Caring for the temple

Caring for the temple is our Lord's desire for every single person.

Caring for the temple is not rocket science; it means better health in fact for all. There is general recognition throughout the medical profession now that some 80 percent of all disease and 40% of neoplasms can be prevented by not unreasonable or onerous lifestyle changes. Smoking is the exception that proves the rule; quitting is extremely difficult.

If it is your desire to be happier and stronger with more vitality and energy and you are ready and willing to ring in some changes, this course is for you.

Real bread for believers.

The church of the Ascension in Hilton, KZN, ran a series of new interest groups in 2020. One of these was a practical, hands-on course about lifestyle for those wanting to serve our Lord with greater strength and enthusiasm.

Whilst I have no research to confirm it, my feeling is that believers in general are not really in much finer-fettle than the general population. I can say that with some assurance; I've been in health care for 44 years now.

We certainly respond more quickly to treatment, under-girded by the prayers of friends and family; but it is disturbing how frequently we too suffer from many of the preventable lifestyle diseases.

Most of the time this is simply because of a lack of knowledge. For example, how many wives ensure that their husbands enjoy a tomato most days? There is strong research that he will be 50% less likely to get the most common malignant tumour that besets men.

Occasionally we are simply stubborn and refuse to change despite knowing full well what harm we are doing to the temple of God. Just as if we drive knowingly in vehicles that are not roadworthy, we cannot expect the protection of our Lord from disaster.

"Human judges can show mercy. But against the laws of nature there is no appeal."

-  Arthur C. Clarke

Introduction to caring for the temple

The course began in January, 2020, limited to 15 people; there was an introductory evening open to all on Tuesday, 19th November, 2019. There was a demonstration on what is now being called real bread, using the sourdough method; made from completely unrefined flour.

Material was presented explaining why we should go to the trouble of making our own bread and demonstrated that it takes only six minutes to prepare the dough; and another five hours to bake of course.

Evidence of how the sourdough method can overcome gluten intolerance was presented; the lignans in the bran prevent tumours of the breast and the vitamin E in the germ helps control normal clotting of the blood. There is an amazing amount of calcium for our bones and other minerals in true wholemeal. Few of these are found in commercial bread.

Introduction to caring for the temple was a great success with 15 enthusiastic believers looking forward to enjoying greater zest for life.

In fact they measured that it took only four minutes to prepare the dough for the staff of life and then there were plenty of oohs and aahs at the tasting of real bread and butter.

We are feeling our way into reinvigorating this group, post Covid, greater well-being for Christians. Initially numbers may be limited to the first ten who signal their intention of joining a particular module.

If there is the demand we may run a second course during the day.

Frailty syndrome

A course on the four vitamins that have been identified to help prevent frailty syndrome, and how to get them from our food was started in 2020; for the greater well-being for believers at Ascension.

There is a false belief in some that may loathe this worthless food that God has provided that He will protect us when are tempted instead by that which the World offers. Because we are Believers will we really be covered by the blood of Jesus? Rather we may well find the fiery serpents of frailty and malignant tumours are being sent into our midst.

To counter frailty, those wanting to continue serving their Lord for as many years as possible must also focus on the strength of the lower limbs.

The happy tum

A short course on the happy tum covered the benefits of making kefir, an ancient Bulgarian probiotic in our own kitchens.

A second evening was proposed, covering simple ways of dealing with stubborn constipation, the cause of many bowel problems. Alas Covid-19 intervened but this will be scheduled for later.

A better way to bant

Research shows that 95 percent of people who go on diet, a whole range was considered, after one year had not lost one kilogram; and many were actually heavier.

Banting also known as a ketogenic diet is an exception. It masters the two reasons why all other plans fail.

  1. You do not feel continuously famished on low carbohydrate, coupled with high fat meals; they provide satiety.
  2. It helps prevent a rise in blood glucose which induces the pancreas to secrete insulin, the hormone that stores that sugar as adipose tissue.

Yet many find the meals loaded with cream, butter and dripping from bacon over the top; and so much animal protein repugnant.

A better way to bant will be considered post-Covid. Watch this space.

We will look at simple breakfast, lunch and supper dishes that lay out a better way to lose weight and manage diabetes.

Lower back exercises

There is an epidemic of lower back pain in the Western world where folk are for one reason or another glued to a chair. My experience is that believers suffer just as much from this serious malady. A simple set of back exercises will be presented that, done every morning before arising, will decrease the likelihood of a lumbar catastrophe by 50%.

Caring for the temple

Caring for the temple means being ready and willing to ring in some changes in lifestyle some of which may be very difficult but in the main are relatively simple. In short taking good care of ourselves and our possessions not only makes sense but it's a spiritual business too.

Researchers have found that those walking about 5km per day, over an 11 year period had a 60% lower risk of mortality[1]. That's massive; even twenty minutes is hugely beneficial.

Severe functional impairment

Much of life and health remains mystery; now we see through a glass darkly. Good people suffer from severe functional impairment and some die long before their time.

Caring for the temple is about doing our level best to ensure that we do not bring these maladies unwittingly upon ourselves. Healthy, nutritious food and strong lower limbs[2] are core to a long life.

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