By Bernard Preston

uniting hives

by derek

Then it might start to look like this strong colony.

Then it might start to look like this strong colony.

How soon after uniting can I check how they are doing, and start re-arranging frames?? After some thought, decided to leave the queen-less hive with a full set of frames on the bottom, the new swarm with queen and only 5 frames on top. As soon as possible, I want to move any good frames in upper, to the lower chamber. Then remove the upper brood, maybe replace with a super.

I would leave them in peace for perhaps a week. Then certainly you want to get those frames with brood, and the queen, down to the bottom chamber.

Yes, do away with the upper chamber, but only put on a super if the brood chamber is nearly full, with both colonies and there is a honey flow starting. Otherwise they will probably just leave it empty.


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