Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe

By Bernard Preston

Smoked salmon dip recipe can be made, I'm not exaggerating, in five minutes. Are you ready, stop watch in hand?

I don't know about you, but we lead unbelievably fast lives. Stop the world, I need to get off the train. This side dish you can make in five minutes; time it. Quite apart from the excellent protein, it's rich in omega 3 and vitamin D; it's perfect banting food if you are trying to lose weight. Only then you can't enjoy it on crackers.

Well, now five years after I first wrote this blog, the train has stopped and I've alighted in Hilton, South Africa; and I can't easily get the fresh salmon that we enjoyed weekly in Holland. Retirement has its downside; no fish market. Scotland, Norway and the North Atlantic are a long way away. We have to make do with pilchards.

I can't say I like most of the cookery programs on television these days; they make the daily meal so complicated and time consuming that many I suspect resort to convenience food. Jamie Oliver is perhaps the exception; he too is obsessed by healthy food made fast.

Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe

Smoked salmon dip recipe uses only the most basic ingredients; if you don't regularly have fresh parsley and lemon, frozen chilli, feta cheese and olive oil in your home, then it's time to step up to better health.

  1. 200g Smoked Salmon, or thereabouts, honestly 50g more or less makes no difference.
  2. 200g Feta cheese or, if your cholesterol like mine is disgusting low, then try cream cheese now and again; not too often.
  3. A slice of lemon, peeled and depipped, pith and all.
  4. A couple sprigs of parsley.
  5. A small slither of blanched red chilli; with the pips and placenta, the white part that holds them.
  6. A stick of celery.
  7. Half a clove of garlic.
  8. Olive oil and yoghurt to taste.
  9. No salt, but a twist of two of black pepper is nice.

Unexpectedly, chilies are strongly anti inflammatory but the active agent capaicin is found mainly in the seeds and placenta; blanching it lightly, together with the garlic, takes out the sting.

Extra virgin olive oil is also anti inflammatory; these are the kinds of foods we should be enjoying daily, especially if we have a lot of aches and pains.

It's also particularly good if you are suffering from blood vessel disease and even for the alimentary canal in small amounts.

That took you four minutes to prepare, now

  • Chuck the lot into a bowl.
  • Blend for 30s; done.

Unplug the blender, scrape out the remains, and now go on and make a MOUTABEL Baba Ghannouj dip. Put off by the name? It only takes ten minutes. Your guests will be on their knees pleading for your recipes.

Metabolic syndrome

A vitamin D deficiency is strongly linked to diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a grouping of four health risk factors:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Abdominal obesity
  3. Abnormal cholesterol levels
  4. Raised blood sugar

Metabolic syndrome is strongly associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease - heart attack, stroke, aneurisms, and other nasty stuff. So do something! This smoked salmon dip recipe on the table twice a week would be a good place to start.

Research done at the Free University (VU) Medical Centre in Amsterdam found that in a group of 1300 Dutch people, almost a half were Vitamin D deficient, and 37% had metabolic syndrome. Those who were vitamin D deficient had a much higher risk of also having Metabolic syndrome.

In another study done at Johns Hopkins found that 90% of patients with adult onset diabetes (type 2) were vitamin D deficient. Those who had lower vitamin D blood levels were strongly associated with high blood sugar levels.


Vitamin D is converted in the kidneys into a hormone, calcitriol, which regulates the concentration of calcium in your blood stream, regulating the healthy growth of bones. A deficiency leads to serious bone diseases including Rickets and Osteoporosis.

It's possibly also associated with night cramps in the calf and foot, well known to be connected to a mineral deficiency; but which one?

Immune system

A vitamin D deficiency is linked to an ineffective immune system.

Vitamin D is also converted in white blood cells which are, after the skin, the first line of defense against invaders. In monocytes, and T and B lymphocytes, vitamin D is converted to substances which protect your body against invading viruses and bacteria.

Nerve-muscle inflammation

A vitamin D deficiency is linked to Nerve-muscle inflammation.

It controls neuro-muscular contraction and reduces inflammation.

Where do you get it?

So, where do you get it if it's so vitally important?

At the Equator sunshine contains daily the required strength of ultraviolet light to produce sufficient vitamin D in the skin.

1. Sunshine

In Temperate regions between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the polar regions, probably where you live, sufficient sun strength to produce adequate vitamin D occurs only in spring and summer.

In the Arctic and Antartica the sun is never strong enough to produce sufficient vitamin D.

2. Fish

Ways to cook salmon

Fatty fish is rich in vitamin D, containing about 200-300 IU. Salmon is particularly rich at 360 IU per 100g portion (an average serving).

A one gram Codliver oil softgel contains only about 200 IU.

(Is it any wonder that I think that SMOKED SALMON DIP RECIPE is important to your health?!)

  • Pilchard fish cakes ...

3. Mushroom and eggs

A typical serving of mushrooms supplies about 20 IU of vitamin D.

One egg also provides about 20-30 IU.

Vitamin D

So, just how much vitamin D do you need? Can you get enough from your smoked salmon dip recipe? For the first fifty years of your life you require about 200 IU of vitamin D per day. After that, scientists advise a rapidly increasing amount to protect your bones againtst osteoporosis. 400-600 IU. More sunshine, more fatty fish, more eggs, more mushrooms.

The long and the short of it...

Vitamin D is vitally important in the body to protect you against invading bugs, give you good bone strength and stimulate your immune system.

Depending on at what latitude you live (probably temperate, in which case you only get adequate vitamin D only in spring and summer), fatty fish, mushrooms, eggs and a walking benefits are absolutely vital. The alternative is colds and flu, broken bones and a weak immune system; think smoked salmon dip recipe if you want a quick source of vitamin D and omega 3 and healthy protein.

The more so the older you get. And maybe a codliver oil softgel, and regular smoked salmon dip recipe.

  • FISH SOUP ...

Just type in  FISH SOUP or whatever you are searching for.

On a personal note...

My annual cholesterol check is a week of trepidation. Surely, at last my love of butter and eggs, fatty mutton stew and icecream for dessert is going to catch up with me!

Today I with fear and trembling went for the results:

  • Total cholesterol 4,2. Dangerously low!
  • LDL 2,5. Excellent
  • HDL 1,4. Excellent
  • Cholesterol/ HDL ratio 3. Excellent.

And why?

Tonight's dinner

The bad news first: Three beers and a couple glasses of red wine for she who must be obeyed. That's not healthy.

A presupper snack: Home pickled olives, raw carrot sticks, low fat feta cheese. Normally we'd have celery sticks too.

Helens 15 euro salad ... actually tonight only the five euro salad, but with a tablespoon of smoked salmon dip recipe.

Salmon and broccoli soup.

A bit later, perhaps some icecream to celebrate the low cholesterol!

No coffee, or any fluid after dinner; it affects my indigestion heartburn.

Enjoy this kind of dinner, without the beer, and you can enjoy our cholesterol and eat it; butter is back, by the way. Julia Childs and I are delighted!

Could Prince William Alexander, Prince Charles, President Obama or Nelson Mandela ask for a better dinner? I think not. I'm dining tonight with the queen of healthy food. Helen, she who must be obeyed. She fears being a widow for twenty years more than anything else! Feed him smoked salmon dip recipe, or in South Africa, pilchard fish cakes; not nearly as interesting, I confess.

Anti inflammatory omega 3

Your smoked salmon dip recipe is one of the richest sources of anti inflammatory omega 3; do you suffer from a lot of pain and anger in your joints and muscles, blood vessels and organs?

Then look to food and inflammation for the solution; enjoy them daily and you'll be able to get off those nasty meds.

Did you know that anti inflammatory drugs kill about 12,000 Americans every year, just from a bleed in the gut? That's not including the increased levels of heart disease and catastrophic strokes associated with NSAIDs.

Anti inflammatory omega 3 comes in the main from fatty fish, freshly ground flax seed and walnuts; if you're not having at least one of those regularly, you will be having pain in your body.

Just type in Anti inflammatory omega 3 whatever you are searching for.

Useful links

Bernard Preston

Dr Bernard Preston is a semi retired chiropractor with a passion for healthy living; in one way or another than should include fatty fish, and this smoked salmon dip recipe is one very enjoyable way to get it.

He also adds freshly ground flaxseed daily to their vegan seed bread recipe; you don't have to be a vegetarian to take advantage of the foods from the vegetable kingdom.

By the way, it takes only five minutes to prepare the dough for a loaf of homemade bread; it's just delicious with your Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe.

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