Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe

Smoked salmon dip recipe can be made, I am not exaggerating, in five minutes. Are you ready, stop-watch in hand?

I do not know about you but we lead unbelievably fast lives. Stop the world, I need to get off the train. This side dish you can make in five minutes; time it. Quite apart from the excellent protein, it is rich in omega-3 and vitamin D; it is perfect banting food if you are trying to lose weight. Only then you should not enjoy it on crackers; a small portion of artisan bread would be okay.

Smoked salmon peppadew and celery dip

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Well now five years after I first wrote this blog, the train has stopped and I have alighted in Hilton, South Africa; and I cannot easily get the fresh salmon that we enjoyed weekly in Holland. Retirement has its downside; no fish market. Scotland, Norway and the North Atlantic are a long way off. We have to make do with pilchards.

I cannot say I like most of the cookery programs on television these days; they make the daily meal so complicated and time-consuming that many I suspect resort to convenience food.

Jamie Oliver is perhaps the exception; he too is obsessed by healthy food made fast.

Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe

Smoked salmon dip recipe uses only the most basic ingredients. If you do not regularly have fresh parsley, lemon and chilli in your home, then it is time to step up to better health; feta cheese and olive oil I'm sure are in every kitchen.

  1. 200g Smoked Salmon, or thereabouts, honestly 50g more or less makes no difference.
  2. 200g Feta cheese or, if your cholesterol like mine is disgusting low, then try cream cheese now and again; not too often.
  3. A slice of lemon, peeled and depipped, pith and all.
  4. A couple sprigs of parsley.
  5. A small slither of blanched red chilli; include the pips and placenta, the white part that holds them.
  6. A small stick of celery.
  7. Half a clove of garlic.
  8. 1 TBSP each of olive oil and spring water.
  9. Definitely no salt but a twist or two of black pepper is nice.

Unexpectedly chilies are strongly anti-inflammatory but the active agent capsaicin is found mainly in the seeds and placenta; blanching it lightly, together with the garlic, takes out the sting. Instead we have used a peppadew; spicy without the burn.

Extra virgin olive oil is also anti-inflammatory; these are the kinds of foods we should be enjoying daily, especially if we have a lot of aches and pains.

This may be quite salty so use a smallish stick of celery.

If using a stick-blender cut the chunks smaller and make sure there is enough liquid; water and olive oil.

It is also particularly good if you are suffering from blood-vessel disease and even for the alimentary canal in small amounts.

That took you four minutes to prepare, now

  • Chuck the lot into a bowl.
  • Blend for 30s; done.
Chili pips and placentaPeppadews and chilis

Unplug the blender, scrape out the remains, and now go on and make a MOUTABEL Baba Ghannouj dip. Put off by the name? It only takes ten minutes. Your guests will be on their knees pleading for your recipes.

One other healthful factor from salmon is that it is rich in one of the phytonutrients that significantly slow the development of frailty in the older person; read more about vitamin B6 food

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Metabolic syndrome

A vitamin D deficiency is strongly linked to diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a grouping of four health risk factors:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Abdominal obesity
  3. Abnormal cholesterol levels
  4. Raised blood sugar

Metabolic syndrome is strongly associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease; stroke, aneurisms and other nasty stuff. So do something. This smoked salmon dip recipe on the table twice a week would be a good place to start.

Research done at the Free University (VU) Medical Centre in Amsterdam found that in a group of randomly-chosen Dutch people, almost a half were Vitamin D deficient; and 37 out of 1300 had metabolic syndrome.

Those who were vitamin D deficient had a much higher risk of also having Metabolic syndrome.

In another study done at Johns Hopkins found that 90 percent of patients with adult onset diabetes (type 2) were vitamin D deficient.

Low vitamin D blood levels was strongly associated with high blood sugar.

Vitamin E too as a natural anti-coagulant has an important role to play alongside the omega 3 in this smoked salmon dip recipe in the management of metabolic syndrome.


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Vitamin D deficiency

A large part of the solution to a vitamin D deficiency would be solved by our smoked salmon dip recipe; it is linked to a host of serious inflammatory diseases[1]. A short walk in the sun with a hat but no sunscreen would help too.


Vitamin D is converted in the kidneys into a hormone, calcitriol, which regulates the concentration of calcium in your blood stream, controlling the healthy growth of bones. A deficiency leads to serious bone diseases including Rickets and Osteoporosis. This may be getting rather monotonous, but a smoked salmon dip recipe would solve much of your problem.

It is possibly also associated with night cramps in the calf and foot, well known to be connected to a mineral deficiency; but which one?

Immune system

A vitamin D deficiency is linked to an ineffective immune system.

Vitamin D is also converted in white blood cells which are, after the skin, the first line of defense against invaders. In monocytes, and T and B lymphocytes, vitamin D is changed into substances which protect your body against invading viruses and bacteria.

Nerve-muscle inflammation

A vitamin D deficiency is linked to nerve-muscle inflammation.

It controls the contraction and reduces the anger in the tissues.

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This smoked salmon dip recipe is one of the richest sources of anti-inflammatory omega 3. Should you experience a lot of pain in your muscles and joints, or your intestines, for example then get the triple benefit of high quality protein, vitamin D and the fat most recommended by the Heart Association.

More food rich in vitamin D.

The vitamin C in the lemon juice is another cog in the armament of this smoked salmon dip recipe; its anti-oxidant properties make this a very nutritious dish. Being low in refined carbs and high in  important nutrients make it a winner.

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Bernard Preston

Dr Bernard Preston is a semi-retired DC with a passion for overall wellbeing; in one way or another that should include fatty fish. This smoked salmon dip recipe is one very enjoyable way to get it.

He also adds freshly-ground flax daily to their vegan seed bread recipe.

You do not have to be a vegetarian to take advantage of the foods other than meat and potatoes.

By the way, it takes only five-minutes to prepare the dough for a loaf of homemade bread; it is just delicious with your smoked salmon dip recipe.

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