A Family Affair, size 225.

This is a very long book; contents A Family Affair is a summary that will give you some idea of what you are about to embark on. I promise you will find it intriguing, and shocking too; it may disturb and even perhaps cause you to pause. It will certainly challenge your equilibrium! Have we got it right? Simply writing this book has moved me to a very different perspective of homosexuality.

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By Bernard Preston

This is not a religious book, but several of the characters are Christian, as I am. If you are a believer, I hope that reading this book will cause you to stop and contemplate, and even pray. Have we got it right?

Many are now realising that, when it comes to doctrinal matters, we are all heretics in one shape or size; none of us have got it completely right. That's why the Master said we were not judge one another.

If you're not a Christian, no matter. As I've said, this is not a religious book and was not written for any particular sector of the market.

So, to the Contents of A Family Affair.

  1. Bernard Preston
  2. A Family Affair
  3. Contents A FAMILY AFFAIR

A trilogy: A Family Affair

Penned initially as a single tome, the book turned out to be the length of three normal novels; hence the trilogy.

  • The Bostonians.
  • Peter's Children.
  • The Return.

Book I: The Bostonians

Set in South Africa where single sex education is not uncommon, Janet Twycross is the product of an elite church school for girls. As happens with some regularity, church institutions seems to breed unconventional sexual orientations; it's odd considering the church's traditional stance on homosexuality.

It's while at St Catherine's that Janet first tastes the forbidden fruit.

Santie Veenstra on the other hand finds herself, after the death of her mother, caught up in an incestuous relationship with her father Klok, a renowned rugby player turned gifted carpenter. After an abortion, she flees to the very tough police academy that shapes the latter part of her teenage years.

After studying law the young women meet at the prestigious firm of Jansen, Thomas and Hansen. Book I, The Bostonians, is available for free as an ebook. You'll find it at A Family Affair in the navigation bar.

Janet is raped by their boss at a beach party; the first serious conflict in their relationship occurs when Janet decides to keep the child. Worse she names him after the despised boss, Jan Jansen.

But Klein Jan is abducted by his father and vanishes from the scene for twenty odd years; he makes his way back to the land of his birth in his early twenties to discover his roots.

Is A Family Affair just another chick flick book? Yes, perhaps with a major difference; serious issues are raised and tastefully considered. Up to a point; it's difficult to write about rape and abduction in a carefree manner.

Rape is a serious issue in South Africa with nearly one third of women raped at least once, many of them in their childhood. With the rampant HIV epidemic it's often a death sentence.

Santie is raped repeatedly by her father in childhood; the second rape scene when she is attacked by her nemesis at the police academy is a violent and ugly affair; could it be otherwise?

So too, the whole subject of women falling in love is not a subject to be considered lightly. Challenging these issues, at the core of both Christianity and the Muslim faith, as well as traditional African society, coming out is not something that gay persons do lightly. Janet and Santie manage it tastefully without feeling the need to be red hot homosexuals, determine to shock society.

Whilst The Bostonians can be read for free on line, it is an early unedited version, and A Family Affair is so cheap, you might just well enjoy it on your Kindle, tablet or smartphone.

Here are a few personal thoughts on ebooks.

From a publisher's point of view, the move to ebooks is a gift of manna; no more highstreet bookshop costs; no more returns; no transport costs; profit, profit, profit.

ebooks at their entrance to the market were decidedly cheap, yet made at that price even more money for both publisher and author than paperbacks.

However, greed has set in. Amazon's ebooks are just as expensive now as paperbacks. Make what you will of this piece of useless information! Buy shares in Amazon.

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."

Dr. Seuss


  1. Jan Jansen

  2. Klein Jan Jansen

  3. Ouma Jansen

  4. False Colours

  5. Oumas Anguish


  1. Summer holiday plans

  2. Klok Veenstra

  3. Blue Train Blue Moon


  1. Janet

  2. Santie Veenstra

  3. Police College

  4. Boys will be boys

  5. A day in the life of Student constable Santie Veenstra MORNING

  6. A day in the life of Student constable Santie Veenstra AFTERNOON

  7. A day in the life of Student constable Santie Veenstra EVENING

  8. Eunuched


  1. Conflict A FAMILY AFFAIR

  2. Lovers Part I

  3. Lovers Part II

  4. Lovers Part III

  5. Fulfilment ... at last

  6. Day of Surprises 1

  7. Day of Surprises 2

  8. Tears Sunday


  1. Darkness

  2. Med 24

  3. Sams dream

  4. Sams phonecall

A Family Affair

A Family Affair is a trilogy of intrigue and deception by Bernard Preston.

~ 99c each.

A family affair showing the Bostonians cover
A family affair introducing Peter's children
A family affair and the return Kleinjan

Book II: Peter's Children

1. Meeting daddy

2. Peter Thomas

3. Up the garden path

4. Mission (un)accomplished


1. New Africa Investments

2. University of Gauteng

Two grannies and one gramps

1. It’s a girl

2. Brothers

3. Christmas

4. Memories

5. Storm

School Days

1. Santie’s inspiration

2. New Boys’ Day

3. Holiday

4. Peter’s sons

Summer holidays

The Cape

1. In which Klok finds peace

2. A short wine route

3. Surprises

4. In which Trek pays a short visit to the Cape

5. A new lease of life.

B. The Dancing Girls

Peter’s family

Finally the truth

1. June’s unique 21st

2. An unexpected visit

3. The match

4. Showdown

Book III: The Return

Granny and Grandpa Thomas

Unhappy families

1. Deceit

2. Infidelity confirmed

3. Janet makes one more attempt

4. A Storm hits Astonhouse

5. Santie goes shopping

Three weeks of high drama

Week 1

1. Monday. Life is complicated 2.

Tuesday. Professor Santie Veenstra

3. Wednesday. Conspiracy

4. Thursday. A Quiverful of grandchildren

5. Friday. Garrick

6. Saturday. More about Grandparents

7. Sunday. More conspiracy

 Week 2

1. Monday. Carlo’s rugby practice

2. Tuesday. The Astonhouse Staff Commonroom

3. Wednesday. Roots, Man Roots

4. Thursday. A Presidential call

5. Friday. Black Friday

6. Saturday. KJ flees

7. Sunday. Guess who came to lunch

Week 3

1. Monday. Remorse

2. Tuesday.

3. Wednesday. Another reunion

4. Thursday. A phone call

5. Friday. Another visit to Janet’s sanctuary

6. Saturday. Santie and Carlo go to meet his father

i. It’s raining children

ii. Later that night

7. Sunday.

i. Peter phones his mother

ii. Santie reports back

Europe calls

1. Peter

2. Klein-Jan

3. Santie

From Contents A Family Affair to chapter one: Jan Jansen

The series continues

Book IV: 1. Excerpt: The whole truth

Book V: Priests denied.

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