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Over and above issues on wellness, you'll find bits and bobs about soaring in a sailplane, keeping bees and building a solar farm on your roof.

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There are three focuses at this site:

  • My Bernard Preston books
  • Choice foods
  • The cyan lifestyle: Caring for ourselves and the planet
Frog in my throat, Bernard Preston's first book will come up when you search this site.

I'm moving over to eBooks. They cost you a fraction of the price of a paper book, and you can download them in less than a minute.

You may not yet be ready to change over to eBooks, but you will I can assure you in time. Like photographic film, books will become more and expensive, and eBooks will come down in price; alas this is not happening. Publishers have just increased their profits.

Plus, if my experience is anything to go by, you'll make the change to a Kindle, or tablet in a jiffy. It's a lot easier than you may think.

Independent German research shows incidentally that the Kindle paperlight is the best for your eyes of all the eReaders; it costs a little over one hundred dollars.

There have three books of anecdotes from the DC's coalface, costing $2.99 each. If you are a patient, or practitioner for that matter, you will enjoy them. Feedback has been fantastic.

  • Frog in my Throat
  • Bats in my Belfry
  • Stones in my Clog

From the titles you'll gather they're not heavy reading. Short, funny and occasionally tragic anecdotes from the clinic.

A Family Affair

And then, in a quite different genre, written after a strange dream, a frankly controversial book.

It turned out be a very long book, so I split them into a trilogy, each a full length book, each costing 99c each.

  • The Bostonians
  • Peter's Children
  • The Return

Not to everybody's liking, for 99c, worth a dip? Find it in the navigation bar on your left.

In the navigation bar you'll find far more about these books, including free snippets like this one:

Actually you can read the whole of book I, The Bostonians, for free, but it's not in the final edited version. For 99c? Buy it if you enjoyed Jan Jansen! The villain of the peace.

Search this site will also scan my other site for relevant pages about your spine and other joints.

Ours is the second-largest healing profession in the world, after medicine obviously.

Whilst broad in practice and structure, our work is mainly to do with the wellness of the nervous system and spine. Old injuries, poor posture, and structural deformities mean that lower back pain alone takes up a very large portion of the medical insurance budget.


Our newsletter is entitled "create a cyan zone" at your home, preserving both yourself and Mother Earth for future generations; and your family too, of course. We promise not to spam you with daily emails promoting various products. You may get an occasional nudge to buy one of my books.

Here are the back issues.

  • ´╗┐Lifestyle and ideal body weight
  • ´╗┐What are ultra-processed foods?
  • Investing in long-term health
  • Diseases from plastic exposure
  • Intensive lifestyle management for obesity has limited value
  • A world largely devoid of Parkinson's Disease
  • The impact of friendly bacteria in the tum on the prevention of cancer
  • There's a hole in the bucket
  • Everyone is talking about weight loss drugs
  • Pull the sweet tooth
  • If you suffer from heartburn plant a susu
  • Refined maize meal and stunting
  • Should agriculture and industry get priority for water and electricity?
  • Nature is calling
  • Mill your own flour
  • Bake your own sourdough bread
  • Microplastics from our water
  • Alternative types of water storage
  • Wear your clothes out
  • Comfort foods
  • Create a bee-friendly environment
  • Go to bed slightly hungry
  • Keep bees
  • Blue zone folk are religious
  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Family is important
  • What can go in compost?
  • Grow broad beans for longevity
  • Harvest and store sunshine
  • Blue zone exercise
  • Harvest and store your rainwater
  • Create a cyan zone at your home

Are you suffering from joint and radiating nerve pain? Not responding to conventional medical treatment? Actually, independent research shows that if you first consult a DC for lower back and leg pain you are significantly less likely to end up under the knife.

That search function will find you these pages.

Whether it's lower back pain, an aching foot or migraine headaches these sites may be for you; especially if you have an aversion to pills and surgery.

Choice Foods

Eggs Hilton is Bernard Preston's daily breakfast; it keeps his blood glucose steady, neither high nor low.

With America slipping to 40th in the world's wellness ranking, and South Africa far below that, no form of medicine can save you if you're eating food devoid of goodness.

You'll find masses at this site on growing lettuce and green beans, cooking broccoli and the virtues of lemon pulp; yet more on why OJ is a junk food, and how to make hummus, queen of the cholesterol-lowering foods.

Just type "hummus" into this Search this Site function.

One of his recent journeys, on discovering he is prediabetic, is how to keep his blood-sugar from soaring into orbit. Top of the list is eggs Hilton for breakfast; it conquers hunger too.

Enjoy,  there is masses of good reading and better health ahead of you.

Cyan zones

Cyan is a mixture of blue and green; similar to turquoise.

Blue zone longevity is a matter that has captured my attention and my heart; the five areas of the world where ten times as many people live into healthy old age.

Green zone issues are better known; the desire to hand over a pristine world to our children and their offspring. We each need to do our bit; one recycles, another plants gardens and some try to go the whole nine-yards.

If this thought captures your attention too then what is a cyan zone may be of interest.

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