Olive Bread Recipe

Olive bread recipe has a lowish GI and is delicious and healthy.

Bread machine loaf

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By Bernard Preston

It may be that you are one of the lucky few who can bake the traditional way. That means you have time on your hands, and I will not try to dissuade you; enjoy it.

I spent many years kneading dough, and it is a wonderful therapeutic exercise for both the fingers and the mind with a delicious loaf at the end of it.

But there is another way for the busy person. The bread machine, apparently is, and this I really do not understand, the most underused appliance in the kitchen. I bake in ours five or six days a week.

You see, the loaf you buy in the supermarket today, is not the same bread that humans have made for millennia; the flour is refined and bleached, has a high glycemic index, is low in nutrition, and frankly it can be best described as near zero-vitamin junk.

Chemicals are added to the dough to speed up the process, and yet more to preserve it and give it shelf life; in short, why not step up to baking your own bread? It takes after all only ten minutes to make this loaf.

olive bread recipe

It takes only six minutes to prepare our conventional low GI bread. I'm not exaggerating, I do it daily. Well, plus five hours whilst nature does its thing.

Fresh bread daily at half the price? What are you waiting for?!

I recommend the Panasonic, only because ours is twenty years old and going strong. I'm sure there are many other good brands on the market. But if so many people have a bread machine taking up space in the linen cupboard, perhaps your neighbour has one for you for a snip.

Olive bread recipe ingredients

I'm not going to give you exact quantities because every bread machine has it's own bowl so the amounts will vary slightly.

  1. 1-2 teaspoons of dried yeast.
  2. About three cups of freshly ground 100% wholewheat flour - as fine as you can get it.
  3. 1 cup pitted olives
  4. 2 TBSP blue cheese, or feta
  5. 1 tsp salt
  6. 1 tsp honey
  7. 2 TBSP olive oil
  8. Water according to your Panasonic recipe book. Decrease slightly as the olives and cheese are moist.
  9. Nuts and seeds if you choose; see our vegan seed bread recipe for ideas.

First the dried yeast in the baking tin, followed by the flour. Add the salt and sugar, olives and cheese, olive oil and water.

The only slightly time-consuming part is pitting the olives. Do it carefully. I count the olives, squash with the glass, depit, pop the pits in the glass, then count the pits. It saves a visit to the dentist.

Depipping olives

Pop the oven dish in the bread machine, and choose the settings according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Go for the five hour setting; the longer bread takes to rise the better. The fanatics put it in the fridge overnight before baking.

We are fortunate to have free power during the day, so we call it the solar olive bread recipe.

Ask any solar enthusiast and you'll find them looking for ways to use power during the day when the sun is delivering his free gifts to the planet.

Olive bread and salad

The challenge in today's cancerous world is aim for ten coloured fruit and vegetables. Here you can see three kinds of lettuce, baby spinach leaves, half an avocado, red pepper, radish, olives and chives; oh, and a few leaves of mint.

That's ten colours in one meal.

With a lunch like this you can enjoy butter instead of the dreaded margarine on your olive bread recipe.

Mm, there's not much protein in there. Normally I'd have some of our famed authentic hummus recipe, but we've run out of chickpeas. Yesterday it was a slice of chicken, and sometimes cheddar cheese, or a boiled egg.

Notice that the meal is

  • low in carbohydrate
  • should be higher in protein
  • high in the healthy fats in olives and avocado
  • has ten different coloured foods.

Should your bread give you abdominal pain and cramps and even diarrhoea then you need to know the meaning of gluten; there is a solution. It's called sourdough; that's the way we prepare our dough every day now.

Oleic acid

Why the fascination with the oil and fruit of the olive tree on a chiropractic website, you may well ask? Well, it takes little energy and time to bake this olive bread recipe.

There are two reasons:

  1. Nerves are coated in a vital fatty myelin sheath. Most of that fat is a monounsaturated oil, found richly in olives and avocado. What is oleic acid you may be asking. . 
  2. Inflammation is determined in part by a high omega 6 to 3 ratio. Keep the omega 6 down by changing from polyunsaturated oils to monounsaturated fat like the olive. Read more at olive oil benefits.

Low GI

Your olive bread recipe is already low GI because of the added fat from the olive, and the wheatflour is not refined; you can reduce it even further by adding a tablespoon or two of homemade hummus; more protein reduces the glycemic index.

Lies, damn lies and wholemeal bread

There's a whopping deceit, perfectly lawful, that allows millers to remove 49% of the goodies from flour, the bran, germ, vitamins, oil and lignans and still call it 'wholemeal'; buyer beware.

Lies, damn lies and wholemeal bread is actually typical of the whole food manufacturing industry; the bottom line is their only concern. I'm cynical and convinced that if we want to live a life without medication then we either have to find a true local organic farmer, or grow and prepare our own.

What happens to that vitamin E, all the minerals, bran and wheatgerm oil that they remove from their 'wholemeal flour'? You have to buy them back supplements at great expensive. The rest, the best part, is goes into pig food.

If you are going to go to all the trouble, actually it's little sweat, to make olive bread recipe, then I strongly recommend you go the next step and purchase a wheat grinder; it's the only way to get 100% wholemeal flour.

"Let thy food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

Hippocrates (460 - 370 BC)

Bernard Preston

Bernard Preston is a semi retired chiropractor with many other fascinations than fixing slipped discs and treating patients with migraine headaches from their jaw joints; baking this olive bread recipe is just one of them.

He is still active in the profession, giving this coming week a lecture on hip dysplasia to his colleagues.

When not soaring the skies in his glider, or baking this olive bread recipe, he's tinkering with his solar generator or digging in Helen's organic garden. It's Bernie's responsibility to provide the compost and turn the sod; and erect the vegetable garden trellis for the pole beans.

As a Christian layminister in the local church he believes strongly that God has given us all these things richly to enjoy. Since our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit we need to treat it kindly. Where is God going to live if we drop off the edge of the planet ten or more years before it's our appointed time?

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you ever need."

- Marcus Cicero, Roman politician, lawyer and orator

A family affair cover has stories about bread.

Get the ebook from Amazon; about a dollar.

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