100 percent real flour

100 percent real flour points out that most people use a fake that masquerades as the genuine article to bake their bread. The wholemeal that you find on supermarket shelves is certainly not the real-McCoy.

The call to completely give up bread if we are overweight or diabetic is a tough one, but it really doesn't have to be heeded unless you are morbidly obese; it's the refined-flour used in commercial baking that does the damage.

Bread is so central to our culture. The reason all diets fail is because we are simply unable to heed that advice; nor must one. But we will have to accept one thing; flour like all food is a perishable-product, and the oils in it go rancid once the kernel is cracked.

True wholemeal flour from a Hawo mill; there is no separation of the three streams.

There is no separation of the three-streams as happens in commercial milling; the bran, germ and endosperm are fully intact in 100 percent real flour. A deep and profoundly wonderful aroma, difficult to describe, greets you; something most folk have never smelled.

The colour too will be quite different to commercial wholemeal; it's a pale-brown.

If you want to have your bread, and eat it with pleasure and no guilt, there is only one solution; you have to find a source of fresh 100 percent real flour and bake your own bread. It is virtually impossible to buy. It just doesn't exist on supermarket-shelves.

Faced with my own growing waistline I began to realise that we were faced with Hobson's choice.

In that metaphor you are told that you have a choice, but really you don't; the only horse available for hire is the one at the front of the race.

So I began to realise it was either buy a mill and grind my own 100 percent real flour, and then bake my own bread, or go without.

The alternatives were too ghastly to contemplate; growing obesity, the threat of diabetes and disability, continually on this or that diet, or give up bread completely for ever.

Neither appealed to my wife or myself, so we took the plunge and bought a mill. It was expensive but today, thirty-years later, she still grinds our flour faithfully every morning, having paid herself off so many times over that I've lost count.

Your own 100 percent real flour costs one-quarter of the counterfeit wholemeal found on the supermarket-shelves.

Hawo wheat mill.

This is our faithful old Hawo. In the top-third of the container you can see the fresh 100 percent real flour, and below the fake that masquerades as wholemeal; they are quite different.

You see there is a big fat lie in milling; the industrial giants are allowed by international law[1] to call their flour 'wholemeal' which it isn't provided they do not remove more than 40% of the goodies. And most of us are none the wiser, and cannot understand why bread made from this fake makes us fat; and has no flavour.

"The foods that are good for you include whole-grains, fruits and veggies; legumes and nuts too."

- Cardiovascular Research, July, 2021.

Difficult though it may be, that means no commercial bread.

In fact it does more than that; it makes us very sick too. They remove the vitamin E that is nature's anti-coagulant, so we have heart attacks and strokes, and they refine out the lignans that help prevent breast tumours from the bran, and a lot more too. There is the protein, the minerals like calcium and many other important phytochemicals like riboflavin which they sell to the pig-farmer or supplement companies.

They put some back and have the utter arrogance to call it enriched, after they have just impoverished the 100 percent real flour that should be used to bake our bread. 

In one sense they are just giving us what we want. Many folk do not like bread that they have to chew and is not the light and fluffy stuff that slides so delectably down the throat.

But they are the ones who have taught us to love bread, cakes and scones made from the refined stuff so they can sell off the best part at a handsome profit.

Understanding how net carbs work  is a big part of the solution.

Hobson's choice

So it's back to Hobson's choice. For my part I will accept the horse at the front of the pack; she may not be quite so pretty but I can enjoy my bread utterly without guilt, not groaning constantly under this or that diet.

The ketogenic diets incidentally are the only ones that come close to being effective, but you still have to give up bread for ever.

Can you have your bread and eat it? Yes, sirree, but you will need a mill and have to spend five-minutes every day preparing the dough for the best-tasting loaf in the world. Have a salad and some fruit with it, take a few short walks and you'll never have to diet again. 

For me, it's Hobson's choice; there is no other way.

Bread-machine loaf.

One other little joy is that butter is back; it simply completes a slice of sourdough bread made from 100 percent real flour. You really have no need of the jams, jellies and processed meats that are needed to make the stuff that tastes like cardboard palatable.

100 percent real bread and butter.

This is a lot more than just a slice of bread and butter; it's sourdough made with 100 percent real flour. The taste is unbelievable, and the nutrition even better. No fear of carbs like this even if you are on a ketogenic diet.


I'm serious about the five-minutes by the way; that's all it takes once you are in the groove to grind your 100 percent real flour and prepare the sourdough.


You too may have found that giving up pizza for ever is simply breaking your heart. That could be because you find it indigestible, and it gives you a bellyache, or as it's making you fat.

Once you learn about 100 percent real flour and how to bake using sourdough, both problems are solved.

This sourdough pizza crust is simply divine. It is very nutritious, won't add to your woes and costs a fraction of the price.

Sourdough pizza crust.

Chicken pie

We are going to start experimenting us this sourdough pizza crust to replace the puff-pastry so often recommended when baking a chicken pie. Giving up refined grains for ever is the beginning of a new journey. It's more work obviously but the taste is so much better and the big carrot is that you no longer have to count calories and worry about becoming diabetic.

I prefer the idea of spending more time cooking nutritious food, and a lot less consulting doctors and pharmacists.

100 percent real flour

100 percent real flour contains all the vitamins, minerals and fibre.

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