Nutritious berry smoothies

Nutritious berry smoothies give strength to our bones in just a very few minutes every morning. I mean it; in a moment you can aid the well-being of your family with the phytochemicals that enhance our vigour and help prevent the diseases that ail our generation.

Hippocrates said "let your food be your medicine." Whilst he is hallowed in the halls of pharmaceutical-colleges, to all intents and purposes his philosophy is totally ignored. Stand up and go against the flow; adhere to the advice of the bard.

A nutritious berry smoothie in this instance made with cranberries.

Nutritious berry smoothies

  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 1 TBSP coconut-cream
  • 1/2 cup of berries of your choice
  • 1/4 banana
  • 1 tsp of freshly-ground flaxseed + 1 tsp sesame.
  • 1 cup freshly-picked and deveined spinach
  • 1 tsp natural-honey
  • Smidgen of vanilla-seeds
  • Whatever else takes your fancy. Let your imagination run wild; a sprig of parsley?

Pop all the ingredients into a container and whizz it up. The taste is divine.

Ingredients of our nutritious berry smoothie.

If you are not into dairy, then just add coconut or almond milk instead; or even soya or oats. I have tried rather unsuccessfully to show the coffee blender in the background with a teaspoon each of flax and sesame-seeds; grind them yourself first before use.


Freshly-ground flaxseed is a wonder for its lignans and omega 3 fatty acids; it is especially the best for vegetarians who would abhor fish oil, the more common source.

Frankly, I am not into salmon-oil capsules either; by all means enjoy cold water fish like herring, mackerel or snoek but the highly processed lipids are not for me.

And you absolutely must grind it yourself; the power of flaxseed is the anti-inflammatory omega 3; it goes rancid, is oxidised, very quickly after the shell is cracked.

Never buy the oil; it has none of the lignans that help prevent breast-tumours and, once the bottle is opened, it must be finished within a week or two.

Sesame seed

Sesame seed has many of the properties of flax, but it is less potent; it does taste magnificent though. You could use tahini.


I believe there is universal agreement that berries are good for us; usually one would find a dissenter or two, but throughout the confusion they shine prominently. They are rich in the flavonoids that go around mopping up the free-radicals and oxidative species that cause our DNA to go crazy and cause tumours. 

Today we have used cranberries.

In a powerful twin study, researchers have shown that habitual enjoyment of flavonoids in food was strongly associated with stronger bones[1]. The anthocyanins in berries were the most powerful for mineral density in the hip and spine, but all were good.

Try to enjoy berries every day of the year.

These strawberry nutrition facts will amaze you.


After radish, spinach is the easiest to grow in your garden and, in mild climates, it often goes on bearing for several years. No wonder Popeye was so strong. Your dark-green leafy vegetables are the best source of lutein, the phytochemical that prevents the chief cause of adult-onset blindness; macular degeneration, and cataracts too[2].

Spinach is also a rich source of folate, the vitamin strongly associated with miscarriages and birth defects, anaemia and early onset of frailty syndrome.

Spinach and its cousins like cabbage and kale have little flavour of their own so we dicky them up with garlic and onions, or in smoothies with banana and honey.

The benefits of spinach include other nutrients like vitamins, many minerals including iron and fibre for you know what.

Natural honey

Open a bottle of natural honey and you are immediately struck by a powerful whiff of literally millions of flowers; it is almost overpowering, and completely absent from the processed stuff in the supermarket. These scented compounds are heat-labile and driven off by warming. It is a splendid sweetener for your morning nutritious berry smoothies.

It is astonishing but natural honey given to type-2 diabetics lowered their fasting blood glucose and on average the group lost 1.8 kg in eight weeks[3].

Vanilla seeds

I have what I believe to be a not unwarranted terror of chemicals in my food, so abhor vanilla essence. Actually once you have tried the seeds in your cooking, you will no never go back to third best anyway. The genuine flavour comes through in your nutritious berry smoothies.

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  1. Habitual Flavonoid Intakes Are Positively Associated With Bone Mineral Density in Women
  2. Lutein and adult-onset macular degeneration
  3. Effects of natural honey consumption in diabetic patients


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