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Bernard Preston is a retired chiropractor with a consuming passion for the environment and its influence on our own well-being. He endeavours to give you up to date information on many topics that relate to wellness of the planet and ourselves; they are intimately interrelated.

We try to give a human face to the stretch we are all taking to step up to a higher plane; in particular to those foods that promote health and prevent disease.

For fifteen years we have been working hard to provide you with comprehensive content that you can rely on from topics as diverse as what is today being called real bread, quite different to what you would purchase in the supermarket, to keeping bees and planting kale.

We have nearly 500 pages of content; we are now starting to build a panel of experts to vet that material.

It's a complex and changing world. Fifteen years ago butter and eggs were out, now both are back, in moderation.

By Bernard Preston

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Review board

Derek A Lewis beekeeper.

Derek Lewis is a retired clothing manufacturer who has kept bees since he was ten years old, nearly 70 years ago. With no formal education on the subject, an inquiring mind means that he is a mine of practical information, and still very active in the local association.

READ MORE: Derek Lewis.

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Bernard Preston books

A family affair by Bernard Preston comes after the trilogy that starts with Frog in my Throat.
Femoral nerve AP Xray from one of Bernard Preston's books.

Bernie's choice foods

Cooking green beans Bernard Preston passion

Bernie's bread

Bread machine loaf by Bernard Preston

Bernie's garden

green beans and granadillas Bernard Preston

Bernie's bees

Bees workforce in Bernard Preston's garden

Bernie's chickens

Chickens for free range eggs.

Bernie's solar

Residential solar panels at Bernard Preston's home

Bernie's rainwater harvest

Harvesting rainwater to a reservoir in the garden means a steady supply that is unpolluted by environmental toxins.