Toasted egg sandwich

This toasted egg sandwich with added cheese on wholemeal-bread gives a delicious and nutritious supper. It would go down equally well at breakfast or lunch.

Our brief is simple foods, high in protein but with no refined-grains; and we're not afraid of a little extra fat. A meal like this provides satiety; there will be no need for snacking later in the evening.

Toasted egg sandwich with avocado and broad-beans for supper.

Always there will be some greens with the meal; tonight we will have lightly-boiled broad beans and half an avocado for supper. The taste is simply amazing.

High in fibre and protein and not shy of the fat in an avocado and cheese, this meal supplies the oomph so you won't be reaching for crisps during the late-night movie.

Because of a fascination with the phytochemicals in coloured-foods, and the extra flavour they bring, I have added some chopped sweet peppadews

Ingredients (for two)

  • 3 fresh eggs
  • Butter and olive-oil
  • 2 slices wholegrain bread
  • Finely chopped parsley
  • Lump of feta-cheese
  • Slices of cheddar-cheese

Go for it

  1. Drop a lump of butter in a pan on medium heat.
  2. Beat the eggs with a fork and pour onto the hot butter; scramble with the parsley.
  3. Remove from the heat and squish the feta-cheese into the hot egg.
Scrambled eggs.

For the sandwiches

  1. Butter the wholemeal-bread and cut the slices in half.
  2. Layer slices of the cheddar-cheese onto one half; and cover with the scrambled eggs.
  3. Close the sandwiches; drop them onto a hot, buttered heavy-pan.
  4. Drizzle olive oil over the top-slice.
  5. Turn the toasted egg sandwiches after about three-minutes when nicely browned.
Scrambled eggs with cheese on toast.

Fresh free-range eggs turn this meal from an average light supper into a gastronomical delight. Notice there is no salt added; that is provided by the feta cheese.

Toasted egg sandwich drizzled with olive-oil.

Personalise this toasted egg sandwich using your own creativity. It's just the beginning. You could have added chives, used different cheeses or made it with sourdough; but my recommendation is avoid strong flavours like tomato and chili. They would smother the delight of free-range eggs.

To turn it into a proper supper always add some other vegetables; we enjoy green legumes like peas or beans and avocados are a firm favourite.

There is strong research that those enjoying seven or more coloured foods every day, even in small quantities, have at least a 30pc lower all-cause of death; that's massive.

The average Western person on the so-called commercial diet gets less than half the amount of recommended fibre. That raises the spectre of serious bowel diseases, and cardiovascular complications too.

Our experience is that true 100pc unrefined bread is almost impossible to get. The big fat-lie is that millers may call their flour wholegrain provided they have not removed more than forty percent of the goodies; the bran and germ.

Sourdough deals with the gluten issue by predigesting the protein in bread even before it gets to the stomach[1]. This enables us to enjoy what is undoubtedly a favourite food without the gripes and cramps associated with the commercial loaf.

This easy sourdough bread recipe is our standard bake; we make it every day and it takes less than ten-minutes, including milling the flour.

Scrambled eggs and cheese on wholewheat toast.

Today we enjoyed it on pan fried toast.

High fat

There is no question that a high-fat diet needs to be carefully weighed. Two factors should be considered; what kind are they, and what else are you eating?

It's a balancing trick; a diet higher in fat means you will be less likely to be constantly famished and snacking. I do not believe in diets but those higher in lard of one sort or another are the only ones that are moderately successful.

Thus the ketogenic diets are worth a thought if you are seriously obese, for a period only, because even they are associated with long-Covid; by a massive 70%. They would berate the wholemeal bread and broad-beans in this toasted egg sandwich.

A high fat diet is associated with many diseases including invasive pancreatic tumours, the third leading cause of death from a neoplasm, and rising fast[2].

It causes pancreatitis along with chronic alcoholism. Interesting high triglycerides from raised carbs, and polyunsaturated fats, are specifically mentioned.

To go on a high-fat regimen as in the ketogenic diets is okay for a period, provided that you are also having plenty of unrefined carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables.

So why are we not afraid of a little extra fat? The 100pc wholemeal bread, green beans and avocado provide that extra fibre we all need; and it has very little polyunsaturated fats. Don't accept that margarine is good for you, and butter very bad.

1 cup of avocado has 15g of monos, 3.2g saturated fat and 2.7g of PUFAs.

And there is zero refined carb, the chief cause of raised triglycerides; watch that alcohol too.

Toasted egg sandwich

Toasted egg sandwich makes a quick light supper.

Are eggs good or bad may be another question weighing on your mind; according to the American Heart Association they are highly-recommended. We think it depends on the balance of your food though.

Those enjoying only eggs and cheese on white toast with margarine for supper had better beware; there's trouble coming.

This French onion and blue cheese wholegrain quiche is also simple but takes rather longer; it must go in the oven for 15 minutes.


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