Asparagus soup recipes 

A beautiful Dutch couple brought me two kilograms of fresh asparagus snipped from their lands this morning. Have you any idea how much that is? It's nearly five pounds.

Asparagus soup recipes tempt you to new flavours and experiences. This makes a dish for four.

Asparagus soup recipes.

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They are particularly rich in a phyto-nutrient called a saponin which has a wide range of benefits.

Not only do saponins help prevent malignant disease and inflammation but they regulate blood-pressure and sugar; and cholesterol too. That is amazing.

They also have large amounts of beta-carotene. Read more about saponins at our phytochemical foods page. Asparagus is particularly rich in vitamin K and folate.

By then the sugars and starches have begun to break down and the veggies have lost their fresh, sweet-taste.

There are also abundant quantities of many of the B-vitamins and minerals.

Fresh-asparagus shoots are to die for. I never realised the slightly bitter flavour that I have associated with the soup is simply a sign that they were harvested several days previously.

This happens much quicker than with other vegetables. Three-times as fast as lettuce, for example; eat your asparagus the same day you purchase them.

The fresh piquant flavour is just right for dozens of delicious dishes. Ria insists that the asparagus stalks must be stored in a moist tea-cloth. She is correct; that slows down the oxidation of the nutrients, I have discovered.

The first dozen were snapped up at lunch. Ah, the virtues of living only two-minutes away from your place of work on a bicycle; home for fresh asparagus on toast.

But what can you do with two kilogrammes? Asparagus soup is in the planning. It's not at all difficult Ria tells me and she is quite right; made in a jiffy.

Asparagus soup recipes

Asparagus soup recipes take no time at all to prepare, especially if you have frozen chicken-bones broth already in the freezer. Avoid cubes; they are loaded with chemicals and they give me serious indigestion. There is risk of tumours if you use them regularly.

Prepare vegetables: 5-minutes

Chicken bones bouillon: 1 hour (20 mins with a pressure-cooker)

Cooking time: 20-mins.

(30 mins max + bouillon preparation)

Chicken asparagus soup recipes

Ingredients of asparagus soup recipes.
  1. An onion
  2. 20 asparagus-stalks
  3. Optional: 1 potato, a stalk of celery
  4. A couple tablespoons of butter
  5. One litre of chicken-bones stock. It is all in the gelatine powder for arthritis.
  6. Salt and pepper to taste.
  7. A few fresh-chives. Chop.
  8. Do you want cream of asparagus soup? Add a good dollop of fresh double-thick, or just a pat of butter. But first, how is the cholesterol?
  9. Add some of your favourite gentle spices, or perhaps a couple of sprigs of fresh thyme herb benefits.
  10.  Would you like a little piquant-flavour? A teaspoon of fresh lemon pulp will enhance almost any dish.

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FOODS THAT LOWER CHOLESTEROL should daily be on the menu; then you can have your cream and eat it.

You first have to earn that cream by eating foods that lower cholesterol; mind you, asparagus and celery themselves are sure to be good for your blood profile

Where to start your asparagus soup

  • You have started saving your chicken bones and freezing them, right? You are going to need them for the bouillon. Place them into a pot, cover with boiling water and simmer for one hour. Update: fifteen minutes in a pressure cooker.
  • Slowly fry the chopped onion in the butter until transparent and soft.
  • Wash the asparagus and cut off the tips; about 4 cm. Chop the rest into pieces roughly a couple centimetres long.
  • Set the tips aside, adding the stalks to your onion, stirring for about five minutes.
  • By now your chicken bones bouillon should be done. Strain the hot liquid directly into your pot of asparagus pieces and fried onion. You need about a litre of liquid; add boiling water if you need more.
  • Add the thyme, salt and pepper and simmer until tender (about 15 mins).
  • Add the asparagus tips to another small pot with a little boiling water; and blanche for 3 minutes.
  • Allow the main soup dish to cool a touch; blend until nice and smooth.
  • Add the tips and the liquid to your soup-kettle and taste. Does it need more salt?
  • Ladle into your soup bowls and allow your guests to add the double-thick and chives if they choose. They are unlikely to refuse. Cream asparagus soup is so good and an occasional indulgence never did any harm; I would not have it every night for supper.
Use a chicken bones broth for your asparagus soup recipes.

Does not look that fantastic, eh. But just remember, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This asparagus soup recipe makes one very delicious meal.

Asparagus soup recipes are delicious.

Cream of asparagus soup recipes

Just drop a dollop of double-thick Jersey cream into your soup. If you are eating these kinds of foods every day, you will not have any worries about cholesterol.

But do beware of refined carbohydrate; it is the croutons that will disturb your blood-sugar and make you fat. The good fats help to keep down the high levels of glucose reaching the liver from the small intestine.

Chicken-bone broth


Chicken bone broth is rich in the precursors of cartilage. Harvard medical school research shows it's very effective in the treatment of recalcitrant-arthritis; it is a vital ingredient of our asparagus soup. For the vegetarian I would recommend a tablespoon of chickpeas and more herbs; or a vegetable bouillon.

Do not dump your bones; freeze them and make a broth.


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Even the best spinal adjustments, or medicine for that matter, will not save you from misery if you eat junk food daily. Sorry to be brutal but that is the way it is. And as the Dutch say those who will not hear, must feel.

If you do not look after your body, just where do you plan to live, huh?

Rather follow my passion for choice-foods, made fast; they are delicious anyway. All the meal planning here is absolutely divine and you can prepare them in a jiffy. Making it look pretty is not high on my agenda; except when guests are coming.

Canned-soups incidentally have very large amounts of salt; make your own.

The onions incidentally are rich in phytochemicals that help stabilise blood glucose; read more about allicin benefits.

Aside: How many of us are putting off cooking from scratch because we are intimidated by the complexity and time it takes to make dishes that appear pretty like you see in all the books? Forget what it looks like, the proof of the soup is in the eating, not the appearance.

Before bed, after you have finished your asparagus soup recipe toss a cup of Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) into a pot, and cover with water. Then tomorrow you'll be able to make up some hummus to go with your Quaker Oats Recipes. Now that has got you guessing.

Chickpeas and oats are the top two anti-cholesterol foods.


We should all be trying to gradually replace our cheese and red meat with legumes. But you will not find fresh green lima beans in the shop.

They are very easy to grow however. Sufferin succotash, try growing lima beans

lima bean pods

Bread and soup

Do you suffer from heartburn in the middle of the night? Many folk find that bread and soup in the evening gives them severe discomfort. Perhaps you would like to try this Gluten free recipe if our asparagus soup recipes gives you pain a couple hours after dinner.

Of course soup without bread is an option, or less onion in the recipe; or simply enjoy it for lunch. Perhaps also check out our "indigestion heartburn" page. There you will learn about kefir benefits; it supports the microbiome and actively inhibits the helicobacter that cause so much stomach pain.

If you are still getting heartburn, use less of the chicken bones bouillon; it is very rich.

Toscanini Celery soup

Another delight is our Toscanini celery soup also like asparagus rich in phytosterols, the cancer-prevention stuff is this favourite of the maestro; the only food he would eat before a concert. He swore it calmed his finely pitched nerves; ours too.

Have you seen the film High Pitched incidentally? I loved it.

  • Toscanini Celery Soup ...
  • What are phytosterols?

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Choice foods

Choice foods are for those who seriously want to enjoy twenty years after retirement without bucketfuls of pills and weekly visits to the doctor and DC; these asparagus soup recipes are just one way to get more of the anti-neoplasm phytochemicals in a delicious way into our bodies.

As one wag put it, if you do not look after your bod, just where are you planning to live? There really is no alternative to nutritious choice foods, is there?

Bernard Preston

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