Fresh spinach salad recipes

Fresh spinach salad recipes we also call Helen's fifteen euro supper.

A green lunch with a homemade pesto or hummus is a treat and what is more you can knock it up in minutes. There is one little proviso; you really do need the fresh young shoots. Hard, woody spinach does not make for a nice salad. And to get them, you may have to grow it yourself.

Fresh spinach salad recipes

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It is dead easy to grow; the seeds are quite large so plant them at least 10mm deep and space them 5cm apart, otherwise you will have to thin or transplant them. We have several rows in the garden and have been enjoying fresh spinach salad recipes almost every day. Delicious is the word.

I recently purchased spinach seedlings just to save time; in midsummer they get hit by a mold, and our daily eggs Florentine was being threatened.

By purchasing the seedlings you save about a month in time; I could not believe just how inexpensive they were; the equivalent of a little over a dollar for 25 plugs with two plants in each.

Do you think we are nutty to insist on spinach every day of our lives; just Popeye food? As a chiropractor, this dark green leafy vegetable is the best source of magnesium, vital in helping you reduce arthritis in your body; it is why at nearly seventy the boss and I are able to be so active. We regularly walk fifteen miles on our Drakensberg excursions; how are your knees and ankles?

And secondly, spinach is wonderful source of lutein, that phytochemical that along with zeaxanthin prevents age onset macular degeneration; it is definitely not just for Popeye. Five million Americans are needlessly blind because they refuse to enjoy their greens every day; more about that lower down.

Here is the start of your salad. Wash the leaves thoroughly, and leave them dripping wet.

Fresh spinach salad recipes

Fresh spinach salad recipes with a homemade mayo or pesto is delicious.

If you only have access to older, harder leaves, simply cut the stem out with a V, using a sharp knife.

One distressing fact is that salads bought in the shop are the second most common cause of foodborne illness; fresh spinach is so easy to grow in your own garden.

So, you do not believe me? Read more at this research at the Journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Spinach leaf

Now add your COLOURS...

Red for tomato, radish gives a little bite, strawberry for red too, yellow for peppers, orange for carrot, sliced avocado, and white for tauge (bean sprouts) and diced feta cheese.

A couple of chopped shallots give it a bit more flavour, and fresh lemon juice and a finally chopped clove of garlic give it a piquant bite. Plus we add olives to every salad.

And now add a generous dribble of our olive garden salad dressing; just olive oil, lemon juice, herbs really.

If you can add tomatoes, a fruit, to a salad, why not half a dozen strawberries when they are in season?

Strawberries add colour to a spinach salad.

Side dishes and sauces

Any fresh salad can use good tasty side dishes and sauces, or delicious dip. They tend to be low in fat and protein, so you might want to add a scoop of hummus, for example, or Bernie's healthy spinach dip; that will make any salad and it is so easy to throw together. 
Even if your spinach leaves are young and damp, you may well find that the family want some homemade mayonaise, olive garden salad dressing, one of these dips, or a pesto.

Our favourites are a chickpea garbanzo bean dip, also known as hummus and moutabel baba ghannouj, a delicious eggplant dish.

Neither take more than ten minutes to throw together, but the hummus you do have to start well ahead of time, by soaking, cooking and freezing the chickpeas. Don't waste you money on the canned variety. Did you know that the plastic lining cans has now been shown to cause tumours? It is all so boring, but perhaps it is time get alongside granny and learning some of her fresh home cooking?

You could of also also browse along with Bernard Preston regularly!

Broccoli facts

Young florets of broccoli go ideally with your fresh spinach salad recipes. It is known for its scientifically proven anti-tumour properties. Brush up on these broccoli facts.

Making a compost pile

Spinach and broccoli are both greedy feeders. If you want super-delicious and healthy plants full of all the right anti-oxidants then making a compost pile is a must.

Interestingly, in a rush, I planted some seed straight into the soil for our fresh spinach salad recipes. Then, when it was obvious they were too thick, I dug a trench, filled it with compost, and transplanted half the seedlings.


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Normally, transplanted seedlings fall far behind as compared with those planted directly in the ground, which they did for a week, and then far overtook the originals in terms of quality and size.

I must get a pic to convince you; large or small, or even a compact compost tumbler in the tiny garden, compost heaps are a must for the serious food-lover and gardener.

Whether you go 100% organic, or also use some artificial fertilizer is a very personal choice; with so many around us dropping with a malignancy or some nasty auto immune disease, we are becoming greenies. We do not like pain.

Making a compost heap with alternating green and brown is the key to great spinach.

Arthritis in lower back

Arthritis in lower back can make your life utterly miserable, and I confess that the magnesium in fresh spinach salad recipes can only help in part. But wait, there is hope with chiropractic; ARTHRITIS IN LOWER BACK; ask any chiropractor and he or she will tell you it is daily on the slate.

In fact, as I get myself long in the tooth, on my 72th orbit of the sun, many of patients seem to be in their seventies and eighties, and a few are ninety plus; arthritis in the lower back and neck, knees, hips and ankles are daily problems that challenge my skills as a chiropractor.

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