Chimichurri sauce for preserving parsley

Chimichurri sauce is a very simple way of preserving parsley when you have a glut in the garden.

  • 1 handful parsley
  • 1 handful cilantro
  • 1 handful of rocket, bloody sorrel or another favourite herb
  • One spring onion, shallot or handful of chives
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/2 lemon or lime
  • 1 peppadew, deseeded, or other mild chili
  • One third of a cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp natural honey

Do not bother to chop the ingredients; just toss them all into the container that comes with your stick blender and let it whizz.

Freeze your chimichurri sauce in ice-trays and when frozen, pop them into a bag, seal and return to the freezer.


Parsley does not dry well, so rather freeze it when you have plenty; then it is available year-round.

More parsley benefits on scrambled eggs.

Parsley is one of the herbs that is particularly rich in magnesium, a mineral essential in the body to break down toxic homocysteine formed from protein metabolism.

It is one of the best source of many vitamins including folate, A and C and B6; your chimichurri sauce for preserving parsley is like taking a powerful supplement, only it comes with all the phytonutrients too that help preserve us unto everlasting life; well, it keeps frailty at bay until your nineties.

Wash all the greens properly as they are often full of little creatures who understand better than us that this is nature's pantry all in one herb.

Use the stalks too unless woody.

Chimichurri sauce for preserving parsley

Chimichurri sauce for preserving parsley and other herbs and then freezing it in cubes for easy use.

Lemon or lime

At least half of the nutrients in a lemon or lime are to be found in the pulp. It mystifies me that so many cooks use only the juice. Peel the fruit, keeping a little of the zest, slice and remove the pips and then use the whole fruit.

Limes often have no pips making it a little easier.


Huge benefits from growing coriander in your garden.

Cilantro is much used herb worldwide but it is a bit of an acquired taste; it is just green coriander and known in the subcontinent as dhania. It is one of those herbs that seeds itself and comes up year after year providing greens to make your salads more interesting.

Growing coriander is a cinch.

If you family turns up their noses at first, then use just half a cup or even less in your chimichurri sauce for preserving parsley at first until they get used to it.

Coriander at Wikipedia.

Natural honey

Depending on what foods you are going to use with your chimichurri sauce a teaspoon of natural honey always adds just a little for those with a sweet tooth; but only if you can find some that it completely unprocessed. Otherwise rather just omit it completely.

Can you believe it but natural honey actually reduces the fasting blood sugar and lipid profile in non-insulin dependent type two diabetics[1].

A versatile condiment

You can now use your chimichurri sauce from preserving parsley and other herbs as a marvelous condiment year-round on a host of your favouite dishes; drop it in with eggs Florentine, in soups and fish dishes.

It is simple condiments like this that not only make our food more interesting whilst at the same time caring for your body; old age is not something to be feared but to be looked forward too. Let your food be your medicine said Hippocrates; we ignore this much venerated but totally ignored doctor at our peril.

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