Calories in hummus

Calories in hummus asks what is the garbanzo bean and chickpea story?

What we are looking at here today is another addition to our nutritious slow food, made fast; specifically at how many calories there are in a hummus sandwich as compared with peanut butter, cream cheese and mayonnaise.

It is especially for the woman who wants to stay svelte and sinewy but loves to indulge in the odd ice-cream.

Authentic hummus recipe.

This page was last updated by Bernard Preston on 6th May, 2023.

When looking at keeping the inches off the waist the most important consideration is the so-called glycemic index of a carbohydrate.

Starches with a high GI invoke the fat hormone, insulin which immediately stores abnormally high glucose in the blood stream as adipose tissue; the stuff you do not want.

But how many calories are there in hummus?

Incidentally do not buy your hummus; it is so easy to make. I went to a luncheon yesterday to which someone had brought a tub from the local supplement shop; it tasted awful with all the chemical preservatives.

I did a quick calculation on seeing the price; it is five times more expensive for what takes literally only a few minutes to make.

Check out our quick hummus recipe too; not what I recommend but using canned chickpeas.

Choice foods

Choice food with as many coloured salads as possible is what really make a difference. Enjoy 8 or more greens, oranges and reds every day; and you decrease the all-cause of death by a massive 33%. That is strong research following a large group of people for twenty years; really no worries about the calories in hummus.

Hummus mixed salad.

Office lunch

Office lunch is one in three meals; eat junk and you're going downhill. Make your salads more interesting and there will be no need to fuss about the calories in hummus; as we shall see.

What I do and am encouraging you to consider is not to eat out for lunch; or go to a fast-food take away but rather to rattle up a sandwich before stepping out the door. Today, just for fun I'm going to time it.

  • 3 slices wholewheat bread
  • Butter but never margarine
  • Cheese/ mustard
  • Lettuce
  • Radishes and olives
  • Hummus
  • Boiled egg
  • Apple custard tart

Notice that foods above are not shy on fat but they are low in polyunsaturates and cholesterol.

Polyunsaturated fat is good for the body but should supply about 3% of calories; in today's industrial food where so much is deep fried it has risen to over 10 percent. That grossly distorts the omega 6/3 ratio; it is highly inflammatory.

That sets up heat and anger in the whole body; and animal fats in excess may raise the risk of a host of bad diseases even further; that's controversial but remains the official heart association line. In the context of a high fibre meal an egg, a little butter and cheese are definitely allowed in my book.

Note too the good fatty acids in the olive oil in the hummus.

Overall the glycemic index of this meal is very low; it's not fattening.

Ah and a small piece of honeycomb, did you spot it but that's really only for those privileged to have a beehive in the garden; these things are a matter of choice.

Step 1: On arising, place an egg into a pot with just enough water to cover the bottom. Bring it rapidly to hard boil boiling hard and switch off; leave it to stand for ten minutes.

Step 2: It took me all of two minutes to butter the bread and make sandwiches with cheese, mustard and a leaf of lettuce; and another with hummus.

Step 3: Another two minutes to toss in a couple radishes, a dozen olives and a slice of apple pie; and the boiled egg.

In total, that is four minutes plus the boiling of the egg.

Office lunch olives

Open hummus sandwich and red paprika

Commercial bread has a relatively high Glycemic Index, even baked using wholewheat flour; it's digested quite quickly raising blood glucose and giving a moderate insulin rush. To lower that GI, all you need to do is add protein, fat and fibre.

Nothing could be better than a small amount of butter on the bread; and the protein and fibre in hummus.

Sourdough bread made with 100% flour has a low GI.

Read more about GI at Carbohydrate Count Chart.

easy hummus recipe

Subsequent meal effect

Notice how this meal is rich in whole grains and legumes. There is very interesting research on the so-called subsequent meal effect. These foods stabilise and lower your blood glucose, not only after the meal but also for the rest of the day[2].

So if you have them say for breakfast as we do in our Eggs Hilton, then you can indulge a bit during the day and your blood sugar will still be more stable. Another way of putting it is that they give us satiety; we do not feel famished mid-morning.

Calories in hummus

Calories in hummus invites the question whether the condiment is fattening and are legumes friendly or cholesterol rich?

Calories 177kcal, 742kJ588kcal, 2462kJ342kcal, 1431kJ390kcal, 1631kJ
Protein 4,9255,90,9
Carbohydrate 20204,124
FAT 8,6503433
Fibre 4600
Calcium 49439814
Magnesium 2915492
Potassium 1736491389
Zinc 1,12,90,510,18
Selenium 2,45,62,41,6
Vit C 8000
Folate 0,474116
Vitamin A 501343220
Vit B-12 000,30,21
Vit E 0,890,32,1
SATURATED FAT 1,110,2194,9
OMEGA-3 001,30
MUFAs 4,92499
PUFAs 2,1141,418

I reckon you can choose any one of these four on your sandwich, even cream cheese or tuna; it will beat your fast-food lunch hands down, but let's look at them briefly:

  1. The calories in hummus are the lowest.
  2. Peanut butter is higher in protein, and has no more carb.
  3. But the calories in peanut butter are 7x higher. Fattening, so just a thin spread, plus a leaf of lettuce in the sandwich. Then it doesn't stick to your mouth!
  4. Cream cheese is much lower in carb than either hummus or peanut butter, but has zero fibre. It's also highest in calcium, but also highest in saturated fat, by far. 20x that in hummus. Easy does it!
  5. The anti-oxidants zinc, magnesium and selenium and vitamin E are highest in peanut butter; but it has no vitamin C, another important anti-oxidant.
  6. Nothing comes close to the hummus when we are looking at the fat profile. One twentieth of the saturated fat of cream cheese and it has the right mono/ poly unsaturated fat ratio. We eat too many polys in typical grocery store food.
  7. Mayo too has its benefits and provide you make homemade using olive oil, I have no truck with it. The commercial stuff is very high in polys; it's inflammatory.

Bernard Preston's office lunch

Bernard Preston is a semi-retired DC passionate about nutritious choice foods and preserving the planet for our grandchildren.

Conserving rainwater, capturing the energy from the sun and organic gardening are his vision. Oh, and beekeeping, flying gliders and motorcycles; and many other crazy things.

The clinic in Dordrecht involves a twenty-minute cycle to the train station, 9 minutes of the Sudoku of the day on the train and then a ten minute walk. It is a bit of a fag but then I've cancelled my gym membership. This is much more fun but I do need a solid breakfast and lunch or I fade away during the day!

I timed it, this lunch took me four minutes to throw together.

  1. An egg and just enough water to cover the bottom of the pot, boil.
  2. A hummus sandwich (two slices of bread). I don't have time for my Olive Bread Recipe during the week, so just regular wholewheat.
  3. A dozen olives.
  4. A cheese and lettuce and mustard sandwich (one slice)
  5. Three radishes.
  6. And I spoiled myself rotten with a slice of Limburg vlaai. Yum, total junk except for the apple filling, but delicious once in two or three months. That was the working man's lunch at a Chiropractic Coalface. Read a few more stories from anecdote of the jar.

I nearly did not finish my lunch, pure greed, I stuffed the boiled egg down anyway. Actually it's beer, not boiled eggs, not calories in hummus that I have to watch; that's what used to add to my waistline. Pure refined carbohydrate; junk. It was my Achilles heel; beer makes a good servant but a very bad master.

Since returning to my native South Africa I have given up on beer and with a surplus of honey have started brewing mead. Natural unpasteurised alcohol with no sulphur dioxide preservatives does not cause cancer like the commercial booze.

And so now I must love and leave you for a day in the life of Bernard Preston DC. A long morning, by Saturday it is degenerated from the coalface to the salt-mines. Not seriously; I love my work and I know there are two very serious lumbar disc herniation that are going to test all my clinical skills this morning. Plus all the regular bread and butter that keeps us out of mischief. Have a good day.


Time and energy, and availability

Perhaps you have good wholemeal bread available, fresh radishes and lettuce. More likely you don't.

Using our machine, it takes me five minutes (+ five hours) to make our Panera bread menu recipe; the absolute best loaf you can get, for a price slightly less than you would pay in the supermarket. Adding a tablespoon of hummus to the dough lowers the glycemic index and improves the texture and flavour.

Paneral bread pan

Radishes and lettuce rank amongst my easiest salads to grow; they are ready to eat in only three to four weeks.

They really are a piece of cake if you cannot buy decent salads in your city. You would be astonished just how much fresh lettuce every day this 2 x 3 patch will provide for two months.

Just pluck a leaf off half a dozen plants for lunch each day; months of good fresh food, loaded with vital folic acid, vitamin B9.

Do you know about the four vitamins that are absolutely essential to prevent you from becoming old long before your time? It is known as frailty syndrome and it is very common today. Researchers say that British women are disabled for a quarter of their lives. Thirty million Americans take anti-inflammatory drugs every single day.

The pain, suffering and disability can all be changed by including certain foods in your diet for the vast majority of people.

Lettuce patch.

Do you now have the answer to the chickpea / garbanzo bean story?

  • Mixed with tahini in hummus it has the two amino acids that vegetarians need to be certain of.
  • It is high in fibre for you know what.
  • It has roughly the same amount of protein as cream cheese but from a vegetable source.
  • It is low in cholesterol, calories and fat.
  • It has a good omega-6 / 3 ratio.
  • As a condiment it will make any green salad interesting. Throw it together yourself; it takes only five minutes. I do it twice a week.

Lysine in chickpeas

Lysine is an essential amino-acid. We cannot live without it and it should be consumed daily. Its absence in the food of many South African children is the chief reason why nearly a third of them are permanently stunted.

The WHO recommends consuming 30 milligrams of lysine per day for each kilogram of body weight; an average-sized person needs about 2,000mg daily.

A 1/2-cup serving of chickpeas contains 486 milligrams of lysine[1]; a quarter of your daily needs.

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