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Dr Bernard Preston DC has been in practice as a chiropractor for nearly forty years in both South Africa and the Netherlands, helping people from every walk of life from tiny children to folk in their nineties achieve better health.

Brought up in a family with a long heritage of striving for better health he is passionate about simple living and slow food, made fast. Growing organic vegetables, rearing chickens both for meat and eggs and keeping bees is all part of that fervent and oft frenzied lifestyle.

As a physics graduate he has built his own solar farm; harvesting rainwater is part of both his commitment to the planet and his family's health. Are we really sure chlorinated water is only toxic for bugs and not us too?


Author Bernard Preston has two bachelors degrees, one majoring in physics and chemistry, and the other in education. He also has a one year diploma qualifying him to teach physical science at the high school level.

Further, he has a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois.

BSc. University of Kwazulu Natal, 1970.

BEd. University of KZN, 1974.

DC. University of Health Sciences, Lombard, Ill, 1980.

He has been in private practice for nearly forty years, and lectured extensively in chiropractic education.

Semi-retired, he still practises part-time.

56 Groenekloof Rd,

HILTON, South Africa, 3245.

Backyard permaculture is his other life-long passion; working with nature, rather than against it to preserve both the planet and ourselves.

To contact Dr B, visit the contact page.


56 Groenekloof Rd,

Hilton, KZN

South Africa


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Bernard Preston books

A family affair by Bernard Preston comes after the trilogy that starts with Frog in my Throat.
Femoral nerve AP Xray from one of Bernard Preston's books.

Bernie's choice foods

Cooking green beans Bernard Preston passion

Bernie's bread

Bread machine loaf by Bernard Preston

Bernie's garden

green beans and granadillas Bernard Preston

Bernie's bees

Bees workforce in Bernard Preston's garden

Bernie's chickens

Chickens for free range eggs.

Bernie's solar

Residential solar panels at Bernard Preston's home

Bernie's rainwater harvest

Harvesting rainwater to a reservoir in the garden means a steady supply that is unpolluted by environmental toxins.