Chickpea soup recipe

Chickpea soup recipe, and hummus too, is so easy if you keep a stock of frozen garbanzo beans; that is simple if you have a pressure-cooker.

Another real concern of many folk is just how starchy are legumes? The chickpeas in this dish will contain about half the carbohydrate that you will get in a quarter of a slice of bread; not much I think you will agree.

It is what as known as resistant starch; the molecules are configured in such a way to defy the action of enzymes so there is a slow release of glucose.

Yes, the world's favourite protein source is not beef, or mutton; neither is it pork, chicken or fish. It is what the Americans call the garbanzo-bean. And unlike soyas the Amazon forests are not being raized to grow it. It is environmentally friendly.

Chickpea soup with added cream

INGREDIENTS of our Chickpea Soup Recipe

  1. One large onion
  2. A couple carrots
  3. One large very-ripe tomato
  4. 3 cloves garlic and a couple slithers of hot chili
  5. 2 tsp freshly-planed turmeric and ginger
  6. 1 tsp freshly-ground cardamom
  7.  2 cups cooked chickpeas
  8. 2 sprigs thyme herb benefits
  9. 1 sprigs rosemary
  10. 50ml cream
  11. Chicken bones or vegetable stock (see below)
Fresh ginger and turmeric

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Nourishing, full of phytosterols and a low glycemic-index this chickpea soup is slow food, made fast; it is all good stuff. But let's be candid, legumes in general are short on flavour.

So add garlic, rosemary and thyme; turmeric, ginger and tomatoes too when cooking chickpeas. They are all good stuff. Sour cream also if your LDL cholesterol is in good shape.

I am a writer but no poet but my aunt B, well into her nineties, made this contribution for my brother and his dear wife who cooked a chickpea soup; here it is.

Our Derek was Esther adoring,

But alas found the chickpeas quite boring.

By adding the sour cream,

He created a taste-dream,

And now they are both peacefully snoring.

Is there such a thing as "junk food?"

Here is an aside of some importance. I made a mistake this week. I bought a bottle of Silverskin onions but I did not have my specs with me. These food companies are devils.

I could not read the print without my glasses and only barely with them; citric acid, preservative E233 and a flavour-enhancer. They also add saccharine for sweetening; everything that is bad about food companies.

In short my little onions are full of chemicals. Do not use such as these for your chickpea soup. Take an extra 30 seconds and peel a real one; or use a leek.

These Silverskins are best described as junk food and truth said, they taste of it too.

Or as has been well said, you either have junk or you have food.

But "junk food" does not exist.

How much starch in chickpea soup recipe?

How much starch is that?

  • Onion (5g)
  • carrots (15g)
  • tomato (2g)
  • chickpeas (30g)

Total = 52g /6 servings.

Even on an extremely low starch diet as might be followed by an unstable diabetic, epileptic or the obese that would be satisfactory. For the average person less than 15g of carbohydrate at a meal would be considered minuscule.

By all means enjoy it with a slice of wholemeal bread. The net carbs would be around an extra 10g per helping.

I now simply recommend the glycemic-load; this is such good food. Avoiding it altogether because of the starch is nonsense; there are so many other benefits. Instead simply have a smaller portion.

Cooking chickpeas the old fashioned way


  • Soak the chickpeas overnight, replacing the water several times.
  • Boil the chickpeas with the sprigs of thyme on low heat until tender, roughly an hour and half.
  • TIP: Soak a couple pounds of chickpeas, pressure cook them and freeze them in cup-sized containers.

  • Peel and chop your onion, and the carrots.
  • Fry gently in a couple TBS butter.
  • Add the garlic and the slithers of chili.
  • Add the tomato, roughly chopped.
  • Separately, in another pan fry the sprigs of rosemary in a little butter or olive oil for a couple minutes.
  • Meantime boil your pasta until it's "al dente" (tender, crisp, still firm!).
  • Drain the chickpeas, rinse, and liquidise together with half a cup of your stock.
  • Bring again to the boil, and perhaps add a little pasta.
  • Add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
  • Garnish with your fried rosemary and slithers of cheese.


Cooking chickpeas without a pressure cooker is messy; they tend to bubble and froth over. Frankly it's an appliance we all should have; your food is ready to eat in a third of the time, using commensurate less power.

It saves you time and money; a true Cyan Zone appliance. We use ours at least twice a week; chicken, eisbein and butternut soup are but three others.

Soaking chickpeas overnight, draining and rinsing them several times removes the lectins and other so-called antinutrients.

Cook a kilogramme of chickpeas each time; then freeze them in small cup-sized packets.

Now you can get on with your chickpea soup recipe.

Vitamin B6

Chickpeas are incidentally the richest source of vitamin B6, one of the four "frailty cheats" as I call them; those nutrients that will stop us losing our sparkle and strength long before our time.

Chickpea soup ingredients in the pressure cooker.


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Soup and bread of course can't easily be bettered on a cold day. It takes less than ten minutes to mix the dough for the finest, simplest wholesome homemade loaf; and five hours of course to bake.

Panera bread in the baking pan

Interestingly by adding sourdough and reducing the yeast, we have found that our bread causes far less indigestion; tastes a lot better too. It goes magnificently with our chickpea soup recipe.

A slice of bread contains about 15g of carbohydrate.

Are beans very starchy is a consideration; and the glycemic response to legumes.

Chickpea burgers 

Chickpeas are a legume and not unlike the soybeans but with a big difference; they are more digestible because of a much lower lectin content.

On the other hand chickpea burgers are a serious contender for an accolade. They have less flavour perhaps if you have been brought up on a McDonald's diet but without the cholesterol, the hormones and the increased risk of malignant disease.

The burgers are a lot more work though than our chickpea soup recipe; slow food, made fast remains our motto.


Hummus is in my opinion the easiest way to enjoy legumes every day; it is an alternative to this chickpea soup recipe. Once you have the frozen garbanzo beans at hand, as they are sometimes called it takes only five minutes.

Get off the statins safely

Then HELENS 15 EURO SALAD is enjoyed virtually every day, always with a good scoop of hummus. On my lunch sandwiches is yet another way to have this chickpea dip; it has an amazing satiety factor. You feel so satisfied after the meal.

Do you want to get off those cholesterol meds? Have Helen's salad and an ample tablespoon of hummus every day and you are half way there. Add one of these Quaker oats recipes and an apple, both rich in soluble fibre; you are home and dry. 

A patient said to me yesterday how much less ache he has in his arms and legs since he has stopped taking statins. But he will have to change his diet; cholesterol was up at 9; that is dangerous. This Chickpea Soup Recipe is a great way to start.

Chickpeas lie second only to oats on the cholesterol-lowering food list.

Chicken bones bouillon

Do you want to improve the flavour of all your soup recipes and the strength of your skeleton? This simple chicken bones extract, rich in chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine has been shown at Harvard medical school to be a winner with the inflammatory arthritides. If you are suffering from joint disease make sure this broth is regularly in your food.

Are phytates bad?

Many plants have a compound called phytic acid that reduces the glycemic index; how quickly sugar is absorbed into the blood stream. However it also binds to minerals like iron and calcium; the secret is soaking and rinsing before making your chickpea soup recipe.

Fortunately research suggests the influence is at worst minimal, with the possible exception of added bran; get it rather from 100 percent wholewheat or oats and then it has little effect.

Vegetarians are no more prone to osteoporosis or iron deficiency anaemia that omnivores. If interested or concerned read our are phytates bad page by copying and pasting into the site search function in the mainmenu above.

As a general rule we rather enjoy green beans than dried legumes; they have far less phytate.

Choice foods

Nutritious choice foods are for those who desire strongly to take no drugs at all, or very minimal. Regularly dipping into this chickpea soup recipe and hummus is a great start to reducing our reliance on red meat for protein.

I love my red meat but chickpeas belong firmly amongst my choice foods, allowing us to reduce our reliance on beef, pork and mutton for protein.

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Bernard Preston

Bernard Preston is semi-retired DC who has a passion for nutritious choice foods like this chickpeas soup recipe. It's the only way to look forward to a life without medication; well, exercise is very important too.

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