Strawberries nutrition facts 

Strawberries nutrition facts is all about anti cancer and blindness prevention.

By Bernard Preston

These little breakfast joys are surprisingly high in calories, so sweet, but don't let that bother you even if you are watching the pounds.

I go along with Weight Watchers that the calories in fruit don't count.

They are a vital part of your anti cancer program, so you cut out all fruit at your peril. That's why I'm anti banting, also known as the paleo diet, despite some very obvious benefits.

Here's an aside at strawberries nutrition facts; likewise you dare not cut out all the healthy fats even if on a stringent diet. They are a vital part of the myelin sheath that coats nerves and new research is suggesting that a very low fat diet is part of the cause of the nasty nerve conduction illnesses like Lou Gherig's disease.

So even if you're dieting don't be concerned about the calories in strawberries. Like all fruit they contain large amounts of fibre.

And certainly don't cut the fats from your diet, especially those from the olive and avocado. These are supremely healthy vital oils. Remember the brain is largely fatty acids.

Calories in strawberries

Strawberries nutrition facts; to be exact 136 kcal per 100g, or 45 kcals per cup.

With two thirds of Americans being either overweight or obese, researchers at the Tuft' Friedman School studied the effect of many food groups on avoiding weight gain.

Berries rich in phenols, which includes strawberries, and apples, came out tops being strongly linked to less weight gain.

If you have a weight problem, then the very readable research "Changes in Intake of Fruits and Vegetables and Weight Change in United States Men and Women Followed for Up to 24 Years," is well worth studying.

Obesity is strongly associated with pain, premature disability and early demise; enjoy more berries and apples. Those researchers found that starch-rich corn and potatoes are most strongly associated with weight gain; to that we should add white rice.

On a personal note, purely anecdotal, we enjoy plenty of new potatoes and corn straight from the garden to the pot, with greens three times a day, and have not the slightest problem with our weight.


Smoothies of course can be made with any fruit, add a slosh of yoghurt, but absolutely don't add sugar; perhaps a touch of raw honey, if you can get it, for sweetening; and of course in season, strawberries nutrition facts make the foundation.

The deep pink colour of your smoothie is just... purrfect!

An inexpensive hand blender is fine, but just don't add ice blocks unless you have a top notch machine designed for them.

Even the fussiest child won't turn down a smoothie rich in strawberries nutrition facts.

The perfect breakfast...

There are not many of us not battling with raised cholesterol, and we know that it means increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Oats is the number one SUPER FOOD for reducing cholesterol. I eat oats EVERY morning for breakfast. You should too, if you have a cholesterol problem.

To your muesli add some nuts and fruit. That could be dried fruit such as raisins, dried figs or any of your favourite fruit. Then add some fresh fruit that's in season, and in spring strawberries should top the menu. The benefits of strawberries are without equal. Add a tablespoon of freshly ground Flax seed for Omega 3 oil. Flax seed at Obesity in the Chiropractic Clinic.

Some protein for breakfast is vital if you don't want to be feeling weak and trembly at eleven o'clock. That could be, if your cholesterol is good, an egg or yoghurt. Personally, I confess to being odd, but I love a good scoop of home made hummus, made with this authentic hummus recipe, with my muesli, rather than an egg. That's why my cholesterol taken last week was 4.2 mmol/l (about 160 mg/dl).

Strawberries nutrition facts

Strawberries nutrition facts are perfect for smoothies and wonderful in prevention of serious illnesses; not to mention the much loved flavour.

Protein 1.040.670,261,1
Carbohydrate 11.97,71423
Calories 451365289
Fibre 2,52,02,42,6
Calcium 401665
Magnesium 1013527
Potassium 179153107358
Zinc 0,060,140,040,15
Selenium 0,10,40,01,0
Vit C 48,5594,68,7
Folate 3924320
Vitamin A 230125464
Vitamin D 0000
Vit E 0,40,30,20,1
Vit K mcg 0,12,22,20,5
MUFAs 0,0550,040,010,03
PUFAs 0,060,160,050,07

Nutritional value of strawberries

Okay, let's face it squarely; strawberries are quite high in calories. But, there's a big but; because of the low glycemic index and low glycemic load they aren't fattening. Strawberries don't cause an insulin rush.

Anti oxidants

The real nutritional value of strawberries is that they are richly packed in the antioxidants zinc, magnesium, selenium and vitamin C. Notice that there is 20 percent more vitamin C in strawberries than in raw, freshly squeezed orange juice.

The pepper and chili family are next in the vitamin C pecking order by the way, and passion fruit, or granadillas as we call them, but don't blend them into your smoothie. The pips when smashed have a bitter taste.

The benefits of strawberries far outweigh any of the slight concerns you may have about the calories. It's the sugar on the fruit that's fattening.

What's more, OJ in a carton contains only a quarter of the vitamin C in strawberries.

One of the other great benefits of strawberries is that they are rich in antioxidants called phenols. It's this powerful combination of antioxidants in minerals, vitamins and phenols which gives strawberries their anti cancer properties. Eat them regularly and you have two thirds lower risk of getting cancer.

Oh, and not to forget the folate, a vital vitamin in short supply in most Western diets and particularly high in strawberries. It's part of the package necessary to keep toxic levels of homocysteine down.

All in all, strawberries nutrition facts are something for us all to keep in mind; especially if you can get or grow them organically.

Early symptoms of arthritis

A Dutch myth had it that strawberries were of no more value than flavoured water! Interesting research shows that people who regularly eat fresh strawberries have much less arthritis.

Do you know the early symptoms of arthritis? Just one more reason to enjoy your strawberries nutrition facts; and its first cousin, broccoli osteoarthritis.


What more interesting facts about strawberries do you want? The taste, pure heaven. Less arthritis, anti-cancer, easy to prepare, perfect on your cereal in the morning; perhaps not every morning, but three times a week in the spring and summer?


Serious about strawberries nutrition facts? This de-stalker will make the preparation of your strawberries easier...


In order to enjoy the nutritional value of strawberries traditionally you would have to break your back to pick them. Good for the chiropractor perhaps, but better still these commercial raised trays of strawberries...

Interesting facts about strawberries

What's interesting about strawberries is that, although they are quite sweet, they have both a low Glycemic Index of 40, and a low Glycemic Load of 3.6.

That means they give a very small blood sugar spike, and virtually unnoticeable insulin rush; read, they aren't fattening. The myth is that they're high in calories and thus fattening; the reality from strawberries nutrition facts is that they should be in every diet, and certainly aren't fattening.

This means that they are the perfect fruit if you're on the Banting diet modified.

Mind you, all berries are allowed any way on the authentic Banting diet.

We get obese from glycemic carbohydrates rather than fats interestingly; of course, they too contribute to the total calories but one is not constantly famished whilst banting; hence its success in weight loss.

Why the modified? We consider the banning of most fruits and legumes positively dangerous. And unnecessary, as they have a low glycemic index; they aren't fattening.

There's so much myth in foods. Just enjoy your coloured foods and you're half way to being healthy. Actually seven eighths of the way; so include a healthy dose of strawberries nutrition facts in season.

Natural pest management is vital when growing strawberries; birds and many insects love them too.

Benefits of strawberries

And enjoy as many different colours as possible. Hidden in the phytochemicals are all the food anti-oxidants that will prevent cancer. In fact, research shows that who enjoy nine coloured foods per day can look forward to a 35% lower all cause of death. That's massive folks. Make strawberries one of them when they're in season. 

Yesterday, I had granadillas (passion fruit) and half a mango for breakfast, green beans and pickled beets for lunch, and a spinach salad. Add a kale and feta quiche for dinner, and always a tomato. Did you know that every man SHALL have a tomato a day? Why? Oh, and of course olive pate on my sandwich. TOMATO PROSTATE ...

I wouldn't rate strawberries as invasive alien species but passionfruit certainly is.

Strawberries Nutrition Facts QUIZ

What fruit has its seeds on the outside?

Do you know the ten commandments of food security?

Total antioxidant capacity

Total antioxidant capacity, or TAC, gives a measure of the protection a food gives against the damaging effect of free radicals in the body.

Free radicals damage DNA and are involved in the natural degradation of food; it spoils, or goes bad; antioxidants reduce this process and in particular protect our genes.

As stated above, much of the antioxidant capacity comes from its high vitamin C content; much of the rest comes from high content of so-called phenols in berries.

Berries in general have the highest total antioxidant capacity of all fruit; just another reason to enjoy the strawberries nutrition facts regularly when they are in season.

Starting a compost pile

If you want to grow delic strawberries then of course you need rich, nutritious soil. The key is starting a compost pile. It costs nought but the sweat on your brow... and physical exercise is in dire need by the body in any case. Turn the ballgame off, and get into the garden!

Not only strawberries nutrition facts, but all fruit and veggies grown in the organically composted garden will be sweeter and healthier.

The next step after the compost pile is a chicken tractor design; but that's another whole league for the serious greenie.

When the world wearies ...

And society ceases to satisfy ...



Lower back exercises are a must for every gardener; believe me, take it from your friendly chiropractor, prevention is better than a cure. Mind you, lounging on the couch in front of the TV is even harder on the back surprisingly than gardening. So, if you like to sit, you may do these too!

Why on a chiropractic and Bernard Preston website?

Good physical health is vitally dependent on the trio of good nutrition, plenty of exercise, both specific for your weak areas and general like walking, and a healthy spine.

Not boasting, but on a recent visit to my GP to remove a spec of brick dust that became embedded in my eye whilst using an angle grinder, she remarked: "Only your fifth consultation in twenty years, Bernie."

To add to that, a few visits whilst in Holland, for a skin cancer, courtesy of my gliding days, out in the midday sun, and two threatening detached retinas; too much time at the computer!

My point? You want to keep out of the clutches of doctors, chiropractors too? Taking a cupful of medicines every day?

  • Iatrogenic illness ...
  • Chiropractic iatrogenic illness ...

Think about subjects like strawberries nutrition facts, think hummus, think pole beans, tofu. If drugs pass between my lips, or the good wife's, more than once a year it's a lot. Think back exercises. You too can be healthy... but some effort is required to get back to natural living.

Anti inflammatories

There are so many foods that contain small amounts of natural anti inflammatory substances; strawberries are only one. Consider too the oleocanthal found only in extra virgin olive oil. Read more at Olive Garden nutrition ....

Eating foods like these strawberries nutrition facts on a regular basis means less pain, less inflammation, few doctor's visits and more fun in life.


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An aside... 

Rib pain is usually between the shoulder blades but sometimes it causes breast-bone pain known as Tietze's syndrome; it often comes on after a violent sneeze, or a fall. This RIB PAIN TREATMENT CaseFile will make interesting reading for every cyclist. What has it to do with strawberries nutrition facts? Nothing!

Bernard Preston

Bernard Preston is a semi retired chiropractor with a passion for keeping out of the clutches of medicine, and drugs. Let food be your medicine, rather. In season that should include attention to strawberries nutrition facts, and other fruit of course.

He is the author of six published books, and is busy with the seventh, tentatively titled Priests Denied.

Strawberries nutrition facts is just one of his many interests. Yesterday he was flying a glider 6000' above sea level.

Better health is mostly about the simple things in life. Healthy choice foods, more exercise and time away from the hustle and bustle in the great outdoors; and, when all else fails, there's always the garden.

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