Fresh tomato recipes

Fresh tomato recipes are not only delicious but the red-coloured lycopenes are full of antioxidants.

As you may know the red colour in tomatoes is from lycopenes that give powerful protection against malignant-disease.

In fact, men who eat a tomato a day have 50-percent protection against prostate neoplasms, the meanest and most vile of male tumours[1].

Cooked and raw-tomatoes give protection against these diseases, and not just the prostate.

Fresh tomato recipes

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Five coloured fruit and veg per day

As you almost certainly also know, since it is very widely published, we must eat at least five coloured fruit and vegetables per day. We try to enjoy ten or more.

Yes I find protection against mean-diseases enjoyable; even if they are not really to the liking of my palate. I believe we have been hoodwinked into believing that we need eat only food that we find supremely tasty.

Fresh tomato recipes make a great-start, and one or more should be on the menu every day if there is a man in the house; raw or cooked.

Logic suggests that if lycopenes are that powerful in the bodies of those from Mars, then they surely must have benefits for the fairer-sex from Venus too; it just hasn't been proven yet.

What did you have for breakfast today?

Did you make a start on your five; say, at least two? On a Sunday, we make a pig of ourselves, trying very hard to get half a dozen colours into breakfast alone.

It is not difficult, and it is not rocket-science; if you want to lessen your chances of succumbing to a nasty disease, and watch the grandchildren grow up, follow the two golden rules. Eat whole foods, and many that are coloured.


Tomatoes have a remarkably low calories, by the way. Only 18kcal /100g (compared to bread which has 250kcal/ 100g).

And a very low Glycemic Index of 15. The GI gives us a measure of the insulin-response to various carbohydrates.

Insulin is sometimes called the fat storage hormone. It causes the cells and the liver to absorbe blood glucose, firstly for energy and the balance is stored as adipose tissue; fat!

CARBOHYDRATE COUNT CHART and the GLYCEMIC INDEX is an important subject.

Tomato relish

The beauty of fresh tomato recipes is how quickly you can prepare them; just take this relish for example. 

The most difficult and time-consuming chore is straining off the juices from your tomatoes and peeling the garlic. You can throw the whole lot together in under five-minutes and then let it simmer.

Chop one medium-sized onion; toss it into hot butter in a pot. Never use margarine or seed oils for frying; the polys are very unstable.

Add a slither of chili. Here is a tip; chop a dozen whole jalapenos or peppadews and keep them in the freezer, one packet with the seeds, another without.

Whilst the onion and chili are slowly sizzling in the butter, chop three or four tomatoes, and then squeeze out as much of the liquid as you can, setting aside the strained juices; you will add them back in later. Toss the pulp into the mix.

Add a tablespoon or two of water as it tends to burn. Then a few cloves of garlic and some parsley about ten minutes later and simmer on low heat for a little longer.

The tomatoes lose their flavour as they cook, so add the saved juices back near the end to liven up the relish.

In half an hour everything is ready. What could be easier?

What about butter? Yes, you can eat saturated-fat, much better than the hydrogenised oils in margarine, if you also have all the fibre recommended. And an egg a day for the high quality protein, B12 and choline is excellent; and the lecithin too.

In fact I eat one proper egg daily; free range and fertile.

A list of "hydrogenated foods" can be found by typing it into this search engine.

Fresh tomato recipes onion chili
Tomato relish
Tomato relish garlic and parsley.

Actually since the American Heart Association has stopped frowning on and in fact recommends eggs, we enjoy them every morning on a variation of this tomato relish; it's called eggs Florentine.

That choline is an essential part of the methylation of a toxic breakdown product of protein metabolism that is very damaging to the heart.

Fresh tomato recipes

Fresh tomato with Mozzarella and sweet basil.

For these fresh tomato recipes with Mozzarella even the most experienced chef needs supervision.

Place alternating slices of tomato with leaves of sweet basil, topped with slices of mozzarella cheese on our low gI bread; add a good dash of lemon juice and dribble with olive oil; it is divine. Baby Beth made sure I did not fall over my feet.

Have you ever thought of growing lemon trees?
Just one in the garden makes such a beautiful small decorative sapling with the sweet scents of heaven; the fruit is just a bonus.


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A Mayer lemon is small, a magnificent decorative tree with the golden yellow fruit, and it bears almost all year round. Except in Chicago where you had better grow them in pots and bring it in for the winter.

We love the lime too, and it fruits at a slightly different time giving a longer period for making your fresh tomato recipes; and all salads, of course, need lemon juice or other citrus. The piquant flavour will turn any dull green salad into something interesting; just add hummus, and low GI bread, and you have a delicious meal.

This is what is today being called urban agriculture; it reduces waste and you know what your food's been sprayed with, and whether it's truly organic, grown using compost rather than fertilizer.

Divine salad colours

Fruit salad

Fruit salad

Whilst your tomato relish is simmering, chop up a few apples, or strawberries, or whatever you have at hand for your fruit salad. Here I have figs, grapes, pineapple and yoghurt, sprinkled with a couple grandadillas (passion fruit). One of the blessings of Africa is that there is so much fruit to be had. In Holland I would certainly have added a walnut or two.

Surprisingly, perhaps, tomatoes are a fruit.

Not that I need walnuts blood pressure, but we should all be having omega-3 fatty acid every day. I have to take a salmon oil capsule now and then, and freshly ground flax seed in our sourdough bread for my omega-3; there is no cold water fish to be had where we live in South Africa. 

And of course the rolled oats muesli that we enjoy most days. It is top of the list of super foods for lowering cholesterol; then you can enjoy a dollop of butter if you like hot oats porridge, and for me fresh, raw honey. That is almost impossible for you to get unless you know a small beekeeper. The so-called raw stuff in the shops is mostly warmed which means at the point of contact it is heated, and little more value than sugar.

If you are insulin resistant with a HbA1c greater than 5 percent then no more than 1 teaspoon; and with full cream milk.

Oats cholesterol

After a starchy breakfast it is always important to take some exercise so those sugars are turned into glycogen rather than raising your blood glucose; a short walk or dip in the pool. There is so much research showing that an exercise class benefits arthritis, by the way; it does not need to be in a gym but that may be necessary if you need the motivation.

Happily I have none of that. Eat and exercise like this and you too need not have your life ruled and ruined by joint pain.

Making a compost pile

If you want to grow nutritious fruit and vegetables for your fresh tomato recipes, for example, then you need to start making a compost pile.

Then you can have this old-fashioned tomato soup every week, with a stick of celery, of course. Add a couple basil leaves and you have tomato soup recipe.

So, can you count five colours? And that was only breakfast. We will certainly enjoy another half dozen during the day. A fresh spinach salad for lunch, olives, hummus on a sandwich;  that makes ten or more for the day.

If you are not managing at least five every day, then alas start to make preparations for arthritis, vascular disease, the big C or some other nasty. They are lurking on the horizon; like black and white television it it definitely time to step up to colour with our food.

What are phytosterols?

What are phytosterols is a question to which everyone should be able to give some sort of vague answer.

They are plant compounds that have a structure very similar to animal cholesterol; they compete at absorption sites in the gut, enabling us to enjoy butter and eggs, for example, without guilt.

Tomato for  prevention of malignant tumours of the prostate is, of course a profoundly important subject, and the phytosterols in avocado for example for enlarged and inflamed glands. It is all in the coloured fruits and vegetables.

Type 'what are phytosterols' into this search engine for more information.

This is the first season I have tried my luck with how to grow chilli; how easy, I have enough of them in the freezer for the rest of the year; but, back to preserving olives to go with your fresh tomato recipes.
A variation of this fresh tomato recipe is creating a divine green salad, with added reds and yellows.

A divine green salad.

Bernard Preston

Bernard Preston just loves tasty, nutritious food, particularly those dishes like fresh tomato recipes that you can rustle up in a flash.

Some of course like these bobotie recipes, traditional Cape Malay fare, take a little longer; but nutrition and taste remain preeminent; always there a bit of tomato. 

Hot and spicy bobotie with chickpeas, tomatoes and ground beef.

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1. A Prospective Study of Tomato Products, Lycopene, and Prostate Tumour Risk

2. For more about the "tomato prostate" link, copy and paste into this search engine.

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