By Bernard Preston

Doggy poo worm farm

Doggy poo worm farm can help solve two perennial problems.

The Netherlands is one of the cleanest and neatest countries with a great concern for the environment. The water in their streams and rivers is probably amongst the best in the world, and consequently that from the taps is equally fine; it has no taste.

But two abiding memories still haunt me; the doggie poo and cigarette butts lying on the streets.

A dog is healthy is the local saying since pooch must have a walk regularly, and thus so must you. The Dutch live in tiny gardens and apartments, and most pets spend the day inside their homes whilst they are at work. A stroll in the park is essential; and hence the filth that litters their streets.

Do as I say, not as I do; it's hard on the knees going down on the stones unless you have a cushion. Bernard Preston DC really should know better than collecting doggy poo in this fashion.

All owners are strongly encouraged to take a doggy bag and trowel along with them on their walks, and many do, but clearly some don't. It becomes very difficult when it's a nationally acceptable sentiment to leave your pet's poo on the pavement; I have no solution.

But having collected your doggy poo what are you going to do with it?

Watch your back, Jack. It would be better to go down on one knee when collecting your doggy poo, otherwise you'll be calling your chiropractor.

One can drop it in the garbage, of course. That's what most folk do. But there is an alternative, whether you already have a worm farm, or want to create one specifically for doggy poo.

A generalised worm farm will provide an amazing fertilizer for your vegetables and salad as they break down your kitchen and garden waste.

The doggy poo worm farm must be quite distinct; a certain amount of waste may get through into the liquid fertiliser before being processed by the creepy crawlies. Obviously it shouldn't be sprayed or used to water your lettuces.

Keep the worm wee specifically for your flowers and fruit trees; it has no foul smell.

It's an entirely environmentally friendly way of dealing with quite a serious problem for the pet owner. And of course there's no reason why the cat litter and shavings from the hamster cage shouldn't go in there too.

It's really not that different to a septic tank.

Doggy poo worm farm

Doggy poo worm farm provides good nutrients for your flowers and fruit trees, but not for your salads. Although we have two dogs I don't have a doggy poo worm farm as the contents of all six get mixed back and forth, and since they are mainly for our greens, I don't want it contaminated.

Start with any container; this is a disused Jacuzzi into which I've fitted a divide. It makes effectively two worm farms. Each one has a waste with a plug in the bottom; they are just out of sight.

This one is far too big for a doggy poo worm farm, but you could use a half for that. Personally I'd prefer to have a much smaller container which is completely separate.

A worm farm consists of a container which can be really quite large, or tiny. Ours is about a cubic metre which will consume a large amount of waste from the kitchen and garden.

The worms love old potato peels, rotten fruit, lettuce that's gone slimy and corn cobs, for example. On the whole it's best to use raw material, but the worms are not adverse to some cooked food; rats may then become a problem however; hence the sealing lid.

Keep the cooked food that's going to waste for doggy; he will love rice and left over boiled cabbage from last night.

A new idea is to create a very small worm farm inside a large flower container; the wee leaches out directly onto the roots of your plants. I wouldn't put doggy poo in there though.

The beauty of worm farms is that it gets covered by layers of compost which then prevents any smell from escaping.

Between layers of kitchen and garden waste and the next layer of compost one can place newspaper or cardboard. I prefer to use the husks of our corn; let's keep it natural and clean. How to grow corn is a joy in the summer but you do need a large garden.

The moles and millipedes sometimes get into our potatoes, so any that are damaged go to the worms. Again, new potatoes are a delight,  but you need a large garden. Do you know how to plant potatoes?

Any fruit and veg that have been attacked by fly and beetle can be tossed to the worms; they'll make a meal of those pesky bugs too.

The wonder of worm farms

The wonder of worm farms will tell you much more on the subject, how to construct one, and what to feed your creepy crawlies; doggy poo worm farm is just a variation on a theme.

They grow at an incredible rate, doubling every month. The extras can either go into your compost heap, or to feed your chickens, if you're lucky enough to have any.

Building a portable cage for the chooks is not difficult, but is a little time consuming; check out different chicken tractor designs.

Healthy choice foods

Healthy choice foods are dependent on extra fertilizer for optimum production. Your doggy poo worm farm liquid manure should go on your fruit trees for example.

Do you grow avocados or have a lemon tree in the front garden for it's beauty, scent and fruit? They will just love the worm wee.

Healthy choice foods are especially for those who want to escape the horrors of taking medication every day.

Let your food be your medicine; of course, if you're diabetic, you have no option, but most medication is for the diseases of opulence; too many bagels and chocolate cake, scrumptious white bread rolls, and colas and energy drinks.

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Bernard Preston

Bernard Preston is a semi retired chiropractor with a passion for writing books and protecting the environment; there's only one creature creating more dirt on the planet than dogs, and that's us humans. And it's our grandchildren who will have to live in the shit-house we are creating. A human version of our doggy poo worm farm won't help; it's not what we defecate that's causing the problem.

Whilst considering a doggy poo worm farm, give a thought to what extent you can wean off plastic.

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