Santie Afternoon

Santie afternoon, chapter 14 from A Family Affair, by Bernard Preston finds her in the sanatorium after the Bitch has done her level best to knock the stuffing out of the new recruit.

Note; this is an early unedited edition from The Bostonians. You can read the fully edited, formatted book for only 99c on your tablet or smartphone.

When Santie woke in the early afternoon, Ronelle was sitting next to her bed reading a book. ‘How're you feeling, Santie?’

‘Don’t know yet.’ Santie stretched, feeling her muscles a little tight, but she was after all the fittest woman in the class. An apple and a bunch of grapes lay on a plate next to the bed, together with a glass of water. She quickly downed the water, and then ate the fruit slowly, chewing each mouthful carefully. ‘I’m fine.’

Ronelle smiled. ‘Remember it’s your dinner with Gerhard tonight. Shall I tell him it’s off?’

A Family Affair

The Bostonians

The Bostonians, book I from A Family Affair, traces the early part of Santie afternoon and Janet's lives; turbulent stuff.

A Family Affair

Santie afternoon

Santie afternoon finds our protagonist in hospital.

Santie groaned. ‘Gosh, I’d forgotten. No, I’ll go, and get it over with.’ She sat up, feeling her joints and muscles, looking for signs of injury but was astonished at her quick recovery. ‘Isn’t The Bitch something else. How crude and vindictive can a human being get?'

‘Much worse than that. At least you're alive. In some places you’d have lost your scalp for what you said this morning.’

They made the last two classes, one on Criminal Procedure and the other a review of all the unarmed combat classes they had completed in the last six months. It was only later that Santie realised that was her second lucky break of the day.

The Bitch made them forfeit canteen time and stand to attention for an hour. 'You'll have to hurry, Santie. Not much time to get ready. Hey, enjoy it, and watch out. He's a bastard remember.'

Santie wasn’t sure whether she was looking forward to her evening out with Gerhard or not.

Bernard Preston

Bernard Preston is a semi retired DC apart from many hobbies (today will be spent completing a worm farm) he is busy with his seventh book above love and life. He and his wife Helen are avid gardeners. Santie Afternoon is one short chapter from the very long trilogy; the Bostonians is book I, free on this website.

How to grow spinach is the place to start in the garden; it's similar to, though not the same as Swiss chard. It's so easy to grow and if it worked for Popeye, it'll work for us. A large part of the reason is the high concentration of magnesium and betaine, both essential for the demethylation of toxic homocysteine. If you don't get enough of them you'll ache all over. 

Mature spinach

A Family Affair is the torrid yarn about two young women who fall in love. Santie comes from a severely abused background, but Janet's early life is placid and privileged.

Until she is raped by her boss, Jan Jansen; the ensuing pregnancy and birth of her son, Klein Jan, changes their lives for ever.

This is a trilogy. Part one, The Bostonians, you can enjoy for free. Peter's children and The Return will cost you the princely sum of one dollar each, except that Amazon unannounced fiddles the price, but it still won't be an arm and a leg.

This is a diverse site, primarily about Bernard Preston's books and life; a chiropractor, glider pilot, beekeeper and seriously lover of life.

His first three books are anecdotes from the chiropractic coalface; you can find them in the navigation bar on the left.

His other two hobbies are gardening and going green. You can learn how to build a small solar generator that not only pays for itself in about seven years but will significantly contribute to a better planet for your children and grandchildren.


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A Family Affair

A Family Affair is a trilogy of intrigue and deception by Bernard Preston.

~ 99c each.

A family affair showing the Bostonians cover
A family affair introducing Peter's children
A family affair and the return Kleinjan

Nutritious choice foods

Nutritious choice foods determine in large measure how long we will live in the land, and how much time we spend consulting doctors and pharmacists. You're quite right, it has little to do with Santie Afternoon; writing novels is just another of Bernard Preston's passions.

High GI foods are what make us obese, rather than how much we eat. If you are significantly overweight, then learn about the meaning of glycemic index and carbohydrate count chart.

Really it's very simple; you don't need to go weighing your food and missing out on all your specialties; just avoid the high GI foods like white rice and you'll lose weight very easily.

Here's another little tip for those struggling with their waistlines. If you allow your starch to cool overnight in the fridge, as you would do when making potato salad, then the molecules 'retrograde' making it more difficult for enzymes to digest it and form sugar; instead it passes through to the colon where it's fermented to very healthy short chain fatty acids instead.

Potato salad is much less fattening that mashed potato. Find it all in the meaning of starch

In short, cook tomorrow's starches today, cool them overnight and then perhaps reheat them, to allow them to retrograde and become much less fattening.

Eggs Florentine

Eggs Florentine makes the perfect start to every day.

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