Magnesium from spinach

Magnesium from spinach is vital for over 300 vital biochemical reactions in the body yet on the typical Western "industrial" diet we are only getting half of what we need. It is little wonder that we are so sickly.

There are plenty of sources of magnesium so there is absolutely no reason why we should be found lacking. Dark-green leafy vegetables like spinach, nuts and seeds are great sources; unrefined grains and legumes too[1].

If you aren't enjoying these wonderful foods daily, then you probably are in the half that is woefully and dangerously deficient in magnesium; Alzheimer's disease, hypertension and cardiovascular tragedies lie in wait, just to mention a few.

It's time to get on with some prevention.

Dark green leafy spinach.

Along with the magnesium you will be getting a huge number of other benefits by eating more spinach; green leafy vegetables enjoyed daily. They contain plenty of fibre; that means less colorectal tumours and lutein too, the phytochemical that prevents adult-onset macular degeneration[2].

15 million Americans are either needlessly completely blind, or partially-sighted because they won't eat their greens.

Big fat lie

There is a big fat lie, implied if not stated outright, that we need eat only the foods that tickle our fancy. That's the direct route to a medical hell; pain, pills and surgery. We eat our greens whether we like them or not; or suffer.

Our philosophy is slow food, made fast. Let's see how many recipes we can find to rustle up adequate spinach, or other dark-green leafy vegetables from our meals.

Eggs Florentine

Eggs Florentine in a pan.

The very simplest way in my book to enjoy spinach, oddly for breakfast, but don't let that put you off, is Eggs Florentine.

Simply wash your dark green leaves, chop them coarsely and boil for a few minutes in a little water; then poach an egg on your spinach. What could be easier? Enjoy it on half a slice of whole grain toast with butter. You do know not to use margarine, I hope; trans-fats are deadly.

Spinach salad

Fresh spinach salad recipes.

Baby young leaves of spinach will make up the foundation of any green salad. See how many colours you can add; tomatoes, peppers and cucumber, for example.

Legumes are a good source of magnesium too[5], so we regularly enjoy this authentic hummus recipe with our salads; see it on the baby leaves of spinach.

Pork slithers and chives lunch platter.

Whole grains like corn on the cob are also an excellent source of magnesium[5]; this is a lunch platter fit for a king. Add a slice of 100% real bread and natural honey; then the queen will enjoy it too.

Pork slithers with chives makes a lovely dish that you can rustle up in no time at all to go with your spinach.

Spinach soup

Spinach soup with yoghurt.

This spinach soup is so delicious and easy to make in a jiffy. Add cream or even yoghurt to help with the absorption of the lutein and other phytochemicals. 

There really is no reason to be deficient in magnesium; there are so many delicious sources. Spinach is the richest of them all, so we eat it every single day of the year. I have no desire to go blind when I'm old.

Here is an anecdote of interest. I visited my optician for a new pair of spectacles and an examination of the eyes. Said he, after looking very carefully down his ophthalmoscope, "You eat a lot of greens, don't you?" I was astounded; how did he know?

"There's not a sign of macular degeneration or cataracts," said he. "That is how I know."

I realised he was being serious and so began a journey to discover how to prevent macular degeneration. It's all about two phytonutrients called lutein and zeaxanthin; they are found exclusively in the retina of the eye where they absorbe damaging blue radiation. Actually dopamine[3] comes into the equation too, but leave that on the back-burner for now.

Bernie's delicious spinach dip to go on your salads is so easy to throw together.

There really are a multitude of very simple ways to enjoy spinach that are delicious and easy to prepare. There is no reason why your diet should be found wanting when those 300 enzymatic reactions come looking for magnesium to keep you strong and well like Popeye.

But if you hate dark-green leafy vegetables, and especially if you are a smoker, then you are doomed to cataract operations and macular degeneration. As for me and my family, we'll eat spinach.

How to grow spinach is mandatory if you have just a tiny patch of garden; it is more important than the flowers that you won't be able to see if you get AMD.

Enjoy magnesium from spinach daily and save yourself a lot of bother.

Rough estimate of the magnesium in one helping

Food source

2 cups raw spinach

2 cups kale

2 cups iceberg lettuce

2 cups romaine lettuce







It's not only magnesium from spinach. This dark-green leafy vegetable is also a rich source of calcium; 245 milligrams from just 1 cup.

Magnesium from spinach

Magnesium from spinach gave Popeye huge, bulging muscles.

Popeye with his telescope is focusing today on the magnesium in spinach.


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