Believers can enjoy green mealies

Believers can enjoy green mealies completely without guilt.

Good morning once again from the Church of the Ascension in Hilton, South Africa. This week we are studying the way starches can be downright bad for us once they have been processed. Today we are looking at green mealies, known as maize and corn in much of the world.

There are two schools of thought in the world of Keto Diets, of which banting is the local darling. The first is that most starches are thoroughly bad for us and should be avoided at all costs; and the other that it is the refined and processed carbs that are truly from the Devil’s Pantry.

Both schools are concerned about the increasing prevalence of obesity. There was until recently a belief that one could be overweight, yet metabolically healthy; meaning that hypertension, blood sugar and cholesterol were not affected.

However that has all changed now with the understanding amongst medical researchers that you cannot be obese and healthy. Just the effect of disability and pain in the feet, knees and hips must also come into the equation.

Magnificent mealie in potThe magnificent mealie.

Obesity has increased substantially in the US in the last two decades, reaching epidemic levels[1], from 29% of folk in 1999 to 41 percent in 2018; and South Africa is most likely little different.

Christians are not spared the ravages of what some are calling a disease; my own belief is that it is merely that we have across the board opened the doors to the Devil’s Pantry.

Prevalence obesity SA womenOver 60% of South Africans are obese or overweight

It’s a highly complex subject and certainly an attempt to cover it in five minutes is absurd. My own opinion is that if you are obese or diabetic then all starches need to be restricted and those which are refined avoided at all costs; that is around half of people enjoying the typical food that you would find in the supermarket and certainly you need to question whether you could be one of them.

But either way there’s strong research that whole grains are extremely good for us. They provide fibre for the gut, a modest amount of protein and a heap of very beneficial phytonutrients.

I’ll give you just two found in a green mealie; zeaxanthin which along with lutein helps to prevent the elderly from going blind, and lignans that reduce the likelihood of malignant breast tumours. We are talking about big stuff; none of us are exempt if we break the rules in God’s Pantry.

Researchers have found that there is 50% less breast cancer for those enjoying whole grains daily; that is absolutely massive. It is the most common malignant tumour of women. Christians I’m afraid are not spared. Even Jesus knew not to jump from the pinnacle of the temple; the law of gravity which he himself together with the Father created would have dashed him to pieces.

We too need to be very wary of breaking the laws of God’s Pantry; he gave us these nutrients for our protection and wellness.

This is very difficult for anyone on a diet where all grains are forbidden. One mealie has more than half of the starch that is recommended in a whole day if you are banting.

So we personally gladly enjoy corn on the cob every day in the summer; so far it’s kept the doctor away. After enjoying first new potatoes and now green mealies daily for nearly three months, we have not put on an ounce.

If you are obese or diabetic then I would recommend perhaps half a freshly-picked green mealie but test what it does to your blood glucose; and always take a short, brisk walk after lunch.

corn in flower

One of the reasons I would suggest that folk don’t eat mealies is because it takes time; 7 to 10 minutes.

You really do have to fletcherise; chew every mouthful 32 times. It is particularly good for the gums and teeth incidentally; you should also floss after the meal.

Scientists have shown that chewing your food properly actually helps release the minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients; we literally will have stronger bones and are less likely to fracture a hip or wrist if we fall.

I’ve never heard of a theology of time but there ought to be one. If on dedicating our lives to Christ we give Him our all, then it should include every minute of the day; every person belonging to God should surely not be hesitant, nor even for a moment think we cannot eat Heavenly Food because it takes too long to grow, cook and chew.

None of that I would think is particularly irksome or controversial. More difficult is super number-one refined meal. Personally I would never touch it, it is straight from the Devil’s Pantry and here’s why.

“Behold I have given you every plant yielding seed.”

- Genesis 1

Maize is a grass seed and I would suggest given straight from God’s Pantry. It has three parts; the bran, germ and endosperm. Enjoyed as a whole grain it is extremely good for us; it's known as "resistant starch." Yes, in small portions if you are inactive or diabetic.

But once millers remove the bran and germ it becomes highly glycemic; the minerals like calcium, iron and zinc have been extracted. So has all the fibre and some of the protein that together slow the release from the stomach; instead the starches are rapidly broken down into sugars giving a rapid glucose spike in the portal blood system.

It is no longer "resistant." Refined maizemeal has turned into "rapidly-digested starch;" that means raised blood glucose, obesity and the prospect of type 2 diabetes. Worse, the flavoursome nutrients have also been extracted. It is tasteless; large amounts of sugar and salt are added.


It really is no mystery why fully a half of the children in rural villages in South Africa are permanently stunted, mentally and physically.

Permanently as in cannot be fixed, no matter how well they eat later in life.

Do you know any farmer who would feed refined meal or cornflakes to his chickens or cows? But we gladly give refined maize products to our children and even eat them ourselves. The Department of Health has not a word to say on the subject.

If you’re of your sense bereft eat cornflakes, Rice Krispies and refined meal every day but do not give them to your dogs; like as not they will turn up their noses.

Mealie meal porridge100% wholegrain cornmeal.

I have a dream; a mill in every village and town that will provide freshly-ground whole maize; it is a wonderful food, perfect for porridge, putu and stijwe pap.

Will you dream with me as I seek the face of God? How can this possibly be done? Not by might and certainly not by power, but by His Spirit perhaps. What is the Lord of hosts saying and what role should we Anglicans be playing?

Until tomorrow then when we will talk about sugar. Now it starts to get really difficult; goodbye and God bless.

Wholemeal grits mill

The Komo Mio[3] is perfect for families, but hopeless for large quantities of freshly-milled cornmeal.

Lethal but legal

A leading article in the prestigious medical journal, the Lancet[2], states that it's time to debate and decide the issue of public health versus profit in regard to large multinational companies. The latter say it is just a matter of free will and the right to make our own lifestyle choices; they are simply providing us with what we want.

No where is this more true than of the large milling companies; if we want it, they will provide us with refined grains from the Devil's Pantry.

Christians can enjoy green mealies for about three or four months of the year; then it's time to start looking for a source of 100% unrefined maize. It will not be easy to find.

Can you eat corn on a low carb diet?

Fresh green corn contains about 20g of starch from one cob. Eat no other starches at the same meal if you are on a low carb diet.

Half a cup of corn contains about 15g of carbs.

For the obese and diabetics half a cob is advised; keep the glycemic load down.

Believers can enjoy green mealies

Believers can enjoy green mealies but refined maize is straight from the Devil's Pantry; all of the bran and most of the nutrients have been extracted.

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Day 3: Believers can enjoy green mealies

There is abundant scientific evidence that whole grains are extremely beneficial; they are straight from God's Pantry. But once refined much of the goodness has been extracted and they become highly glycemic; they raise our blood glucose alarmingly.

So believers can enjoy green mealies but will have difficulty finding true wholegrain maizemeal for their porridge and putu.

Day 4: How much sugar in the life of a Believer?

In small amounts sugar is probably fine. There is no consensus on what is acceptable. Over 70 tsp per week is certainly too much; that's about one cola per day.

Day 5: What about cake flour for believers?

I know this has been a difficult series of talks for you. Such are the inroads that the Devil has made into our thinking and practice that we have not seen through his deception; corn, sugar and now cake flour.


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