find margarine absolutely ghastly. And so it is, and the latest collation of all research on the subject reveals that we should never have been pressured to give up dairy; it's a myth that it is the cause of obesity and heart disease.

But, what are phytosterols remains an important question; only then truly can you have your butter and eat it with abandon. Enjoy an apple salad recipe regularly.


To make your Apple Salad Recipe into a memorable meal you're going to need some more side dishes, and some dips. Tzatziki you can make in a flash, it will give your lunch a Greek touch. You can find the recipe at our Olive Bread Recipe page (the bread, I'm afraid, is not SLOW FOOD, MADE FAST!)

Olive bread recipe


A few slices of pickled beets go well with any APPLE SALAD RECIPE salad. Like apples, beets are filled with soluble fibre, the best solution for constipation.

In chiropractic, we are regularly faced with the constipated patient. Whilst a sacroiliac joint treatment adjustment can make a difference, should there be a fixation in the joint, getting more fibre in the diet in simple and quick ways is of the utmost importance. Our Apple Salad recipe with all the now-known-facts about apples is just one of those many delicious ways.

Of course there are enormous health benefits of juicing your apples or carrots, especially if you have a surplus growing in the garden. A glass of carrot juice to go with your apple salad recipe?

Pickled beets are God's gift to the constipated colon.

Nutritional facts about apples

Apples, mostly in the skin, are rich in pectin, the soluble fibre that gives you a happy bowel. On the side, it also inhibits the absorption of cholesterol, particularly the noxious LDL fraction.

There is now a mass of strong research proving the an apple-a-day does in fact keep the doctor away. It reduces cancer, improves breathing, helps babies with tummy troubles.

Plus it has a very low glycemic index, making it a highly desirable carbohydrate. The natural sugars in apples are absorbed very slowly, and do not provide an insulin rush.

Every salad needs some oil, firstly to make it more palatable, and secondly you'll be less hungry in a couple hours time. The healthy oils for a salad come from fish which is obviously not suitable for a salad, the olive and the avocado. All three should be regularly in your diet for the fatty acids essential for healthy nerves. 

Few things will finish off a salad better than a couple dips. They're mostly easy to make, and quick, but our Hummus does require some planning: you'll need to soak the Chickpeas at least overnight, and cook for about an hour and a half. Thereafter it's a breeze. Each of these dips you can make in under ten minutes.

Avocado benefits include the management of relentless hunger whilst dieting.

Avocado Benefits and Apple diet

Avocados are rich in the amino acid tyrosine that is vital for transfer of day to day events to our long term storage centres in the brain.

This isn't small beer we're discussing; it's about having a healthy memory at eighty instead of premature senile dementia.

Apples are high on the cholesterol lowering stakes. Do you have a family history of heart attacks and stroke? Eat more apples.

Healthy choice foods

It's all about doing our level best, with the scientific nutritional research behind us, to reach a healthy eighty so we can enjoy the grandchildren and sit under the trees we once planted. The alternative is too ghastly to contemplate. Deceased at fifty with breast cancer or a stroke at sixty are the stark alternatives.

And the fact of the matter is that healthy choice foods taste divine.

Tabbouleh bulgar wheat

Ask any Lebanese person which salad is almost always on the summer lunch menu and they will certainly reply, tabbouleh. A mixture of parsley, mint, tomatoes, olive oil and lemon juice and, if available, bulgar wheat, otherwise just enjoy it with wholemeal bread.

Top 7 functional foods for your health

Top 7 functional foods for your health is a vitally important subject and it's no coincidence that apple salad recipe ranks highly.

Let's be honest eating a whole apple for breakfast is quite hard work. Perhaps keep a half for this quick curried chicken recipe.

An apple, eggplant and chicken recipe.

It may look a little like a dog's breakfast but it contains four of our top 7 functional foods for your health.

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