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Hello. I am Dr Bernard Preston.

About describes Bernard Preston's background as a high school teacher of physical science and mathematics, followed by nearly forty years as a chiropractor in South Africa and the Netherlands.

Better health, and a life without medication, do not drop spontaneously from the heavens; they come as one would expect to those who who are prepared to learn about and follow the edicts of nature.

"Human judges can show mercy. But against the laws of nature, there is no appeal. "

- Arthur C. Clarke


About details Bernard Preston's qualifications and experience as a chiropractor, one who is completely obsessed with healthy living and caring for the environment.

Healthy living and environmental issues are completely intertwined and dependent. One cannot expect to be robust and strong if one is living in toxic surrounds, and consuming food and drink laced with chemicals. The word organic is so abused and meaningless today; it's best to presume that it is just a marketing tool, and make the decision to grow as much of your own food as you possibly can, and become personally acquainted with local farmers, and beekeepers, for example.

And harvest your own rainwater; chlorine is a very toxic chemical; are we quite certain it's not one of the underlying causes of our poor health?

Bernard Preston

Graduating with a BSc, majoring in physics and chemistry, followed by a BEd, I went on to teach high school science for seven years before moving on to Chicago to study chiropractic.

I have no formal education in environmental affairs, other than that learned from over half a century of commitment to keeping bees, making compost and growing vegetables. Learning doesn't only occur in the classroom; on the job training will teach those willing to learn from the hard knocks of a commitment to backyard permaculture.

It's often said that your education begins the day you graduate; nearly forty years in practice as a chiropractor confirms that truism.

Current ongoing education consists of an indepth course given by Professor Tim Noakes, et al, on the virtues of a diet with close to zero refined carbohydrates, and far less starch in general.

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A family affair by Bernard Preston comes after the trilogy that starts with Frog in my Throat.

Consulting a chiropractor

Femoral nerve AP Xray from one of Bernard Preston's books.

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Cooking green beans Bernard Preston passion

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Bees workforce in Bernard Preston's garden

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Chickens for free range eggs.

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Residential solar panels at Bernard Preston's home

Bernie's rainwater harvest

Harvesting rainwater to a reservoir in the garden means a steady supply that is unpolluted by environmental toxins.