Meet Bernard Preston

Meet Bernard Preston D.C. who has practised as a DC for thirty-eight years, initially in one of South Africa’s smaller cities, and for seven years in the Netherlands. 

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Bernard Preston at a book signing at a chiropractic conference in Portugal.

In mid 2010 he went into semi-retirement in the small village of Hilton in South Africa, practising part-time with his daughter, Dr Jane Ackerman, DC.


Bernard Preston writes a few thoughts on a successful, happy and healthy retirement. Some planning is necessary. Find RETIREMENT SENTIMENTS using the site search function above in the navigation bar.

Known by widely differing patients from small children to famous artists, musicians and athletes in pain, he is well equipped to give us some fascinating insights into the world of a DC and the things that drive people; no holds barred.

Covid-19 update

If one thing really irritates me, it is that all the emphasis has been putting off to next week the visit that the C-19 virus will surely make eventually in all our lives. There's been little to say about what positive steps we can take to ensure that we don't suffer the cytokine storm that kills so many.

Three things have been coming out consistently in the literature.

  1. Get plenty of sunshine. Those who are deficient in vitamin D have double the risk of dying. That is why it is more dangerous in winter.
  2. Ensure that your blood glucose remains within the normal limits. That is best done by taking a short walk after a starchy meal, and strictly limiting refined carbohydrates; that alas means cakes and cookies, and commercial bread especially.
  3. Certain blood pressure medications give an uptick to the threshold that allows the virus in. Talk to your pharmacist.

Preston, son of two chiropractor, is married with 2 sons and a daughter who is a third generation DC, and three grandchildren. He is a person who believes in the fullness of life both in a general sense, as seen in his wide interests in nature, mountains, fishing, soaring, keeping bees and carpentry and, as a layminister in the Anglican church, in a religious sense.

Dr Preston practised for seven years in Holland where he lived with his wife in a small town just south of Rotterdam. His glider was supplanted by a humble bicycle which he says was just as much fun, but a lot more dangerous. 200 people per year die in Holland in cycling accidents, nearly one third of total road deaths.

His boast is that, in Holland, for a year and half, he was the only DC in the whole wide world without a car. Says he, "I didn't miss my Honda, but my motor cycle, oh, that left a hole as big as a barn door." Several of his stories contain snippets about his hobbies, and the Dream Machine.

A summer's day in the beautiful city of Maastricht is best enjoyed on the bike. Then you can take time to smell the poppies, pick wild cherries and enjoy a slice of vlaai and cup of coffee at one of the little roadside cafes.

Years later, in 2019, he's looking for an electric powered motor cycle that he can charge with his solar generator. It's all part of what he calls the green journey that has revolutionised his life. Instead we turned over a Blue Leaf in January.

Meet Bernard Preston

Meet Bernard Preston answers in part who is the man and what does he stand for? Amongst other things he believes that we should treat Brother Ass kindly lest he turn around and bite us.

Author Bernard Preston has written six books.

Bernard Preston on the bridge over the River Maas in the Netherlands.
Bernard Preston with his wife cycling over a bridge in Maastricht.

Meet Bernard Preston, together with "She who must be obeyed" crossing the River Maas on the way to an Andre Rieu concert on the Vrijtag, or central city square in Maastricht.

And on the way home via the village of Nuth; one the of the many very old windmills of Holland.

Bernard Preston visits a windmill in Nuth, Limburg.

An Aside: Does your DC go the extra mile for you? Really care, try hard, you know s/he is doing his/her very best to help maintain a nuggety problem? How about a small gift? A bottle of wine ... or better still a Bernard Preston book!

Said wife of one New Jersey DC: I can't predict how fast Tom will read Bats in my Belfry , but when he read Frog in my Throat non-stop. He hasn't read anything like that for pleasure, cover to cover, as long as I have known him.

- Linda R, New Jersey.

And of course, if you buy a Frog or Bat, or STONES IN MY CLOG, stories from Holland, you could read them first!

Frog in my throat

Frog in my throat is the first book when you meet Bernard Preston; it relates to the struggles of the young DC, practising illegally when the register was closed to new graduate doctors, with the intention of closing down the profession.

Meet Bernard Preston and you'll find that we are a lot more resilient than medicine first thought; today there are two colleges at South African universities, aided and abetted by government, and a thriving profession.

Frog in my Throat is the first book written by Bernard Preston.

Bats in my belfry

Bats in my belfry describes the middle stressed years of leading the profession, whilst providing for a family and keeping body and soul together; meeting Bernard Preston you'll find that all doctors of every ilk must be wary of burn out.

Whilst some hard copies remain, these are mainly books to be read on your Kindle and tablet, and even smart phone.

Bats in my Belfry is the second chiropractic book written by Bernard Preston.

Stones in my clog

In Stones in my Clog he relates seven very fruitful years practising in the Netherlands; when meeting Bernard Preston you'll find the benefits of learning a new language, and discovering a totally new and different culture.

Heb je zin een stuk in nederlands te lezen? Geraakt door vrienden doet me steeds veel pijn.

Now semi retired he returned until 2016 to the polders to do a locum for a colleague; a wonderful people with for some unknown reason a very large group suffering from the ravages of hip pain; caught early it responds well to joint mobilisation and exercise in his experience. Ignored it's a misery.

Stones in my clog is the third book written by Bernard Preston.

Read more about upper leg, thigh and groin pain.


... may be a no-no for writers, but this photo does make an interesting mix of Preston's first two books...

Bat meets frog is a subject close to Bernard Preston's heart.

Stones in my Clog

Meet Bernard Preston in his third book, Stones in my Clog is complete. At only $3.30 (an ebook) it's dirt cheap! Download and read it on your computer, kindle or tablet.

A Family Affair

His fourth book, a trilogy, A Family Affair, is controversial and of a quite different genre. Written as three books, the first is available for free. Meet Jan Jansen, the villain of the piece. Meet Bernard Preston and you'll realise he's a man of many parts, struggling with many issues that some would sweep under the carpet; it's easier not to think about these issues.

The second and third are dirt cheap as all ebooks should be. Don't pay a fortune for Ebooks for download ...

Book Two, Peter's Children, starts out with Mission Unaccomplished, which sets the scene for the rest of the trilogy.
If you're still unsure, dip into Meeting Daddy. Today's world is full of broken and twisted families; meeting your father for the first time could be intimidating; particularly when he has no idea he has an adult daughter!

Read my latest trilogy? Only $1.14 each. Hold onto your hat...

La Traviata

One of the great finds of Europe for this cultural geek has been introduction to opera. Even if you're a geek too, you'll enjoy this rather different rendering of La Traviata. The Opera Company of Philadelphia... Only four minutes, it's fun. BRINDISI ... watch?v=_zmwRitYO3w

The green journey

The green journey has become an essential part of meet Bernard Preston; in essence it's a spiritual experience. Expect to be carried along or stay well away.

It is sobering that my name has all my life been attention deficit Bernie.


Our newsletter is entitled "create a cyan zone" at your home, preserving both yourself, your family and friends, and Mother Earth for future generations. We promise not to spam you with daily emails promoting various products. You may get an occasional nudge to buy one of my books!

Here are the back issues.

  • Mill your own flour
  • Bake your own sourdough bread
  • Microplastics from our water
  • Alternative types of water storage
  • Wear your clothes out
  • Comfort foods
  • Create a bee-friendly environment
  • Go to bed slightly hungry
  • Keep bees
  • Blue zone folk are religious
  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Family is important
  • What can go in compost?
  • Grow broad beans for longevity
  • Harvest and store sunshine
  • Blue zone exercise
  • Harvest and store your rainwater
  • Create a cyan zone at your home

Meet Bernard Preston and you'll find a man almost obsessed with leaving the planet a better place for our children's offspring than the polluted world we have turned our home in the galaxy into.

Along the way, keeping his own bees, growing his own spinach, building a chicken tractor and discovering the wonderful world of worm farms, connecting with nature, he has discovered the key to better health; more exercise, a huge variety of coloured foods, less red meat and capturing the sun's energy in a huge solar farm.

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you will ever need.

- Marcus Cicero, Roman politician, lawyer and orator

Taking pills and consulting psychologists has become a distant memory. True, the physical work did mean serious femoral nerve damage, and more chiropractic treatment, but overall the green journey has meant substantially better health.

Wean off plastic is a subject close to Bernard Preston's heart after seeing the pollution on this beach.

Just what can we do to make sure this isn't the legacy we leave to our children? Wean off plastic is the first step in the right direction. The Pacific ocean has become a gross dumping ground for our garbage; no wonder we have become so sick.

Better health

If you really want to step up to better health, then just where do you begin? There's no single answer, of course; each of us must make our own green journey, marching to the beat of a different drummer.

At meet Bernard Preston, I'd suggest three really simple things:

  1. Get more exercise; whatever you enjoy. I used to play squash, in Holland I rode a bicycle every day, now I work hard in the garden and take long walks on holiday; you choose what fits with your lifestyle, but do something.
  2. Start making this healthy hummus recipe every single week; it's the key to turning a green salad into an interesting dish; that's a double bonus.
  3. Start having eggs Florentine regularly for breakfast.

Naturally you don't need to start with any of these to step up to better health; but if you are tired and listless, bored and in pain, overweight and you know that things are slipping, then DO something. For you it might be a skipping rope, an apple a day, and doing the daily crossword, or Sudoku.

Just don't wallow in the trough of despair; perhaps read Pilgrim's Progress, one of the most beautiful books every written.

Let your food be your medicine is how Hippocrates, the father of Medicine and Spinal Manipulation put it.

Use the Site Search function above to find the links to those topics highlighted in bold.

If you read just one-book a month, you will probably fall short of a thousand in your whole life, and most likely nearer 500. Enjoying a good yarn is like having a private conversation with the author.

If you are benefiting from these pages, then perhaps I can invite you to a journey through the polders of Holland. That is how you can support this site, and enrich your own life with some easy bedside reading and stepping up to greater well-being.

My books are available from Amazon on Kindle.

Lonely road of faith

I won't pretend to be a great man of faith; I am not. The Slough of Despondency and other such chapters characterise my own pilgrim's progress. Yet I love the Lord, he is my chosen portion, and I can indeed say the lines have fallen in pleasant places.

Recently I have again returned to an old, and alas forgotten habit of enjoying a psalm a day; join with me as I bring you my own psalms of victory lyrics; they do indeed bring a song to the heart.

Today's Christian women are amazing, as of course they have been over the ages; three in particular had a profound influence in my spiritual life.

A huge helper in our study of the scriptures is Life with God, a book reviewed here by Mike Smallbones.

Glider pilot

For many years Bernard Preston has been a solo glider pilot, owning his own Ka6. His books are laced with several glorious tales, some very scary, of his exploits in the air; like a thermal taking him to 14,000' and the terror of finding himself in rotor.

Not for most, gliding is what he calls the sport of kings, not horse racing at all.

Book reviews

My very good friend Mike Smallbones and I have done a series of reviews of Christian books. Perhaps you might find one of interest.

  1. Bernard Preston
  2. Meet Bernard Preston

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