Fried eggplant recipe

Fried eggplant recipe is definitely my single most favourite lunch; especially hot on a slice of our low GI bread, dripping with butter. Those who eat these kinds of foods can indulge without guilt. You'll never become obese on the dishes you will find on this website, because they are very low in refined starch.

Fried eggplant recipe

This page was last updated by Bernard Preston on 17th September, 2020.

Having said that, this is one of our very few recipes that use a little cake flour; the exception proves the rule.

I must confess I have several dozen single most favourite foods, though.

If there is one thing I love about eggplant cooking it is that it contains all the best about good food.

  • Great taste
  • Eggplant nutrition facts rank among the top foods.
  • These are really easy eggplant recipes, I was about to say kid's stuff, but actually hot frying is not for children. An olive oil burn is not pleasant.
  • The calories in eggplant are low. What more do you want?
  • Cheap? Well, not expensive, costing somewhere approaching a dollar each in Europe.
  1. One medium brinjal per person.
  2. One egg
  3. Flour
  4. Olive oil and a little butter.

Nothing could be simpler.
Choose your eggplant carefully. They must be firm, with a shiny dark purple colour. Whilst they keep quite well in the fridge for nearly a week, once they are old, they are dreadful and bitter. If you can't find good ones, cook something else.

Fried eggplant recipe.

STEP 1: Slice your eggplant into 15mm, half-inch slices.

STEP 2: Put a heavy pan onto moderate heat.

Use only olive or coconut oil and butter for frying. The polyunsaturate oils like sunflower oil are very unstable once you heat them, and break down to noxious byproducts. Never fry with margarine.

Be fairly generous with olive oil, not extra virgin when frying, and a dollop of butter in the pan, remembering that you are raising the calories in eggplant cooking. It's counteracted by a delicious salad. Turn the heat down to moderate-low.

STEP 3: Flour the slices on both sides.

Eggplant slices in flour.

STEP 4: Beat up an egg and water batter.

Drop your floured, battered slices into the hot oil. See these fried eggplant recipes are really a piece of cake. If an old codger like me can learn to do it, then anybody can enjoy them.

Turn the heat down because they burn quite easily. How to cook eggplant is really not difficult.

Eggplant slices in batter before frying.

I dribble a couple of drops of olive oil onto the top of each slice. Then, when you turn them, they don't stick. After three or four minutes, turn one over to test. When they are ready they are a golden brown colour.

Once they are done, turn the first cooked slices on edge on top of a slice that is still underdone, so that the oil can drain back into the pan.

As you start stacking your slices of fried eggplant recipe on edge, add fresh battered wedges. It is dead easy.

Fried eggplant recipe

Fried eggplant recipe is a special gift for those with high cholesterol.

Incidentally, I've now started frying them with the lid on; they cook through more quickly and are less inclined to burn.

Once they are done, golden brown on both sides, if you prick your easy eggplant recipe with a fork, the slices should be quite soft and squishy. Depending on how you like them, I suppose.

Drain on a paper towel. Salt lightly.

Fried eggplant on absorbent paper.

Helen's 15 euro salad

Olive garden salad to go with your fried eggplant.

Any fried dish is of course fairly rich stuff. We usually enjoy it with fresh greens. I call it a 15 euro salad, not because it is so expensive to make, but as that is what you'll pay if you eat out in Amsterdam. It probably costs no more than one dollar to make, and ten minutes of your time.

  • Helen's 15 euro salad - see if you can make it with ten anti-tumour coloured vegetables. Five per day is mandatory. 

Honest truth? This fried eggplant recipe is my all-time favourite dish. Scrumptious. I'll have a couple of slices on a sandwich for lunch today. Who could possibly want to go to McDonald's for lunch?

Foods that lower cholesterol

Eggplant, known as brinjals in Africa because of the Indian influence, rank high amongst the anti-cholesterol foods. You really don't need those nasty statins with all their horrible side effects; tingling, achy legs,  impotence, haemorrhagic stroke. Rather enjoy foods that lower cholesterol naturally. And in my opinion there is no way to do that better than with a fried eggplant recipe and a side-dish of brightly coloured.

Use coconut or olive oil rather than butter perhaps; I use a mixture.

  • Get off statins safely.


I wrote this blog on fried eggplant recipe years ago, and it's time for an update. It is still a great favourite and we enjoy it regularly in the summer.

There is more evidence coming out that it is the refined carbs that make us obese, rather than fat. It's that white cake flour that I am thinking about; not good stuff. I guess all of life is about compromises, and we break down and use a tablespoon now and then.

Since we use 100% wholemeal flour for making our daily bread, I've started using it about half in this dish, and may increase it further.

Still, that cake flour hasn't made us fat, but that is because we eat so many salads and other foods that lower cholesterol like oats and chickpeas; blessed are the balanced. I am about as anxious of health nut neurosis as obesity.

The other update is since keeping our own hens, we use only free range cage free eggs; they have made a huge difference to all of our cooking. I'm sure you can see which egg has three times as much omega-3 and choline. 

Organic fertilised eggs.

Well-being secrets

If you are into brinjals like I am, then pay Helen Nichols' site, well-being secrets, a visit; in particular her favorite eggplant recipes pages will keep you busy for weeks.

In short, you can see they are one of my favourites too; a bit of an acquired taste, and never buy them unless they are firm, shiny and a dark purple colour. After sitting on the shelf at the supermarket for a few days they rapidly become bitter.


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It's not warm enough for us to grow them, unless we get into hot-houses or tunnels; something for future consideration. So we cannot get them absolutely fresh, but the good wife gets her fried eggplant recipe within a day or two of buying them.


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