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Solar electric breadmakers are one of those wholly desirable items, in my book, but it's only for the serious greenie; of course, it works on mains power too.

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By Bernard Preston

You're combining two passions; the desire for healthier, delicious food, and making full use of all the gifts Mr Golden Sun brings us. We don't worship him like the ancient Egyptians did but, gosh, I do appreciate his light and warmth.

It's all about becoming more self reliant, mingled with a profound distrust of what the food industry delivers today; is it any surprise we live in a world full of tumours and autoimmune diseases?

Supermarket loaves today are so loaded with crap; excuse my French. They add a whole variety of chemicals; one of them, called a transglutaminase, actually causes the intolerance to wheat that bugs so many in our society. 

The other is an amino acid in gluten called proline; the solution is to bake sourdough bread; it's easy. The lactobacilli digest the stubborn proteins.

Then there are all the preservatives and flavour enhancers; just the read the label for yourself.

Now, a loaf of white is pretty cheap really, but if you want decent bread you can expect to pay a royal sum; baking at home is certainly a cost effective option.

What puts most folk off is how long it takes to knead and prepare a loaf; enter the modern world with its amazing machines.

Solar power energy

Solar power energy is free.

And of course you have to cost in the electricity if you are concerned about the price; enter Mr Golden Sun and the free energy he brings to those who are crazy enough to trust any who come bearing gifts; beware of the Greeks, though!

He doesn't just warm your body; there's electricity too if you can collect it. Sunlight contains many different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and one of them, by using a photovoltaic panel, can be turned into useful energy that can be used in your lights, computers and plug sockets.

In fact, if you have enough panels, you can power your breadmaker, oven and even the dishwasher.

Our solar electric breadmaker is used on four times a week, and refrigeration using solar power occurs throughout the day; at night we switch over to the utility.

Solar lens effect

Solar electric breadmaker

Solar electric breadmaker works on mains power too; your own staff of life machine is so easy and cheap too.

Panera bread menu settings

This page isn't about the virtues of different breadmakers but I notice that the Telegraph lists a new version of our ancient Panasonic electric breadmaker top of the pops. Use it on solar and you have the perfect combo.

Our Panasonic above is twenty years old and has worked all this time without a hiccup, but it's now rather pricey; actually I wouldn't buy the one with all the bells and whistles. They come today with fancy electronics and umpteen settings. I use only one. If you want fresh bread in the morning, then you need a timer, but in fact I never use it.

There's only one important feature to my mind; it must have a five hour cycle. The longer the dough cures, the better the bread. In fact fundis like to leave it in the fridge overnight, if you're making sourdough.

Stop a moment before rushing off to the store for your electric breadmaker; it's apparently the most underutilized appliance in the kitchen. I don't really understand why as it takes me only five minutes to measure out a little dried yeast, add the flour, salt and sugar and a pat of butter; pour in the water and she's away.

In fact unless you're a bit of fruitcake like me, it should only take three minutes; I also like to grind the healthy flour. Then of course you have to wait five hours for the perfect, delicious healthy loaf. If you're worrying about your weight, then you can add a dollop of hummus to reduce the glycemic index; in effect, make it into low GI bread.

If you think 158 dollars is a bit steep for the basic Panasonic model, then there are any number at Amazon that are a lot cheaper; some are really quite compact, which is nice. They are probably made in China; will they still be working in twenty years?

Butter the paddle

Butter the bread machine paddle.

The bread will tend to stick in the oven dish. If you butter the paddle thoroughly, especially around the circular holder, it does help.

Make sure you remove the paddle if it gets stuck in the loaf before start to slice. Scratches on that paddle will ruin it for ever. The good wife has donated a darning hook that works like a charm.

Wait for the oven dish to cool a bit before trying to remove the loaf. Wiggle the paddle a few times to loosen it from the loaf.


Okay, now for the solar part of your electric breadmaker. The roofs of some fruitcakes' homes look like the Martians have landed in the night. Photovolatic panels collect the energy in sunlight and turn it into electricity.

To have it in a suitable form that your electric breadmaker can use you need a few gadgets; read all about it at our solar powered generator page, if you’re interested. You too could have one if you are a serious greenie.

Then  the electricity for your solar electric breadmaker is free, courtesy of Mr Golden Sun. It uses 0.4kWh of electricity; you'll have to look at the statement from your utility company, but in South Africa that would be about 0.3 rand of electricity.

Mind you, if I was to do this all again, I wouldn't put those PV panels on the roof of my home. I'd build a separate garage, and use the PVs as the cladding. No roof tiles or corrugated iron would be necessary. See why at the PV pitch page below.

Residential solar panels

Rather use them to roof your garage.

One big advantage of the solar electric breadmaker is that one generally has surplus power in the middle of the day when it's baking.

Healthy choice foods

Healthy choice foods are for those who have a serious desire to have no need of medication, and only a small reliance on doctors.

It does mean some changes in what you eat, and the solar electric breadmaker is only a small part of it. In short, it means going back to those supermarket items that your grandmother would recognise as food; sufferin' succotash should regularly be on the menu in the summer months when corn and lima beans are available.

Plenty of fruit and salads, 100% whole wheat breads, adequate legumes like beans and peas and garbanzo beans, and yes maybe a little chili.

White rice has to go completely because of its extremely high glycemic index, read it's very fattening, and cakes and cookies are for high and holy days only.

As we Dutch say, those who won't hear must feel; either make these changes to healthy choice foods or factor a lot of medical costs, not to mention pain, into the equation; and often an early demise.

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Bernard Preston

Bernard Preston is a semi-retired chiropractor and self confessed health nut. He doesn't like pain and pills and studiously avoids doctors; sharp needles and scalpels are not for him. And he's willing to totally forego junk like sticky, sweet donuts to make it happen; they together with colas and energy drinks are total crap!

He's the one who grinds the wheat berries and uses the solar electric breadmaker on alternate days; dinkum, it takes only five minutes.

He often grinds the flour ahead of time in the wee small hours, using utility power, when making this more digestible sourdough bread recipe.

The one exception is a two monthly blood donation, and alas today is the day. I'm not looking forward to it; it still hurts after nearly 50 pints, and I still faint periodically. We do it for king and country; the time may come when you and I need a source of clean blood.

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