Frailty and vitamin E

Frailty and vitamin E means looking for whole grains, seeds and nuts. It is also found in many coloured foods like sweet potatoes, our greens and avocados too.

This chapter is on caring better for the temple, the Christian's body; it focuses on the eight different forms of the vitamin and how they compete with each other for absorption. Only two have been researched; they are the alpha and gamma isomers. Both are important, and it is presumed the other six are too.

Taking a supplement of only alpha-tocopherol means there will be a deficiency of the other seven isomers; rather get them naturally from our food. Then you are far more likely to get all eight and greatly improve your chance of not experiencing frailty far too soon.

British women can expect to spend a quarter of their lives with a disability, and a fifth for males, says Dr Daniel Levitin, a leading neuroscientist; much has to do with the food we eat.

A cross in your kitchen

Our cross tapestry for the role of spirituality in better health in the face of frailty.

For I determined not to teach anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.

Born again

There are two sets of standards when it comes to power, money and greed. Sex and even food come into the equation too.

Those of the world and the Christian faith are quite different most would agree. Having said that, not many of us believers would be in conflict over eating a hefty slice of chocolate cake, and colas several times a week. Brother Ass just loves his sweet treats.

The tongue is a fire

The tongue is a also a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body; it corrupts not only the church at large, but also our own mortal frame.

There are two parts of the tongue. One is motor enabling us to speak, masticate and help with swallowing. The other is sensory; both to feel the texture of our food and the special sense of taste.

Both the motor and sensory parts need to be born again, or both the local body and Brother Ass will be tormented and become frail.

The natural corrupted way of the flesh is to love mainly those foods that are both sweet and slide smoothly down our throats; but they have no vitamin E. It is the unrefined grain where the goodness is found, and the unsaved tongue abhors it; give me cake flour, and plenty of sugar.


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Frailty and vitamin E

Frailty and vitamin E is to be taken seriously if we are to avoid an early slip into pain and disability. It has eight different isomers.

  • Four tocopherols; alpha, beta, gamma and delta.
  • Four tocotrienols; again alpha, beta, gamma and delta forms.

Only two of these isomers have been extensively studied, namely the alpha and gamma tocopherol forms of vitamin E. They have very different functions in the body and compete with each other for absorption.

  1. Bernard Preston
  2. Caring for the temple
  3. Frailty and vitamin E

Buckwheat is the king of vitamin E, with the best overall mix of the eight different isomers, but unrefined wheat, barley and rye are all good; and oats too.

The RDA is only known for alpha tocopherol; 15mg or 22 international units.

It is not unreasonable to assume that the RDA of all eight isomers is 15mg; only those who are fanatical about unrefined grain in their diet are likely to have enough to escape premature frailty. Or to put it differently an early decline in the fit and strong years. According to Dr Daniel Levitin, a top neuroscientist, British women can expect to live a quarter of their lives with a disability, and a fifth for men. 

If you take a capsule which is virtually always a very large amount of alpha-tocopherol, then the absorption of the other seven is inhibited; do not take vitamin E as a supplement. Get it from your food.

Prostate gland

Prostate gland and vitamin E.

Only the gamma-tocopherol form mops up the free radicals that cause metastatic disease of the prostate gland.

Taking the alpha form of vitamin E actually increases the prevalence of prostate neoplasms, causing a particularly nasty form of frailty; an inability to urinate that disturbs sleep and wellness.

There is also research showing that taking only the alpha form in a supplement will aggravate the blindness caused by retinitis pigmentosa.

Function of vitamin E

It is an anti-oxidant that protects our cells from the damaging free radicals that cause cardiovascular and malignant disease.

It is an anti-coagulant that stops clots from forming and adhering to the inner lining of blood vessels.

It dilates the arterioles lowering blood pressure.

It enhances the immune system making us less susceptible to a host of diseases like the coronavirus.

And the fibre in the whole grains where it is found provides the friendly bugs in our tums with the food they need to enable them to do their so-important work.

Vitamin E protects us against frailty

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Malignant neoplasms
  • Immunodeficient diseases

Gamma-tocopherol foods

The foods that provide the gamma tocopherol form of vitamin E are in the main whole grains, young green beans and freshly shelled nuts.

Fresh corn on the cob is rich in vitamin E.
Evergreen pole beans are rich in vitamin E and help prevent frailty.
Three pecan nuts a day are rich in vitamin E.

Freshly ground sesame and flax seeds are an excellent source. Using tahini as in homemade hummus is recommended. It is all about preventing frailty with vitamin E; and others of course.

Alpha-tocopherol foods

The Pinkerton avocado variety is rich in vitamin E.

Half an avocado weighs about 100 grams, containing 150 mg/kg of the alpha form of vitamin E. That amounts to 15 mg which is the RDA. The fatty acids along with those from the olive qualify for the very best of essential oils we cannot live without.

1 TBSP of sunflower seeds weighs about 20 grams containing 6 mg, or nearly half of the alpha form of vitamin E. Note that the solvent extracted oil has very little; it has been oxidised.

100 percent wholemeal wheat flour is another rich form, but the vitamin E is soon lost after grinding. You must have your own mill, or access to one.

Notice the change in colour; above is 100 percent just ground flour, but below is the best locally available whole-grain meal. It is certainly partly refined. We have no idea when it was milled and whether it contains any vitamin E or not, and whether it will help prevent the premature onset of frailty.

Freshly ground wheat as from this Hawo mill contains a lot of vitamin E.

Almonds and peanuts are other good sources of vitamin E; here various mixed seeds are being ground in preparation for making our real wholemeal bread.

Consider frailty and vitamin E well; think about prevention.

Almonds and others in preparation for making a seed loaf is rich in vitamin E.

Dark green leafy vegetables too have a surprising amount of alpha-tocopherol. Kale, spinach and rocket are favourites; other herbs and onion tops too.

These are a few alternatives to the usual lettuce, kale and spinach. Notice in particular the bloody sorrel with the prominent red veins that is so easy to grow, robust and resistant to mould.

Dark green leafy vegetables have a surprising amount of vitamin E to prevent frailty.

Butternut, sweet potatoes and peppers all have significant amounts of vitamin E. Rather than fussing, we just need to make sure we are daily enjoying a large variety of coloured vegetables.

One average-sized sweet potato contains one quarter of your daily needs for vitamin E, and a host of cartenoids, all important in preventing frailty. This easy butternut and sweet potato soup should be enjoyed at least weekly when they are in season. Actually two tablespoons added to the dough of bread improves the texture and flavour.

Recipe for butternut soup is rich in vitamin E and various carotenoids.

100 percent wholemeal bread provides a host of substances including the vitamin E that is so important in preventing the premature onset of frailty.

Bread machine loaf containing wholemeal.

Seven plus coloured foods every day

Seven or more coloured foods enjoyed have been scientifically proven to lessen the risk from all causes of death by a massive 33 percent. In part it is the tocopherols and tocotrienols that keep us from that disabling frailty of weakness, loss of weight and overall vigour.

In summary we should be enjoying these foods daily.

  • 100 percent whole grains like brown rice and wholemeal flour.
  • Freshly ground seeds and nuts.
  • Many coloured foods.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables. Notice that Iceberg lettuce does not qualify.
  • Avocados
  • Sweet potatoes

Shall we now bake our sourdough bread made with various seeds and nuts? We will show you that you can mix the ingredients including grinding the wheat in less than five minutes. When it comes to frailty and vitamin E we must think about prevention.

Sourdough bread ingrendients.

If living around a quarter of your life with a painful disability does not appeal to you, think on these kinds of foods. If for no other reason, do it because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit if you are a Christian. Care well for the dwelling place of Almighty God; he does not live in buildings made with hands. Frailty and vitamin E is subject that cannot be lightly dismissed.

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