Caramelize your tomatoes

Caramelize your tomatoes to bring out the flavour.

We live in a mist-belt so we can only grow cherry tomatoes, and much to my regret often have to resort to those in cans. One day perhaps we'll get into tunnels.

But we also live in a hail-belt and I can see that plastic or glass being torn and smashed to smithereens; it remains on the bucket list to be properly researched.

Cherry tomatoes supply lycopenes that protect the prostate gland.

If we cook with those cherry tomatoes, and often those from cans too, they are very tart and have an almost metallic flavour; unless we caramelize them before adding any liquid.

Gently fry the chopped onions, celery and carrots in a little butter or olive oil until they are really quite dark.

Add your favourite herbs and spices continuing to fry.

Add the tomatoes and continue cooking and stirring until it turns to a really dark-red colour.

The caramelizing neutralises that acidic taste of the cherry tomatoes and really brings out the savoury flavours of the herbs and spices.

We particularly love to use this process when cooking a tomato soup; it gives it so much more oomph.

But in actually fact you can do this same caramelizing of the vegetables when you are using just a small amount of tomato to give the chili or stew a stunning savoury flavour.

We particularly like doing it in our Eggs Hilton which is really just a copy of the Florentine dish, only with added chili and fresh green peas or beans.

And in Eggs Parkinson's disease in which we use broad beans for their L-dopa content. I personally have a tremor which is greatly relieved by this phytonutrient.

In both of these dishes I use only a small amount of tomato but always caramelize it first.

Observational studies show that the lycopenes in tomatoes, especially when cooked give proven protection of the prostate gland from tumours[1].

However according to Tufts University studies the supplement has no benefit; it is not certain that it is the lycopenes in the tomatoes that are giving the protection to the prostate gland. As always let your food be your medicine.

Caramelize your tomatoes

Caramelize your tomatoes and other vegetables for much longer than most folk do; until they look almost burned.

Plenty of vegetables like these, fruit and unrefined carbs are all prominent in the longevity diet; with protein mainly from legumes. It is not just about years, but also plenty of zest and strength in one's latter days.

We apply Pascal's wager to food like this; it is safer to assume the scientists are right than assuming they are twits. The probably gain of a strong and vibrant ninety far outweighs the loss of highly-refined carbs if they are wrong; actually they taste better anyway once you have pulled the sweet tooth.

Broad beans on wholemeal toast after caramelizing the tomatoes is another of our favourites.

  1. Lycopene for the prostate gland


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