Frog in my Throat

Frog in my Throat is the first of three of Bernard Preston's experiences in complementary healing.

It's quite a venture of faith to write a book. Me, write stories? You must be crazy; and now I have six under the belt. I very soon discovered that I had no idea what demands would be made on me before I had a completed volume in my hand. Just as well, as I would probably never have started. But what a proud day the arrival of Frog was, despite the enormous energy and persistence it took.

And what a pleasant surprise it was when a fan wrote, saying how much Frog made her think, laugh and relax.

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Weaved skillfully, unobtrusively amongst these hilariously funny gems, Preston describes the mystery surrounding  the ongoing symptoms of whiplash, convinced that few people escape a car accident untouched, he had to wait nearly thirty years before scientists were able to prove what he already knew; spinal trauma leads unerringly to arthritis of the neck, but there are ways to ameliorate the damage done.

Why is it a mystery? After many years of treating whiplash patients, who have little or no symptoms after the accident, it was indeed a mystifying why 10 - 20 years later their necks were full of arthritis. Finally, his theories were confirmed by research that lead to the discovery of immobilisation arthritis.

Setting fixated joints so that they are able to move freely again is what starts the hyaluronic fluid swishing about in the joints, sustaining the hyaline cartilage and reducing the ravages of osteoarthritis. That is what our profession is about.

Helping folk avoid the complications of surgery is central to our profession. The arm pain from a pinched nerve in the neck is one of the most challenging conditions faced at the coalface; but usually it can be done.

Inside Out is a story built out of the words of Palmer about drugs and the pernicious effect they often have.

Inside Story is another fine yarn of the inner workings of the profession, not seen by the outsider.

Inspiring stories by Bernard Preston

  1. Frog in my Throat
  2. Bats in my Belfry
  3. Stones in my Clog

And this by a young student at AECC ...

"Thank you for re-inspiring me in my studies. I had lost my motivation and drive. Reading Frog gave that back to me."


Frog in my Throat

Frog in my Throat is the first Bernard Preston novel; it covers the early difficult years of practising without a licence and he poses as a ghost; they have been described as gems funny and healthful from the life and work of a DC.

Frog in my throat is the first of Bernard Preston's books.

The vital moment.

Probably the supreme moment came during an adaptation of Steven Covey's Seven Habits for Christians; yes, I am a Believer. Is there something left that you really want to do, he asks?

All the lights came on; I want to write a book. That day I made a choice to go in search of myself in quite another realm. Was there another depth, a capacity, yet unfilled and untapped?

Let me hasten to say this is not a religious book, but I do openly believe in the lordship of Jesus Christ in my life. I say it humbly, because I've made a lot of mistakes that bring him no glory.

Like Uriah Heap I hope to remain a humble man.

Interested in reading more about becoming a Christian?


Writing, editing and publishing; distributing

I quite soon discovered that writing the first draft of a chapter was relatively easy. But editing it, that was altogether another matter; a bear!

Each chapter of Frog has gone through at least fifteen formal edits, and was preceded by at least another half dozen before that; probably more. The first and last were written and redone at least twenty-five times.

Then there is the matter of a publisher; and a formal edit by the official editor. That's a second nightmare! Letting go of one's baby is no easy business.

These suggestions have been the cure for my Writer's Cramp.

EVERY WRITERS SIX Ds have saved me from oblivion as an author.

Frog in my Throat

But did Bernard Preston believe in himself sufficiently to do it; and carry Frog in my Throat to completion? Did he really have stories worth telling, tales that people would delight in? Yes, absolutely, but needless to say, many were doubtful.

Was this another of Bernard Preston's absurd notions?

Not so, here's my baby. She was very nearly stillborn.

And then the burden of distribution. Frankly, that has been the worst. I had no idea! Hence soon to move into the eBooks domain. A quarter of the price to you, and a thousandth of the labour for me.

But finally the sense of achievement, the great many people you meet along the way and the new experience of life in the complex new world of publishers and authors. It's been wonderful.


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The back page says it all.

From the pen of a local DC come these delightful cameos of incidents, anecdotes and fascinating glimpses into the professional world of complementary practitioners.

Those who are familiar with James Herriot's vet stories will find Frog in my Throat a must-read.

It's a great privilege just to be mentioned in the same breath as the great Herriot. I hope you will not be disappointed. He remains one of my all-time favourite authors.

Here are four sample chapters, tidbits to whet your appetite.

Frog in my Throat

  1. The Ghosting
  2. Conflict
  3. A frog in my throat
  4. The Big Toe
  5. A very sweet pee
  6. Physician, heal thyself
  7. Father Time
  8. Disaster
  9. The McDougalls
  10. By hook or by crook
  11. Janet
  12. Neglect
  13. Full circle
  14. The tattoo
  15. More drama in the skies
  16. Inside out

  17. Leap of Faith

  18. Graduation
  19. Hadedas
  20. Pregnant
  21. Tragedy
  22. Jenny
  23. Dr Jekyll and Mr Tramp
  24. Please pass the smelling salts
  25. Gone fishing
  26. Between a rock and a hard place
  27. In which two patients and Bernie experience much pain

From the publisher's desk

Bernard Preston D.C. has been practising as a DC for nearly thirty years, in one of South Africa's smaller towns. Known by widely differing patients from small children to famous artists in pain, he is well equipped to give us some fascinating insights into the world of complementary care. No holds are barred.

Bernie is married with two sons, and a daughter who is also a DC. He is a person who believes in the fullness of life both in a general sense, as you will soon see as you accompany him in his wide interests in nature, mountains and fishing; and gliding, beekeeping[1] and carpentry too. And as a layminister in the Anglican church, in a religious context.

There are several stories about soaring the skies in his very old Ka6.

There are several high drama gliding stories in Frog in my Throat by Bernard Preston.

Preston's books are beautifully illustrated by Lorraine Harrison; of Frogs, Bats and Stones. And now she has done a wonderful story about tadpoles.

Trout fishing is high on the agenda in Frog in my Throat by Bernard Preston.

Preston's passion for ...

The staircase is Holland's greatest enemy; read more in the third of Bernard Preston's trilogy after Frog in my Throat.


  1. The glycaemic and insulinaemic properties of some German honey varieties.

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