Parsley pesto

Parsley pesto will make any ordinary green salad divine. By combining the joys of a herb, with nuts or seeds, olive oil and Parmesan-cheese you can make the most extraordinary appetizer.

Best of all once you have the ingredients, it will take you only five minutes to put this party-winner together.

Lettuce for lunch.

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Commercial salad dressings are loaded with solvent-extracted polyunsaturate oils, preservatives and flavour enhancers; bad stuff from beginning to end.

The only bad news is that your homemade parsley pesto does not keep. Make it, enjoy your salad, and finish what is left on a slice of bread tomorrow for lunch. You could freeze it, but it is likely to get lost.

So here are the ingredients. Mix and match according to your own taste buds. A recipe is after all only the basis for your creative cooking self. Look at it as a first lesson at the easel with a master, and then go on and become your own gourmet-chef. Really, it is not difficult, if you are not afraid to experiment and screw up occasionally. 

Use only fresh greens, and none of that bottled garlic or broth cubes, please.

  • A good double handful of parsley, washed.
  • A cups or so, of fresh dill, or sweet-basil.
  • A third of a cup of almonds, walnuts or pecans.
  • A couple cloves of garlic. There is no need to chop these ingredients; the blender does it all.
  • 4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Half a cup of homemade chicken-broth.
  • A good handful of Parmesan-cheese, grated.
  • Salt and black-pepper to taste.
  1. In your blender, toss in the greens, nuts and garlic and pulse it until it is pretty uniform.
  2. Pour in the chicken broth, olive oil, Parmesan cheese and sea salt.
  3. Set the blades spinning until it is nice and smooth.
  4. Pour into a pretty little crystal jug, cover and refrigerate if your salad is not ready, or the guests have not yet arrived.
Parsley pesto salad dressing

My most favourite pesto is with sweet-basil, but we add parsley to everything. Or, combine them together in one dressing for your greens.

Let's be honest, getting nine coloured foods down every day can be a trifle difficult. But by using delicious, imaginatively made dressings you can enjoy half a dozen of those anti-tumour phytochemicals in one salad.

Personally I refuse to count. Food is a joy to me, and to worry about whether I have enough cups of this, grams of that, or too many calories is soul-destroying. Throw in the spinach, make a salad with as many greens as you can, with parsley pesto, of course, and enjoy a bowl of mixed fruits; or a morning cocktail of orange, grapefruit and mandarin and you are home and dry.

This nutritious green smoothie is another great way to go about it.

Nutritious green smoothie.

Yes it takes a bit of time, but a lot less than you may be spending in the future caring for the ravages of the dreaded big C.

I was shocked this week when a woman told me that her oncologist said it's no longer a matter of if you will get nasty malignant tumours, but when you contract the dreaded lurgy. Nearly fifty-percent of us now die from it.

For heaven's sake, forget weighing and measuring, just get on and enjoy your food; and in particular the coloured fruits and veggies.

And don't buy anything from the supermarket that your great grandmother would not have recognise as food.

Parsley pesto

Parsley pesto asks who it was that inferred that nutritious choice foods can't be delicious?

Okay so you did have to measure out a few of the ingredients. Once you have done it a few times, you will soon find you can just toss in a couple handfuls of this, and good slosh of that, and so on.

Freeze your parsley pesto

Freeze your parsley pesto so that it can be used immediately in any soup you are making.

Whatever is left at the end of the meal, pour into ice cubes, filling only half-way as it expands. Once frozen, pop them out and into a zip lock bag. Add them to any soup or stew that you are making, near the end to preserve the delicate parsley pesto flavour. It does not need cooking. Make sure you label it.

Chimichurri sauce for preserving parsley is another way of doing it. Actually we now just wash the herb, chop and freeze it in packets.

Chicken bones broth

Chicken bones broth is entirely natural and devoid of chemicals; well, if you have organic chickens. It is perfect for any soup with added parsley pesto for flavouring.

Put on your glasses and actually read what is in that little cube of broth that you can buy at the supermarket. You will be shocked, or should be; it is loaded with chemicals, so called safe, but in my book one of the main reasons that almost everybody seems to be getting a tumour or diverse autoimmune diseases these days.

Make your own; it is a piece of cake. Start by keeping all the chicken bones from the carcass, next time you have a roast, and freeze them. Mutton, or pork bones are good too.

When you have a good pile, then boil them for half an hour, or better still pressure cook for ten minutes. Follow the very simple instructions at best chicken bones broth recipe.

Sweet basil

Sweet basil and parsley both contain an essential oil called eugenol that is a cox inhibitor. That means they are anti-inflammatory. You can read more about it at early symptoms of arthritis.

Protect your body against pain by regularly enjoying parsley pesto, and a few sprigs of basil on your salad.

Then there are a host of vitamins. Do you bruise easily? Parsley is the richest vegetable source of vitamin K. Type "parsley benefits into the Site Search tab in the main menu above.

Nothing much needs to be added about the ingredients. Perhaps you did not know that olive oil has proven anti-inflammatory properties. Most of us more than a few aches and pains. Avoid taking drugs and eat these kinds of foods every day; they will not give you a hole in the stomach like brufin does.

Did you know that some twelve thousand people actually die every year in the USA from an abdominal bleed, directly caused by NSAIDs? Add to that the cardiovascular conditions they cause and you have a host of iatrogenic-disease.

Anti-inflammatory foods like parsley pesto, daily in your diet, are one of the deep secrets to greater wellness.

Seven colours?

Seven colours make up the rainbow; the green in parsley pesto is the most common.

Nutritionists followed a large group of people who ate, on average, eight and half coloured foods per day for twenty years. They had a 35% lower all cause of death. That is massive.

Do not bother to count your colours, and certainly avoid becoming a health nut neurotic; just enjoy your them at every opportunity. Is it really going overboard to have eggs Florentine for breakfast, Helen's fifteen euro salad for lunch, and roasted butternut squash recipe for supper? Throw in prunes or beetroot for quick constipation relief, and a bunch of grapes and you are more than home and dry.

It is time to change from black and white to the rainbow of coloured foods; perhaps start with parsley pesto. It is so easy to make and is so delicious. 

choice foods

Choice foods give you a excellent chance of avoiding bucket loads of pills every day. Rather, let your food be your medicine. A green salad with this parsley pesto gives your body the best possible protection against degenerative disease[1].

It's rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, the two carotenes that prevent macular degeneration too. Five million Americans are needlessly blind because they won't eat their greens.

Add an ear of corn in season, or a boiled egg for the zeaxanthin; then you get the benefit of more choline too.

After a condiment like sweet basil or parsley pesto; homemade hummus is my favourite with a salad.

Both raw and cooked greens are important in our diet too. This salad for lunch with hummus and feta for protein, and olive oil for fat, and an easy, delicious sourdough bread on the side, spread with butter and gooseberry jam recipe, make a meal fit for a king.

We either choose to eat crap and then, astonished, create when we feel so poorly; or we can select only from the nutritious choice foods to feed the family and enjoy abundant energy. 

Bread and butter

Incidentally, nothing makes a more piquant and tasty sandwich than bread and butter, and a thin slice of cheddar smeared with parsley pesto.

Butter is back, thankfully, I always knew margarine was lousy stuff, and if you make your own low GI bread, you will have no weight worries with a slice or two of the homemade loaf.

With the aid of a bread machine, it takes me less than five minutes every morning. Using the site search function, you can find my favourite sourdough bread; it is much easier on the tum, particularly if you are also  taking kefir.

One hundred percent whole wheat is a rich source of choline, along with eggs.


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Incidentally, to lower the GI of any starch, just add fat and protein to it.

I hope you understand the term glycemic index; it is the secret to low stress, easy weight loss.

Understanding carbohydrate count chart and glycemic index is the way to go.

Not that weight loss is ever easy. Retraining your tongue to get you off refined starches and sugar is not going to be easy; but less painful than all the degenerative diseases afflicting Western society, mind you.

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It is important to enjoy these choice foods if we want to retain our sparkling wellbeing and out of the clutches of doctors, but there lurks a fanaticism called orthorrhexia that waits in the wings; Bernard Preston calls it a neurosis; it is a serious mental condition that makes us antisocial.

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